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partypoker Daily Legends are Perfect for Those who Have Work the Next Morning

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Posted on 19 January 2021 by "T".

When he logged in to his partypoker account last week, Grant Monaghan was greeted by a lovely surprise.

He discovered in "My Tickets" section some treasures that weren't there a few hours earlier:

  • The Warrior ticket ($215)
  • The 300 ticket ($320)
  • 3x $150 Daily Legend tickets

Grant had topped Leaderboard 3 of the Legend of the Week promotion and he didn't even realize it!

Grant is 32 years old and lives in Ipswich, Suffolk with his two young children. His day job is being a bus driver, but at night, he hits the partypoker tables and from his recent results, he seems to be doing quite well.

"I started playing poker when I was in the sixth form. I used to sit on the computers and mess around playing free poker games online with my mates. Then I really started to enjoy it and I wanted to get better, so made my first real money deposit when I turned 18."

Starting at SNG Tournaments

Grant started his online poker journey grinding sit & go tournaments, just like many players these days.

"I started by playing sit & gos. I had a lot of time on my hands because I was playing semi-professional football and was still in education. It got to the point where I would try playing 50-100 SNG in a day at the $6 or $11 buy-in level and I seemed to make a profit on a consistent basis."

Football and poker was in Grant's daily life for some time until a life-changing event had him ditch both games.

"I started by playing sit & gos. I had a lot of time on my hands because I was playing semi-professional football and was still in education. It got to the point where I would try playing 50-100 SNG in a day at the $6 or $11 buy-in level and I seemed to make a profit on a consistent basis."



Leveling Up with Multi-Table Tournaments

With a SNG background and going the next level into the world of multi-table tournaments left Grant feeling that he needed some help and he decided to seek assistance. He then sought for seasoned pro Paul Jackson.

"I started to improve and get results in tournaments and since that they're all I've played; I've never looked back at SNG."

His achievements include winning satellites into $10,000 tournaments and winning two tournaments on the very same night for a combined score of around $14,000. Thanks to these results, Grant has become the Legend of the Week!

"Now I only play when funds and time allow but I've really been grinding these past few months and enjoying some good results. Last week, I finished second in The Terminator and second in The Oceans the following night!"

That pair of runner-up finishes helped Grant top the Leaderboard 3.

The Formats of Daily Legends are Brilliant

"I really enjoy the Daily Legends tournaments as the structure and formats are brilliant, especially for people who have work the next morning because they don't go on until 05:00. Obviously, it's easy for me to say the Legend of the Week is great because I won it and its fantastic rewards, meaning I have the opportunity to play stakes I don't usually. I'm so excited to play The 300 and The Warrior on Sunday, hopefully, can get a couple of results, fingers crossed."

Here are a couple of tips from Grant for his fellow partypoker players who are also interested in the Daily Legends tournaments.

"I would say try not to bust early as silly as that sounds. You should never be busting early with 100 big blinds unless you have aces or kings or some real bad cooler. Since I've been trying to get my early bust-out stat down, I've seemed to improve my results."

"I also feel like I never tilt, like ever. I never go on about bad beats and it really winds me up when I hear others talk about them because we have all heard the stories before and they can impact your mindset for the rest of the tournaments you're in at the time. I do believe the psychological side of the game is the most important."

Check out The Daily Legends

As the name implies, Daily Legends are ongoing every day. They have a wide range of buy-ins to suit every bankroll. Just like Grant said, they have amazing structures that give you plenty of bang for your buck yet finish at a reasonable time so you can get some well-earned rest.

Playing in certain Daily Legends can qualify you for the Legend of the Week promotion, where $60,000 worth of Daily Legends tickets are given away every week to the best performers.

Do check out the Daily Legends, where you can run deep but still be able to get some good night's sleep!



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37 comments on "partypoker Daily Legends are Perfect for Those who Have Work the Next Morning"

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» partypoker Daily Legends are Perfect for Those who Have Work the Next Morning

 CALICUL23/01/2021 20:16:09 GMT
This man must to keep his job because has two children, but the level at which he plays allows him more free time than other players... who have many tournaments in their attempt to make money. Anyway, he managed something nice.
 geseco1223/01/2021 21:28:52 GMT
We all play poker, but each one has their own story behind, it is difficult when you have a family and you put poker as your only income, in poker if you do not have a good bank, you are going to have bad days and you can lose all your money, and how is your family, that's why many bank and when they feel they have enough money to dedicate 100% to poker they retire from their jobs, we should be patient with that, even when we have family.
 DinGo!24/01/2021 19:51:12 GMT
I believe it,s always better to keep job and play poker at your leisure time. Especially if you have a wife and some kids, you need to be responsible for them. I know, some people can earn money just by playing poker day after day, but this is not for all people and some people just need to go for a work and they always have the opportunity to win some money in their freetime. Right now there are lots of promotions and even freerolls so everyone can participate for free and win some good money for your family.
 dule-vu24/01/2021 19:55:41 GMT
all depend on what level he will be in next months,but seems that this type of games and play is great for him!he have time to work,to be with family and to play and he even earn money to have for all that he need in life!maybe he will be just better in this year and who know what next he will win!wish him good luck!
 CALICUL24/01/2021 20:00:29 GMT
Players who are profitable have a special talent, because an aggressive style bring a lot of money when you make good moves. I tried to do that, but didn't catch certain strategies and when i lose during the games... i have the impression that my opponents see my cards. I don't know what to say, but is very hard.
 geseco1224/01/2021 22:57:30 GMT
A friend in talent is achieved with study and perseverance, if you see the stories of the best players, they have started from the bottom, playing micro limits, and now they play the highest levels of poker, everything is achieved in this world, if you are single you do not have serious responsibilities, it would be easier to play poker, and professionalize it, but nothing in this world is impossible to achieve, to play a lot and win.
 CALICUL25/01/2021 20:08:39 GMT
In November or December i won two tickets of 109 and 55 dollars from zero. I went into freeroll satellites and got the qualifications. At main tournaments it was not easy ( too close to money at one of them ) but a misery turn give a set for opponent.
 geseco1225/01/2021 23:13:31 GMT
Sometimes it happens friend, but to keep trying, sooner or later that great day will come that you can professionalize poker, I know people who have started like this, and now they are living from poker, of course it was not easy at first, they had about to abandon poker, but always the one who perseveres will achieve it, there are many stories, we should take one of them and let them inspire us so as not to faint and continue in this world of poker that is very fun, I like it a lot.
 DinGo!26/01/2021 00:12:58 GMT
You must understand, that not all people can be successful in poker. This is not so easy to win in that kind of game and especially to win in a big tournament with lots of people in that. I think this man did a great job, just show all of us that this is real. Especially this is cool to have some money on your daily job and be able to win good money in poker, playing at night. I think you are gonna saving your nerves, if you will play that way. Always great to understand, that if you will not win in poker, you still have your job and you will have some money and you will have a chance to try again.
 CALICUL26/01/2021 20:52:39 GMT
I know only one player who lives from poker but he also had bad times . I don't know what the results has at this time, because he got married and moved. He earned over $ 50,000 until 2014. After that followed periods with up or down but with that money he bought a single room.
 dule-vu27/01/2021 22:17:09 GMT
probably he love to play poker and this type of games and later comes to money!he maybe didnt start to play with higher buy in-s,but with time he came to this level and now he can spend time with family,he can earn and make some other prizes from his play!would be good if he can invest this winnings on some other bigger level or other type of poker!
 geseco1231/01/2021 04:04:03 GMT
In poker today if you can win and live from it, but everything is a process, I believe that losing and winning is part of the game should be accepted, but in the long term good players are seen, we should not be preoccupied if not we win you have to be patient and I think things will come by themselves.
 CALICUL31/01/2021 09:33:20 GMT
Each smart player chooses games which represents him best. Many choose to play heads-up. Others sit and go. The truth is that you can make money in these ways, but huge tournaments are the fastest to make a lot of money. However, this player can prove it in the future.
 dule-vu01/02/2021 11:48:58 GMT
all depend where life will take him,will he work at same job,what his kids will do in life,in what schools they will go and things like that!if he for example lose his job and he cant find another one,maybe he will try to earn money on poker!but its great that he can have extra money from sit and go games!
 DonGaboone01/02/2021 16:57:44 GMT
Cool 😛
 geseco1202/02/2021 04:30:26 GMT
Nowadays it is normal for people to have different sources of income to support their family, despite their somewhat tiring work, they take time to play poker, and look at the results they have had, poker is a game great fun, you see you can earn too much money.
 dule-vu02/02/2021 11:58:07 GMT
in last year we had so many stories about winnings from smaller players and I am glad that we have them and that "small people" can get extra money from their play!not just that we read how big players gets millions and how they are even more rich!hope that we will have this kind of stories in this year also!
 CALICUL02/02/2021 17:10:41 GMT
if you are smart make money on the internet from home, and family to enjoy of your profit. Now we have many poker rooms, different options to take advantage, and as long there are new opportunities... we must work for earnings. I won tickets and everyone can.
 geseco1203/02/2021 04:59:33 GMT
Of course, you can win money at poker, but we must not make mistakes, today's rooms offer quite a few promotions to grow your bankroll, I mean first deposit promotions, I think that will give you enough impetus to grow In poker, like this story of this family man there are many that we should listen to this year.
 dule-vu03/02/2021 13:07:06 GMT
this year will be also year of online poker and we all know that for long time we will not have live tournaments and this kind of leaderboards will be often on every poker site!extra money for your play will be nice hit for every poker player that love online games!
 CALICUL03/02/2021 17:56:47 GMT
I played in a poker room for a few months and now my bankroll is 198 dollars and 38 cents + few tickets who worth $14. I started from scratch but did not press acceleration. To be honest, this man has more talent but we can also achieve a beautiful performance.
 CALICUL04/09/2021 21:10:55 GMT
There are several party poker players who do this, but i haven't heard of mobsters doing anything from zero in this poker room. Who knows poker can make money from scratch, but it's not for everyone. Who does not win money from free games / tickets, cannot be considered a player.
 CALICUL15/10/2021 12:31:04 GMT
daily legends is perfect for anyone who has time to play, or money to register directly without satellites. Whoever wants to play qualifiers will waste time, but that's the situation. No one can make money from poker fast, but if they play longer, it's okay.
 CALICUL20/11/2021 20:58:01 GMT
this promotion was pretty good and i think it's not over yet. Tickets to major tournaments can be won by the players of this poker room and after that, there is a chance to win good money in good games. This thing is beautiful for attraction and normality...
 CALICUL09/12/2021 10:45:45 GMT
party poker daily legends is great if there are good satellites that can qualify you for these tournaments. Here you make good money if you can finish in a very good position. Little players, if they want something beautiful, must insist on these games qualification.

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