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888poker Sunday Sale tournaments are Back on January 24

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Posted on 21 January 2021 by "T".

The highly popular Sunday Sale tournaments are back at 888poker this Sunday, January 24th! Don't forget to mark your calendar this upcoming Sunday, as the buy-ins on special tournaments are offered at 50% off!

Three tournaments are lined up, guaranteed to satisfy players with various bankroll levels.

The guarantees remain the same, but the buy-ins are dropped to a whopping up to 50%. Therefore, you will get more value for your buy-in dollars while the prize pools remain exactly the same.

Check out the huge buy-in discounts on offer this Sunday!

Sunday Sale Tournament

When: January 24, 2021 (Sunday)


  • 16:30 GMT - $20K Sunday Sale Monsoon - now only $27.50
  • 19:00 GMT - $100K Sunday Sale Mega Deep - now $55
  • 20:00 GMT - $30K Sunday Sale Whale - now $215

*The promotion is open to depositing players only.


Get your Sunday Sale Seat for just 1 Cent!

If you are after more value-for-money offers, check out 888poker's Pennybuy satellites for the Sunday Mega Deep.

There are also low-priced sub-satellite and GTD-Seat events available to lower the cost even further!

You can find all the satellites and tournaments in the poker client sections marked:

  • Tournaments
  • Category
  • Sunday Sale

And, thanks to the all-new 888poker lobby layout, it's easier than ever to register and play!
If you don't yet have an 888poker account, sign up via The BankrollMob.
Make sure you have deposited at least once to be able to participate in this promotion.



Start your year with lots of poker fun and more value for your money this coming weekend with 888poker's Sunday Sale promo!





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29 comments on "888poker Sunday Sale tournaments are Back on January 24"

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» 888poker Sunday Sale tournaments are Back on January 24

 CALICUL22/01/2021 20:16:12 GMT
we can play in satellites with money made from freeroll games, if you have a decent level here or the other free tournaments that do not require restrictions. This is very good and 888 poker is a very attractive room from this point of view. Good luck, mobsters.
 geseco1222/01/2021 20:56:40 GMT
poker rooms are never going to lose money, on the contrary they always win, and one of their strategies is to attract more players with poker tournaments that you can pay half entry to play, that benefits both the company and the players that they can reduce their losses and you see them play for big prizes.
 DinGo!22/01/2021 22:20:35 GMT
I think that this is ok to make this kind of promotions sometimes and they don,t loose lots of money, just because they also have sportsbetting page and casino and also lots of people are playing there and loosing their money too. i guess they need to do this promotions, so people will play poker or other games at their room and not the other. Different rooms have differen,t promotions and this is why people are choosing where to play games. Anyway, for highroller players this is a good promotion.
 dule-vu23/01/2021 14:31:20 GMT
this is great move from them and they will allow that players who maybe cant spend 215,430 $ or any other big amount,will try luck with half of that price and to win something bigger!dont know how big tournaments will be with half of price,but with same prize pool and will this bring more players to 888 poker,but its something that only can get thumb up for their move Thumbs Up !
I know that poker stars had something like this for sunday million,when you pay just half of 215 $ regular buy in!
 CALICUL23/01/2021 19:56:32 GMT
this idea is very good if it is doubled by satellites at 50% of the price for a greater attraction of customers. Average 888 poker tournaments that jump easily from 50 or 100 dollars can have multiple entries if 888 decisions are good for people.
 geseco1223/01/2021 21:20:08 GMT
The idea of ​​playing big tournaments at half price sounds fantastic, this room has made it a reality, I think many will play it, the satisfaction of every player is to enter fat tournaments where your life can change overnight, but always thinking of improving your game day by day.
 CALICUL24/01/2021 20:42:31 GMT
It's always nice to take part in a big tournament where you don't invest too much money, and this offer with a 50% discount it needs to be promoted more. Poker has weakened since the rooms multiplied and people no longer have same pleasure as before.
 geseco1224/01/2021 22:44:01 GMT
Of course, many rooms have multiplied but the only thing that keeps poker alive is promotions like this, they should do it more often, because that attracts more players to enter this community, that is not easy, but it is a profitable strategy for the company and for us, that as the community grows, everyone benefits.
 CALICUL25/01/2021 19:55:38 GMT
One sad thing about 888 poker is that some satellite tournaments should be faster, but are too slow. Others should be slow but are faster. This method could be modified and customers to be happy. Situation must be reversed for the general good.
 geseco1225/01/2021 23:11:14 GMT
It depends a lot, that if the satellites, it is a considerable sum of money, always when they are large tournaments, with large prizes, the tournament becomes slower, but if the tournament has a small bag, therefore they do it fast, I think They should do it faster, but they are company policy.
 CALICUL26/01/2021 20:30:44 GMT
Only good decisions can attract customers for more games. When you are forced to play bingo it is not good. I like to think that many changes will bring a plus for them. This is really necessary and i don't know how much they will understand that.
 dule-vu26/01/2021 21:57:23 GMT
this promotion is over,tournaments are played,but we dont know results of it and was it successful or not!it was in half price,but that doesnt mean that they more players then on normal sunday,when buy in is full price!but hope that somebody got big money,that maybe didnt before this half price promotion!
 geseco1227/01/2021 00:32:30 GMT
It has been a good experience to be able to play tournaments at half prices, the important thing is that the losses of the game were minimized, but surely there were many people who have won money, in my case yes, but the most important thing is not the result but the promotions that give players where they help to have a bonus to continue playing.
 CALICUL27/01/2021 22:32:27 GMT
the first players who will take advantage of this offer are professional gamblers who do not have time to play qualifying satellites for these tournaments. We are too small for these major tournaments but can try some qualifications.
 DinGo!28/01/2021 00:44:20 GMT
If you are not a professional poker player it,s better then not to play it at all, or try to win ticket through some satellites, because even if you have money to play it it will be not so easy to finish even in the prizes, just because for sure this kind of tournaments usually played only by good players, who know, how to play poker.
 faisal198228/01/2021 16:42:13 GMT
Posted by geseco12:
888poker's Sunday tournaments are very good, now there is no excuse to be able to play them, the great offer is that you can play with half entry, that sounds fantastic, but I think this Sunday will be something different with great prizes at a medium price Good luck on Sunday at the tables.

 antonis32128/01/2021 17:50:16 GMT
These offers are great , giving the players to play for higher stakes and bigger chances to hit sth very big , much cheaper , within their bankroll limits . I just wish these opportunities were given to players much more often , that would be optimal , less rake, less expensive tourneys , more prizepools , more super series of tourneys .
 CALICUL28/01/2021 23:02:10 GMT
Now 888 poker must do something good to carry out its plans. I say that the number of customers is decreasing and for this thing he are trying to bring the players back to the tables. This version of them will not succeed if good methods are not tried.
 geseco1230/01/2021 03:39:15 GMT
I think that customers are already very intelligent, and they are already preferring rooms with greater promotions, that help the player and feel comfortable, I think that with promotions like this it helps a lot to bring people to the room, to earn money with half the entry So it's fantastic, as well as fun.
 DinGo!30/01/2021 09:02:42 GMT
I believe they need to make promotions like this sometimes just to give the people opportunity to play an expensive tournaments for lower prices. For people with a good bankroll this saves a little bit money and for people who haven,t got lots of money this is the opportunity to play it and be able to win a good cash.
 geseco1231/01/2021 04:14:05 GMT
Those promos should do it more often, more players will enter the rooms, playing and obtaining profits at half price is fantastic, many will grow faster, than other rooms do the same, promotions like that will help thousands of players increase their bankroll.
 CALICUL31/01/2021 09:09:54 GMT
it's just an attempt to keep this tournament afloat. I think so, because sometimes i watch on certain games and i count number of players and rebuys / add-ons. Sometimes it is difficult to cover the guarantee but he succeeds, other times it goes down with minus.
 geseco1202/02/2021 04:40:54 GMT
good promotion that helps many to make their money grow with only paying half the entry fee for a tournament, that I never saw in other rooms, but it is a very good promotion, hopefully the others do the same and join this, we should always take care of our bankroll.
 CALICUL04/02/2021 18:19:00 GMT
I've seen this things with buy-in discounts in pokerstars. I don't know who took over this idea from the other competitor. I guess that rivals cannot steal someone else's ideas, but can pay to use certain schemes for games.
 CALICUL04/09/2021 21:17:18 GMT
this offer is becoming a habit for 888 poker because it is several times a year and has some success. When the buy-ins are 50% cut it matters a lot and for this reason there are many who want to take this serious advantage.

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