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Win a Bracelet in the Online WCOAP at partypoker

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Posted on 22 January 2021 by "T".

Do you think you have what it takes to be a poker champion this year?

Now is the time to find out in the 12th annual World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP), running from January 23 to February 7 at partypoker.

Online WCOAP at partypoker

  • Schedule: January 23 to February 7, 2021
  • Buy-ins: $5.50 up to $530
  • Main Event GTE: $150,000
  • Side Events: 16
  • Satellites: Check the APAT tab in the partypoker lobby

There are two series running concurrently - the Main Series, where you can win bracelets, and the Mini Series, which has lower buy-ins. Also, there's two WCOAP leaderboards where you can win a ticket worth up to $5,300!

Win a MILLIONS Online Main Event Seat

To heat up things even more, the highest-ranked player of the series shall receive a MILLIONS Online Main Event seat worth an impressive $5,300! Get a few wins under your name and you'll be in with a shot.

Now you're starting to see that this series is quite special. Hosted by the Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT), it's specifically aimed at amateur players, not professionals. That means affordable buy-ins, no re-entries, and earlier finish times - so you can still get a good night's sleep after you win your next tourney!


Celebrate like a pro

The WCOAP may be mainly aimed at amateur players, but winners will still receive the red carpet treatment. Sign up to APAT, then take down one of 16 Main Series events to net yourself a coveted WCOAP bracelet or gold, silver or bronze medal - perfect for showing off at your next live event!

Make the leap from amateur to champion in the WCOAP - and watch out for more APAT events at partypoker throughout 2021!

*WCOAP Bracelets, Medals and Player of the WCOAP added prizes are only available to members of APAT.

*All players are eligible to take part in the promotion to win entry to the Million Online Main Event, except for those using or

Win a WCOAP bracelet!

Win your very own WCOAP bracelet when you come first in any Main Series event! Winners of events #1 - #15 will each receive a magnificent bracelet, housed in a beautiful presentation box, complete with a plaque commemorating the event.

Or outlast the field in the WCOAP Main Event #16 to win a spectacular, specially commissioned bespoke bracelet and become the World Amateur Poker Champion! The top three finishers in each Main Series event will also bag a gold, silver or bronze APAT medal respectively. Plus, you'll earn an Amateur National Ranking - all on top of some major cash prizes.

This is the first time the full WCOAP will be online - and every tournament will take place right at partypoker. Buy in from $5.50 - $530 or qualify for less through special satellites. Keep an eye on the partypoker lobby, as satellites will be added soon!




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26 comments on "Win a Bracelet in the Online WCOAP at partypoker"

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» Win a Bracelet in the Online WCOAP at partypoker

 sirkosun22/01/2021 15:37:23 GMT
Unfortunately I don't have the money to take part in the Online WCOAP at partypoker.
I wish this series a success.
Maybe in the future I will be able to participate in big poker series.
 CALICUL22/01/2021 19:58:20 GMT
This is good news for the players of this poker room. A wonderful thing to earn a bracelet online, even if you dreamed of doing it live, as usual. What a beautiful chance it can be for many gamblers with excellent potential. Very nice.
 geseco1222/01/2021 20:51:40 GMT
Every player dreams of winning a bracelet, well it's crunch time, it's time for the 12th World Amateur Poker Championship (WCOAP), we only have 2 weeks to enjoy this championship, and if we're lucky to win big prizes, this is tournaments that most players can play since the tickets are accessible to any player.
 CALICUL23/01/2021 20:32:09 GMT
I can't play in this poker room because of the restrictions but this opportunity It is undeniable for anyone who knows poker. This is it about a bracelet which is of great importance for most large or medium players. For example, Tom Dwan has none bracelets.
 geseco1223/01/2021 21:16:39 GMT
a pity that some countries are not allowed to play poker in some rooms, these tournaments are for everyone, professionals, regular, and beginners, anyone can win the bracelet, the beauty of poker is that anyone can win it, always with study and constancy.
 CALICUL24/01/2021 20:02:50 GMT
The important thing is that there in party poker is this opportunity and no connoisseur should miss these satellites, if he has free time. Just as a club wants the champions league, same thing here. A bracelet is valuable and has prestige.
 geseco1224/01/2021 22:38:33 GMT
Of course, that's how it is, as in all sports, the player always wants to win and be a champion, and in poker it is not the exception, every poker player sounds like a creditor of that bracelet, which also wins it, has a lot of prestige, and places you as one of the players respected by the community.
 CALICUL25/01/2021 20:06:32 GMT
The fight will be fierce and these sharks have a phenomenal talent for winning hands. If you qualify for that tournament will have to fight a very interesting battle, because sometimes you can make a big surprise. I guess you have a little talent for that.
 geseco1225/01/2021 23:08:16 GMT
The important thing is that you give your best in the tournament, of course everyone wants that bracelet, they want to win and enter history, but we know that only one will win that prize, so there will always be several factors that will help you or They will make you lose, you always have to keep the same line, if you have to be a champion, destiny will tell you, poker only makes the champion.
 DinGo!25/01/2021 23:10:30 GMT
For sure, this can be a great series of online poker. Anyway, you need to have a big bankroll i think to play it. Need to take a look at some satellites, if they have some cheap, for example, they have something like 1 cent satellits in another series on PartyPoker, then for sure lots of people will try to have some tickets from this.
 CALICUL26/01/2021 21:08:41 GMT
Undoubtedly, poker is a worldwide phenomenon with tens of millions of fans. The bracelet matters a lot because many gamblers dream of winning something like that. Most important thing is money for all of us. This is priority number 1.
 geseco1227/01/2021 00:42:38 GMT
Poker is a game much loved by millions in this world, we know that every player dreams of winning that bracelet, but apart from the money that is good, every player dreams of winning it, it is as if you raised the champions league in soccer, it is something inexplicable, good luck to all.
 dule-vu27/01/2021 22:11:33 GMT
this is much different type of bracelet and it has no such a value as bracelet that you win on wsop in las vegas,but probably lot of players want to have something like this,that you get even on online poker tournament!lot of days and event to win some of them,but who know what will be on end!
 CALICUL27/01/2021 22:12:52 GMT
More than ever, you have this chance. I don't have it, because of restrictions... and to play qualifying satellites maybe on pokerstars or 888 poker if they will also offer the opportunity to win a bracelet through their rooms. Good luck.
 geseco1228/01/2021 01:32:53 GMT
Winning that bracelet would be great, it is a very special prize for a poker player, but we also know that it is difficult to achieve it, the reality is like that, but the important thing is to give your best in these tournaments, and feel good that you have made a good tournament, the prize will reflect it.
 DinGo!28/01/2021 01:36:21 GMT
Of course, everybody are dreaming to win at least one tournament of the series, because this will give you a big prize, some respect and for sure lots of money. I really don,t think, that anybody is taking serious about this bracelets, because everyone is interesting in the money.
 CALICUL28/01/2021 23:44:35 GMT
The cash prize is very good, but let's not forget that this bracelet is hunted by a lot of talented gamblers. I like it when i see professionals who have won this award. I can only dream of such a thing because i have no chance to win such a thing.
 geseco1230/01/2021 03:27:02 GMT
You have to have faith, you will not be able to get the bracelet, but if the possibility of winning a small tournament, I think that a poker player is climbing phases and I think that depending on the level he will feel comfortable playing it and winning it, I think that most do not You will have the possibility, but all in good time and you must not lose hope.
 DinGo!30/01/2021 09:07:56 GMT
To be honest i can,t believe, that lots of players are dreaming about any bracelets or something like this. I think everyone will be happy with a good money prize. Maybe this will be usefull for successive players, who already have everything, but i think lots of players are thinking just about a money.
 geseco1231/01/2021 04:09:20 GMT
The goal is the bracelet, it would be a dream come true, but if we don't get at least entering the big prizes, that's what we are for, to earn money and play well of course, the results will speak for themselves, may the best win the bracelet May luck be with everyone.
 CALICUL31/01/2021 09:20:11 GMT
obviously, most players are thinking about money. but if that poker room is correct and deals the cards on table correctly... then you have some chances to become a winner. You need to know a little poker . skills and strategy for that. Cases like this can happen.
 dule-vu31/01/2021 11:35:34 GMT
younger players dont care much about bracelets,especailly when they are not from WSOP,like that this one isnt,so its not something that they will thing about it!its more about money,same as in todays life,so its important what they will get beside it,not just something that will stay in your apartment and that few people will see it!
 geseco1201/02/2021 04:29:42 GMT
Of course, in the end we are here for the money, poker is like that, but the big ones, money is a second option because they are already full of money, they only play for passion, and I think that not being preoccupied makes you make better decisions when you play, no You should be thinking about money when you play, that will be reflected in your game.
 CALICUL04/02/2021 18:20:21 GMT
I always wanted to catch final tables in tournaments with real money, but rarely caught that. It's much too difficult for me when play. You get close to the final tables and professionals eliminates you. That's why i don't have too many illusions for 1st place.
 CALICUL24/08/2021 15:17:26 GMT
from my point of view, poker rooms could at least once a year offer certain bracelets or gifts for certain beautiful tournaments where we can all qualify. Party Poker could be the first to do this and it will be good because this can attract more customers.

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