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Check out the Awesome New partypoker Tables!

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Posted on 03 December 2021 by "K".

This week is a very exciting one for all partypoker players as the poker room has finally launched their brand new tables, improving not only their looks but functionality as well.

partypoker has intently listened to hundreds of comments from you, their amazing players, about how their tables look and feel, and noted down those comments to create an entirely new poker-playing experience that everyone will surely love.

The first thing you would notice when the new partypoker tables are loaded up for the first time is the new graphics. Avatars are much bigger, making them easier to see, and the table animations and graphics are greatly improved. Enjoy playing around with the new cards, avatars, emojis, and throwables which definitely helps pass the time during a poker session.

A common complaint about the old tables was the need to go back to the main partypoker lobby just to edit your in-game settings. This time, all the options are instantly made available right in the corner of your table. This allows you to easily and quickly switch out table felts, cards and even change your bet button amounts, all these without missing any of the action.

The bigger avatars now flash in different colors whether you or an opponent is waiting to act, has bet, folded, or has shoved all-in. If someone has went all-in, an all-in triangle will be displayed next to their alias, so you can quickly see which player has committed their entire stack.

Also, there is a new hand strength indicator located on the left of your avatar. This can be toggled on or off. It updates in real-time, which means you will never misread your hand again.

The Rabbit Hunt feature has undergone a major improvement. Now, it’s easier than ever to see what card would have come next. The rabbit popping up on your screen that you had to click on has now been taken away; you now click on the blank cards displayed on the table and the upcoming card(s) are instantly revealed.

More improvements have been made, in the form of note-taking. Take detailed color-coded notes on your opponents, and this changes the color of the halo surrounding each play. Hovering over a player you have a note on overlays your notes, making them easier to access and view while you are in a hand.

Tournaments players will also enjoy the improved in-the-money (ITM) indicator displayed while they are grinding events such as partypoker’s Daily Legends and various satellites, allowing you to keep track of where you stand in each tournament. You will find more information at your fingertips than ever before.

Check out the new partypoker tables today and get first-hand experience on all the updates mentioned above, plus the new SPINS animations, timebank indicator, and the brand new sounds made for every player to enjoy.



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58 comments on "Check out the Awesome New partypoker Tables!"

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» Check out the Awesome New partypoker Tables!

 CALICUL17/12/2021 18:41:11 GMT
yeah, Party is restricted and is a good room Aww crap!
 geseco1218/12/2021 21:49:09 GMT
that's right, a good room with great promotions and many tournaments they do, that's why many players change countries to play in different rooms, but I think that happens when they are already professionals in this sport.
 CALICUL18/12/2021 21:49:18 GMT
this is the situation and i don't like it
 geseco1220/12/2021 02:22:58 GMT
always a player wants the games to be very entertaining and everything enters through the eyes, that's why this room was about time to change its software features, now it is better, and I think that if they continue like this they will be at the height of the other rooms.
 dule-vu20/12/2021 05:42:57 GMT
probably they will be first in future also,who will make new things for players and will offer new thing trough software and app!the reall try their best!
 damosk20/12/2021 10:15:57 GMT
I have heard about the new software upgrade a party but have also heard lots of complaints about it and players asking to return to how it was....maybe even some asking to return to how it was many years ago! How the world changes for the better in some eye but not in others, who just don’t like change. I will have some free time over the Christmas holiday so hope to get along to party and see for myself.
 CALICUL20/12/2021 10:28:30 GMT
a new software? i hope will be nice for players
 geseco1221/12/2021 03:37:32 GMT
I really like that partypoker has improved its platform with unique features, I think that way many will play more often, no matter if they lose or win the important thing is to enjoy what we most want is to play and in very friendly platforms.
 dule-vu21/12/2021 05:50:04 GMT
when they make changes,they try to be first site that have that,to offer something new to players and thats great!
 geseco1222/12/2021 03:48:37 GMT
yes, these changes are always to improve and the results are amazing, plus we all benefit, hopefully the other rooms realize this and begin to follow in the footsteps of partypoker, we constantly want to see changes for the welfare of the user.
 dule-vu22/12/2021 05:57:24 GMT
hope that next year we will have even better software and app for their site!
 av196622/12/2021 16:13:40 GMT
hello my fellow mobster
That is the poker room that I really miss here in Portugal only 888 and Pokerstars are avaiable better then nothing but If Party comes to here I will go there in a hurry Worship Worship Worship

Imiss playing there
Best regards to all you mobsters best luck to you all and hope to see you at the tables soon
 CALICUL22/12/2021 16:23:08 GMT
Hi. It seems that European countries have shared these poker rooms. It's not like before, when we could play in all rooms without restrictions...
 geseco1223/12/2021 13:42:56 GMT
I really like it when the poker rooms are concerned not only to have many promotions but also to make the user feel satisfied playing at tables that he likes a lot, that way he will appreciate a lot and it will depend on whether he plays in that room or not, partyppoker has done well and if it comes more news.
 CALICUL23/12/2021 13:43:05 GMT
I like to play and withdraw. I can't here but they have a good poker...
 geseco1228/12/2021 02:02:06 GMT
We all want our tables to be well structured when we play poker, and I think that partypoker has understood this perfectly, as it had several years of not updating its platform, now it has done so, it is very good, we hope to see more news in the future.
 dule-vu28/12/2021 02:02:36 GMT
They really try to make best for their players!
 geseco1231/12/2021 14:27:58 GMT
Every time I play on partypoker I like it much more, the software of the tables I love, and I think I was waiting for that, and that is not the last, the players always expect to implement more innovations and thus be able to enjoy the game much more.
 CALICUL31/12/2021 15:39:21 GMT
Who knows how to play cash should try in Party Poker, because here you can find more weak players and create a good bankroll. After that to play in more tournaments and try to win something more. Good luck with that
 Attis0108/02/2022 09:32:08 GMT
i have free chips but it won't let me play!
 CALICUL08/02/2022 09:34:31 GMT
Posted by Attis01:
I don't even let me play party poker for free

if you can play there look at the terms and conditions so you can play in those games
 Attis0108/02/2022 09:40:06 GMT
really interesting thing because where you let go where you don't .I didn't understand
 dule-vu08/02/2022 09:40:51 GMT
its best that you contact support at party poker...
 Attis0108/02/2022 09:43:47 GMT
i tried to produce chetbe but it writes work outside of writing irok!
 CALICUL08/02/2022 09:46:59 GMT
it's hard for you, but if you do not insist on seeing what is happening... you will not succeed. Good luck with that. Smile

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