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Christmas Calendar 2020: Lottery Winners and '50+ door' freeroll info

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Posted on 05 January 2021 by "T".

Thanks for participating in our 2020 Christmas Calendar! Here's some useful information...

If you won a prize:

A quick note for all of you what won a prize in our December 2020 Christmas Calendar. We have now sent a list of all winners to the sites where you won prizes from, so be sure to check your player accounts regularly during January, as some prizes might be time sensitive.

If you had Lottery Tickets (in exchange for a won prize you didn't want or couldn't use):

This year we continued the Lottery tradition from previous years, where you could win MobPoints, MobDraw tickets and MobSafe shots. The way to get tickets to the lottery, would be if you won a prize in the Christmas Calendar that you were unable to use/accept, for one reason or another (for example country restrictions).

The lottery in 2020 had the following prizes available:

  • 2 x 4,000 MobPoints
  • 3 x 3,000 MobPoints
  • 5 x 2,000 MobPoints
  • 15 x 500 MobDraw tickets
  • 10 x 100 MobSafe "shots"
  • 15 x 50 MobSafe "shots"

And today, we ran the "randomizer" and found the winners to the prizes above. Basically, the more tickets you had, the bigger chances of winning.

We asked the "randomizer" to draw 50 winning tickets randomly. Once a ticket had been drawn, it could no longer be drawn, but each user could win multiple prizes. Here's an alphabetically sorted list of the Mobsters that won the lottery:

  • AbDenis
  • AdJag
  • Bertasss
  • Chartoule
  • DarkHart1
  • Diabolic193
  • Fakiry
  • JekaSparrow
  • Lusun52
  • Magnatan
  • MarioWien
  • MeanAsHell
  • MercenaryWr
  • Mikl9852
  • Ohmsofmayhem
  • Pok333rbrat
  • alexk18
  • algaja232
  • azesi
  • byebyeD
  • carstin
  • cocozza
  • dani197611
  • diablo1405
  • dule-vu
  • edgewwe
  • estrelapinto
  • fedorr74
  • ivanjkp
  • joeisi
  • kant1125
  • loiseau
  • mikeives
  • nuta58
  • qzmag
  • reg63
  • rogan11000
  • sirkosun
  • skore
  • slogug
  • therazor27
  • tintac
  • wata115
  • woodsie1123
  • zags

Congratulations to all the winners! The prizes are already in your Mob accounts, ready to use.

If in doubt regarding what exactly you won, go to the Mob Points page in your Mob account and click on the "Transactions" tab (Note: "MobSafe shots" will only show up at the MobSafe game, not in Transactions-list). If you won MobDraw tickets, those tickets would be for the draw on this Sunday (already added to the pool, so you don't have to do anything). MobPoints are added to your account and MobSafe shots as well, so use those whenever you feel like it.

This Christmas we also had 3 special prizes, to be drawn among those that opened 50+ doors in the Christmas Calendar (which also gives access to a $500 freeroll, see below for info on that). The 3 special prizes were:

  • 1 x PlayStation 5 Console, won by Bauch.
  • 1 x Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones, won by CHILLI2U.
  • 1 x Amazon $100 Gift Card, won by Rogerio10

Congratulations to these winners as well. We have already reached out to them both via e-mail and MobMail to confirm their address.

Regarding the freeroll for those who opened 50+ doors in the Christmas Calendar - the $500 freeroll will be played on January 31st and if you have qualified, you will need to register yourself in the Mob Games page, registration is open until January 10th. The freeroll can be played both on partypoker and bwin (links leads to the Freeroll-page).

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53 comments on "Christmas Calendar 2020: Lottery Winners and ''50+ door'' freeroll info"

Displaying only the 25 latest comments. To view all comments, please visit the forum thread:
» Christmas Calendar 2020: Lottery Winners and ''50+ door'' freeroll info

 geseco1210/01/2021 04:40:54 GMT
Congratulations to the winners of this calendar, luck will always be to make you enjoy the award, although I have not won, I am very happy that others win it and that it will serve them in future to grow in poker and professionalize it, this year will be much better than the previous ones, that more players enter this page so that they earn money and more.
 DinGo!10/01/2021 09:59:28 GMT
I,m pretty sure, that all forum members who decide to play it will play it seriously, because no one will say no for some extra free money at PartyPoker. This is room is really a good one, always fast cashouts, nice soft and very good promotions. It,s really amazing, that BankrollMob cooperates with PartyPoker and all people here can have some great value in giveaways, tickets and different freerolls.
 CALICUL10/01/2021 23:39:21 GMT
I know about this poker room that it is very good, but not all of us have the opportunity to play here. It is not my choice and first guilty are restrictions on my country. The Romanian laws did not agree with this gambling operator, because they don't want to pay taxes.
 geseco1211/01/2021 04:48:16 GMT
It was a very fun experience with the Christmas calendar, I was with my hair standing on end in swinging the doors, the safe, the prizes etc, well in the draw I had no luck, but no problem, I cannot complain, since I have won other prizes that are great too, I hope this year is better than all to receive more prizes like last year, and congratulations to the players who won in the draw calendar.
 dule-vu11/01/2021 10:31:05 GMT
even registration for freeroll was till end of 10th of january,today they have new date and you can see on your account that is till end of today,so till end of 11th of january,so we will see when it will finish!maybe they will allow more days,because lot of people still think what to do with their ticket!
 antonis32111/01/2021 19:42:06 GMT
Put the reminder on my callendar , that last January Sunday to wake up an play it , don't want to forget it . The number of participants won't be great , i guess some don't want to play it , some can't play on Bwin/Party , some won't be able to play it that day , so we'll alsohave sit outs . The prizes will be good to build or strenghten bankroll , I will see that day the max number of registered players . Good luck everyone Smile

Edit : . This is the 2nd time I write this post , the first one , when I was ready to post it , laptop crashed , which had to happen many months . hopefully this doesn't mean anything for my luck for this game , lol Cool
 dule-vu12/01/2021 12:07:46 GMT
ofcourse some people will be out of tournament,even they will be on table,so somebody will get their free chips,but thats on every freeroll!its lot of time till 31.01.,so nobody cant be sure where he will be on that sunday and what can happen till then!just can hope that regulars from forum will be on table!
 geseco1212/01/2021 14:18:14 GMT
This December calendar was very good, always thank the page for giving us very large prizes for fairly simple tasks, I think this bankrollmob page has always fulfilled what it has promised, it is the only page that can earn money for simple tasks Besides that it is a true page, thanks to this I was able to win great prizes in its December calendar.
 dule-vu13/01/2021 15:56:22 GMT
antonis you must register on bwin site or you can play on party poker also?cant remember do you have restrictions on this site from your country and you need to play on bwin or you dont have account on party at all!would be good that you can play from party poker,but yeah its not on your everything!
 Rogerio1014/01/2021 06:44:30 GMT
How much players do you guys expect on that freeroll? Prize is 500 dollars right? You Dule said that we don't have much chances to play with each other. Maybe we can create home game on starts? Small buy in tourneys or micro cash games? If there will be enough of us for maybe we can make somethin happened.
 dule-vu15/01/2021 10:27:01 GMT
well I am not in poker so much as I was before,I play casino most of time and spend lot of time on it!but we can talk about this home games!
I think that we will have arround 300 players!few days before closing registration we had 450 players,so we can expect that lot of them are out also!
 CALICUL18/01/2021 15:48:21 GMT
In every year in this site is a lot of comments who talk about the freeroll offered after December. Many of them focus on the award which is not so great, but people do not praise initiative of BRM. Anyway, people are running for free money.
 kent197421/01/2021 11:26:52 GMT
Hi, everybody. I still don't have a 50+ door freeroll in the PP lobby. Can someone from the administration or the participants explain something? Thanks.
 sirthomas21/01/2021 14:30:57 GMT

The $500 freeroll has still not been added. It will be added to lobby in time for you and other players who qualified for it to register Smile Don't worry.

 dule-vu23/01/2021 14:27:38 GMT
sithomas,fat tony and all from BRM, I see that we already have this freeroll in lobby and that we need to register on it!we have 244 players till now,probably more when people find out that they need to register,but as I see we have problem with names of players!from when we have real names of every players in lobby?
dont know is this new rule from party poker,does this need to be on this freeroll or what,but it was normal that you can see only your nickname,not your real name and that ok at all,that somebody can see your first and last name and to know against who he play and to find you later?
can you tell us something about this?
 DinGo!24/01/2021 19:08:51 GMT
I also can see the tournament in lobby, and this is for real names game. Not so sure if this is good or no, looks like this can be a little bit strange for some people. Anyway, already 700 people and i think we will have more then 1000 players, because it,s still lots of time tp register for this. Is this ok or this is some kind of mistake? Did we have this number of players who opened so many doors?
 dule-vu24/01/2021 19:40:49 GMT
for sure we have now two problems and one is big!this is big mistake and we cant have such a big number of players and for sure party poker didnt protect this tournament!they should get list of players that can be part of it,but now as we can see everybody can register on it!
few days before closing registration on BRM site,we had arround 450 players and in that moment I registered my username,so for sure lot of players changed their ticket for points,so we must have less then that number,not 700,we must 300 or 350 players!
and this problem with full names also need to be fixed!we will see what admin will say in the morning!
 sirthomas25/01/2021 11:55:56 GMT
Hi all,

partypoker has made a mistake. The current freeroll will be removed and a new one will be added in the coming days (only invited players will be able to join it).

 CALICUL25/01/2021 20:56:46 GMT
I guess party poker is too busy for preparing his games and he wasn't very careful with brm freeroll. This room probably has many customers that need attention. However, important thing is that problem has been solved now.
 dule-vu25/01/2021 21:01:10 GMT
now we know that party poker is women,its "she",wow Shock !

in last year everything was made by party poker,they get list,add players and on that way we are all sure who will play it!its better then to give tickets or whatever else!we see what can happen and hope that they will set up new one in next days!

Now party poker is "he",haha!so after few minutes and edited post,party poker from women and she,become man and he!
 DinGo!25/01/2021 22:58:08 GMT
This is really great, that the mistake was fixed so fast. By the way, how much people must play this tournament, i mean, how much people made the requirements to be able to play this tournament? I remember past year, if i,m not wrong it was something like 350 people. Looks like right now it must be more participants. Just maybe someone knows.
 dule-vu25/01/2021 23:16:38 GMT
Dingo you have answer in my last posts!maybe 350!
 dule-vu27/01/2021 22:20:03 GMT
now its not important when this tournament will be,its important that they stop registration for this tournament,because we already have almost 1400 players and tournaments is still in lobby,only 4 days before he start!so party poker need to remove it,because if it start on sunday,lot of people that are not even members at BRM,will get money for free!
hope that party poker will react on time and they they will remove it!
 DinGo!28/01/2021 00:21:29 GMT
To be honest i did not register for that. Hope it will be removed as was promissed. In time when i find this tournament it was already about 800 people so i decide not to register and wait, when we can play this tournament only with people, who completed the requirements. Hope to see the new tournament and so we can play it with a smaller field.
 dule-vu28/01/2021 22:37:02 GMT
I also got mail from party poker,that everything is canceled and I see that they made new one and I am in!we have 227 players in and I am sorry for those who can play at party poker and had more then 50 doors open,but for some reason party poker didnt put them!dont know what are rasons for that,but at least only member from BRM will play it!see you on sunday on tables!

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