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Win Free Prizes every Five Minutes via Gift Drops at 888poker

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Posted on 05 January 2021 by "T".

The New Year has come and 888poker is still not yet done giving away up to $1,000,000 in prizes thanks to their Made To Play app launch celebration.

To celebrate their new online poker app, they have prepared a bunch of things for their valued players, including round-the-clock Freerolls, Daily Happy Hours, the Winner Spinner, and of course Gift Drops!

This wonderful promotion is currently ongoing until January 10, 2021, so you still have the chance to hit these wonderful prizes!

Gift Drop Promo

Let's say you are playing your favorite online poker games and then suddenly, free tournament tickets or free cash (up to $1,000) were awarded at your table. Sounds great, right?

888poker's Gift Drop promotion awards one lucky table about every five minutes based on a daily average. The great thing about this promotion is that it is super easy to win free prizes - all you have to do is just play your favorite games at 888poker!

How to Join:

1. First things first, create your 888poker account via The BankrollMob.

Make sure you have deposited at least once to be able to participate in this promotion.

2. This awesome Gift Drop promotion entails one lucky table will be chosen every five minutes. Players can land a big prize drop when they play cash games, multi-table tournaments, BLAST and/or Snap games.




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25 comments on "Win Free Prizes every Five Minutes via Gift Drops at 888poker"

 dule-vu05/01/2021 15:09:51 GMT
well this is some nice promotions from 888 poker and something that you dont see very often!that you get some prizes every five minutes,just depend on which table this will drop!who know what luck you will have,but maybe you will even 1000 $ on your account!its very good that this can drop on different type of poker games and this will be chance for all players!
 CALICUL05/01/2021 18:36:17 GMT
This promotion lasts from December or even earlier, but i was not lucky enough to win a prize of 1,000 dollars or something significant. Maybe on another occasion because this poker room has a lot to offer in promotions, bonuses or free games.
 geseco1206/01/2021 03:45:14 GMT
This new year the 888poker room is very good, it is giving away for its application in total almost 1 million dollars, the free tournaments are very good, you can win a lot of money, and I think the application is increasing to enter more players and so on the poker community is growing like foam.
 antonis32106/01/2021 10:00:23 GMT
All you have to do is to deposit once and then play the games at the tables , freerolls , centrolls , games for $10cents , $1 , $5 , more than $5 , step tournaments , you win tournament tickets you play the next step tourney target tourney , you might be playing cash games , as long as you play you will get these drop gifts everyday . I think this promo is until 11/1 , some days more to grab some extra money for your bankroll , or to play on their casino or to bet on the sportbook . Eitherway , good luck everyone .
 DinGo!06/01/2021 12:02:32 GMT
Of course, it,s always good to have the new application and a big celebration. I think this freerolls is a good way for people to have some free money, because it can help to start your bankroll without any risk at all. I see lots of freerolls in the lobby and it,s free to join them so this is really a good promotion. Weekly freerolls have a big value of $10 000, which also can help to have some free money. The winner Spinner is also can give you some free tickets for daily tournaments or maybe something else.
 sirkosun06/01/2021 16:48:10 GMT
888poker is trying to bring back and bring in new players, but I don't think they do very well.
More radical changes are needed, especially with their software and support.
Try to keep changing
We need competition in poker
 CALICUL06/01/2021 21:20:26 GMT
I bet today 32 dollars and 50 cents at 888 sport on a few tickets but i still haven't won anything. There are some more football matches that didn't end i think... ( i forgot to watch at their start times). Anyway, i received 0,8 rakeback or other thing because i didn't stop to read.
 geseco1207/01/2021 04:07:34 GMT
The new 888poker application is telling the time with the cash prizes that they have every five minutes of play, that sounds very interesting so that they always do not forget the application on their cell phones, a good initiative for 888poker, since the application in your cell phone could last much longer
 Rogerio1007/01/2021 16:15:11 GMT
They do solid work with their promotions on 888 poker to atract more players. Their main target are recreitonal players in my opinion, i guess they get more from them then grinders. Couse if they want grinders they would need to offer some better rakeback deal. But promo is still nice for those one who will play it anyway and they can win 1k just like that.
 CALICUL07/01/2021 21:05:32 GMT
888 application on PC is disappointing. Tournaments lobby is much weaker than before, it always raises my navigation bar and this made me give up many poker games, it warns me every hour as if it is dictatorship and i have to bother with those unnecessary messages to lose concentration.
 DinGo!07/01/2021 23:47:04 GMT
I think most of the people come to 888 for their freerolls and promotions. I think this room is one of the best to build your bankroll from nothing at all, for sure if you can play at least a bit. On the low levels you also can get really eazy prizes for the rake and also get extra prizes and tickets for other freerolls. So this promotion is good just because right now not all rooms give away so much more free money. Winner Spinner also can give you some free ticket and extra try to win some money for free and to try your poker skills without any risk.
 geseco1208/01/2021 04:10:34 GMT
This year I think it will be a boom for digital platforms, and I think that poker is not the exception, the new 888poker application is bringing great prizes and promotions, imagine that they are giving away almost 1 million dollars only in prizes, freeroll 24 hours, winner spinner, etc, I think the room is having abysmal growth, that does not have to stop to move forward.
 DinGo!08/01/2021 18:04:16 GMT
For sure lots of players are playing this freerolls. But i think the best way to earn some money is to play this Blast Tournaments in the happy hours. So, you will have a chance to get a good prize pool in the tournament and after that you will receive on the next few days another ticket to play the same Blast again, and value will be the same as you played it before. I,m still don,t understand why people are don,t play this happy hours with Blasts because i think this can help you to get some extra money.
 antonis32108/01/2021 19:07:36 GMT
The frequency yhese 1$ tickets fall , lol , I have the impression the overall prizepool of this celebration festival is far over $1M , lol .

Anyway , very easy to build a bankroll with these gifts , generate rake , claim bonuses , even a not very good or medirate player is able to succeed .

I wonder when this elebration ends in 2 days , 10/1/21 , what all these players , who have been spoilted all thislong with all these freerolls , will do , how will be ableto move forward after this freeroll party ,, where will they find soimilar number of frerolls , lol hahahha Smile 888poker will keep the 200$ freerolls that had before this celebration i guess , I wonder if they will add sth more , we will see .
 CALICUL08/01/2021 22:39:00 GMT
This week i bet around 80 dollars and i only won two rakebak of 0.08. Or maybe it wasn't for that, because i looked at the rewards and he said something about the casino. In the end i want to see what will happen, because 888 has not offered me any special prize since i play real money in this room.
 geseco1209/01/2021 04:34:40 GMT
888poker with its new application is giving away a lot of money in free tournaments, besides that its application is very good, that makes it easier to play poker where you are, and add free prizes every five minutes through Gift Drops in 888poker is the ostia, they say so that the room grows exponentially.
 antonis32109/01/2021 18:18:06 GMT
Last day of the celebration , last chance to get some extra prizes or winningsor bonuses in your accoun . God luck everyone , play won tickets wisely and multiply profits Blink
 dule-vu09/01/2021 21:20:00 GMT
Posted by antonis321:
The frequency yhese 1$ tickets fall , lol , I have the impression the overall prizepool of this celebration festival is far over $1M , lol .

maybe it is,who know!for so many days they had it and who know how much they did give to players!they knewt that must do something,because all other poker sites give lot of prize,especially in december,so they had to offer this,no matter that they made this new app!maybe they will publish on end some news about whole promotion and how much they did give!
 CALICUL09/01/2021 22:34:55 GMT
I like promotions that clearly say what you need to for win extra prizes in promotions. Sometimes 888 poker had something like that, but now it's a little bit different. I want to believe that in one day i will be able to win something serious here.
 geseco1211/01/2021 04:50:50 GMT
This 888poker promotion comes to an end today, but it has been very good to be in this promotion with great prizes and more than a thousand dollars in cash at stake, you also won free prizes every 5 minutes, the software is wonderful and now the application is very ueno also, that they continue to improve everything in the system to be in competition with other rooms.
 CALICUL12/01/2021 01:12:09 GMT
This promotion should be visible in real time with some winners and they to insist more on playing, for the prizes offered by 888 poker. Yesterday other promotions ended, several free games disappeared but now we must try for good prizes.
 geseco1213/01/2021 15:53:13 GMT
Thanks to its 888poker application, it is giving away a lot of money to its players, of course the promotion is still in effect, imgaginate it is giving away more than 1,000,000 dollars in prizes, I think the most important thing for many players is the freerolls every 24 hours what does the room do, and what gives juicy profits.
 CALICUL14/01/2021 10:26:08 GMT
I made a calculation and this promotion will bring benefits for winners but also for 888 poker, because wager will increase considerably until the end of it. Marketing director makes good calculations to attract customers and this is not an easy thing.
 Rogerio1015/01/2021 08:57:15 GMT
Haha i made a calculation on every site that at the end they will be big winners lol Big Smile. Did any of you guys play on 888 regulary? How are this prizes working out for you? Did anyone win somethin big from that promotion? Gl to everyone who participate in it.
 CALICUL15/01/2021 10:51:46 GMT
I won $2.50 because i guessed 2 results in another promotion. I wasn't very inspired because if i predict 8 matches maximum gain was 2500 dollars. These football results are far too surprising, but situation can be recovered with a super inspired bet. Good luck, guys.

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