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Prizes Galore at partypoker's Love Party

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Posted on 12 February 2021 by "T".

To celebrate Valentine's month, partypoker is throwing a LOVE PARTY and every player is invited to join in the festivities. There are lots of mystery prizes to be won daily, plus weekly prizes as well.

partypoker LOVE PARTY

  • February 11 to March 3, 2021
  • Weekly deposit bonuses - Get up to $50 when you make a deposit
  • Daily Missions - Win tickets to daily $1K freerolls, MILLIONS Online satellites and SPINS


Missions are quite simple and include tasks such as winning a hand with ace-king so you should have no worries about completing all 21 LOVE PARTY missions and bagging 21 prizes.

Mystery prizes for completing LOVE PARTY missions include $0.25 and $1 SPINS tickets, and MILLIONS Online tickets worth between $1.10 and $55. There are also tickets to the daily LOVE PARTY freerolls that have $1,000 worth of tickets guaranteed to be won. These LOVE PARTY freerolls kick off each day at 19:00 GMT.



Reload and Receive a Weekly Prize

With MILLIONS Online coming soon, you may be considering reloading your account so you can play in the plethora of satellites and the MILLIONS Online events. partypoker wants to give you a bonus when you make a deposit into your partypoker account.

There are three special bonus codes for you to use, one for each week of the LOVE PARTY promotion, and each one awards a mystery prize. You can use each code once, which means three guaranteed prizes finding their way to your account.



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18 comments on "Prizes Galore at partypoker''s Love Party"

 dule-vu12/02/2021 10:17:18 GMT
party poker site take every chance or every date to make some new promotion and to give deposit offers or some tickets promotions for players!we all know that they do lot for players in last year or two,so this will be additional chance to get something for your money and for regular play!it will be hard to get biggest tickets,but at least you will get something!good luck!
 geseco1213/02/2021 01:40:14 GMT
partypoker surprises us with each special date, now on Valentine's Day I get great promotions for deposit, in addition to playing for daily challenges and being able to win money that are hidden, I think it will be fun to play around these dates and win some money, always sharing in couple.
 dule-vu13/02/2021 11:09:13 GMT
almsot every day I get new mail from party poker with some new promotion or some news about poker million or whatever!they are in big campaign about their site and they just force you to use their offers and to play poker!we will see what this promo will give to players and will they be lucky to get this big tickets!
 CALICUL13/02/2021 15:20:11 GMT
Party offers many promotions, bonuses and free games than in the past years and that is very good. I'm starting to become envious of those who play in this poker room. It is sad that they don't work everywhere, but this is the situation.
 geseco1214/02/2021 01:57:25 GMT
It is magnificent to take advantage of these promotions on special days like this, that happiness and love spill over all of you, I believe that poker has been made to unite, have fun to the fullest regardless of other things, I hope you can get those mysterious prizes that are they can earn daily.
 dule-vu14/02/2021 13:59:01 GMT
for me its great that they offer for players chance to make deposit and to get something more then just deposit bonus and for all players they also give rewards when they play and earn points!so on every way you can earn something at party poker and thats something that dont have lot of poker sites!
 CALICUL14/02/2021 16:10:19 GMT
The joy of these promotions can be doubled only after you have solved all terms and conditions. Then if you win nice money make a withdrawal. Nothing is more beautiful than some extra money. This thing can happen because party poker is generous.
 geseco1215/02/2021 02:31:21 GMT
partypoker is a room that cares about its players, not only giving bonuses for the first deposit, but also giving them the opportunity that while they play they can also accumulate points and win extra money that in the world of poker adds every penny of a dollar luck to everyone on the tables.
 CALICUL15/02/2021 17:56:19 GMT
every big room offers some good opportunities to make money, and for that we have to be in solidarity with them and make a nice wager, for them to earn some commissions from us. Party poker has great stuff for his players and chances to make money are, if we know how to play.
 dule-vu16/02/2021 01:11:17 GMT
we will see how they will give this kind of promotions after this whole situation with corona stop and when people back on live tournaments!will they give this number of promotion or they will reduce them!they know that last year and this are best in online gambling history and they want to take every chance to earn more money from players,but also to offer more to them!
 geseco1216/02/2021 02:43:26 GMT
Of course, the more you play, the chances of winning multiply, and I think the room gives you that opportunity to win more with great bonuses, if you play longer the refunds are greater, hopefully parties like this can always be done to help more players.
 CALICUL16/02/2021 19:04:42 GMT
any chance of winning money is very good and the freedom to play what we want exists, but now it depends on poker rooms where all players are allowed to play. Party poker has nice tournaments, promotions and rest of good things. Here all gamblers have many chances to make money.
 geseco1217/02/2021 02:59:49 GMT
partypoker is a very good room, with great promotions at stake, besides that it cares to make it fun, I think dates like these are key to attract more players, I think that on all dates that are almost of world interest more promotions of this type to play it.
 CALICUL17/02/2021 19:19:38 GMT
definitely here is very nice, their games or tournaments are very good and with a lot of money. Maragatero, my friend, now was a nice opportunity to play in this poker room, but you have not appeared on the forum here. This room is ideal for almost al players and nice things will continue here.
 geseco1218/02/2021 03:26:40 GMT
tickets, prizes are that they give us a lot of money in this room, I think those things are very fun, tournaments get more fun when it is formed that way with great prizes, and sometimes you could even enter for free with satellites that the entrance is very low, it only remains to play it to the fullest.
 CALICUL18/02/2021 19:53:22 GMT
I like to see that here things are going very well, but in the absence of a good poker room like this it makes me melancholy. This is the situation and i would love to play here in the future. Party it is very interesting with a lot of good games.
 geseco1219/02/2021 03:59:38 GMT
You can see that partypoker is growing and wants to continue expanding its room to more countries, hopefully governments can also give more opportunities for the game of poker to enter and not be restricted, many want to play in many rooms and that should not be an impediment.
 CALICUL19/02/2021 20:57:45 GMT
When you give players pleasure. then they will come to play in your poker room, and the party does exactly that thing. Anyone who has time to play can prove that this room is a great place to make money. They occupies an excellent place in the world ranking.

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