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Set Your Sights on Special Bounties in the Predator Hunt at partypoker

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Posted on 02 February 2021 by "T".

One of the more popular Daily Legends tournaments at partypoker is The Predator, mainly because of its $30,000 guaranteed prize pool for only a $22 buy-in. Its popularity will surely rise even more now that they have launched the all-new Predator Hunt promo.

The challenge - hunt 19 selected "predators" who will be in The Predator tournament.

The Predator runs Monday thru Saturday from 17:05 GMT.

Up to 19 special players have an additional bounty on their heads. Bust one of the stars from any Predator tournament, tweet to partypoker with a screenshot of your victorious knockout, and win a $22 Predator ticket in addition to the bounty that was on their head!

partypoker Predator Hunt promo

  • Monday thru Saturday from 17:05 GMT
  • Eliminate a "predator" from The Predator
  • Grab a screenshot of your glorious knockout
  • Upload your screenshot to Twitter, tagging @partypoker in the post
  • Your $22 Predator ticket reward will hit your account within 24-hours once verified

Lock Your Sights on these Predator Players

Up to 19 special bounties are in play at any one time, giving you many chances to win a free $22 Predator ticket. You can win up to two Predator tickets each week!

Furthermore, you earn one Predator Hunt Leaderboard point for each Predator you take down. The leaderboard pays out five $22 Predator tickets each week.


The Predator is part of the Legend of the Week promotion

The Predator Hunt promo adds even more value to an already terrific Daily Legends tournament. This tournament is part of the ongoing Legend of the Week promotion. Cashing in The Predator and The Clasico Daily Legends earns you points for Leaderboard 4 that pays out 100 places, including $1,510 worth of Daily Legends tickets for the leaderboard's winner.



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14 comments on "Set Your Sights on Special Bounties in the Predator Hunt at partypoker"

 geseco1203/02/2021 04:42:19 GMT
almost 30 thousand dollars ne well with only 22 dollars of entry, that is fantastic, almost everyone has the possibility of being able to enter the tournament for the low cost, you can even win that ticket by playing and eliminating a predator take your screenshot at twitter tag party and they will give you a ticket, that's incredible, hopefully you can win.
 dule-vu03/02/2021 12:56:51 GMT
maybe its not cheap,but you can win big money from this,just depend what you like to play and is this kind of game for you!its also good that you can get some extra tickets by posting screenshot on twitter if you kick some of this 19 players!party poker try lot of news way to give reward to players which is great!
 CALICUL03/02/2021 18:03:14 GMT
I remember when Full Tilt had some nice tournaments for different games, and whoever won a more interesting tournament received a dinosaur avatar. They had several models depending on each game. Party can do the same thing because The Predator is a good tournament.
 geseco1204/02/2021 05:11:51 GMT
It is not bad at all to try to win that ticket and play for the jackpot, hopefully it can be done, the promotions they offer are great, because they help players who are just beginning to grow, and this is not bad.
 CALICUL04/02/2021 17:54:50 GMT
I like that they also introduced promotion with special bounties for this tournament. I can't deny this strategy, because it's a very good one for anyone who will try. Party Poker is very generous and it is very correct. Customers are coming with good decisions.
 geseco1205/02/2021 05:55:55 GMT
partypoker is a room that I like a lot for this type of promotions it does, the special rewards are great they help many to grow in poker, it only remains to try to get the most out of the room, good luck to all.
 CALICUL05/02/2021 19:46:36 GMT
I would love to play Special Bounties in the Predator Hunt at partypoker, but i played many years ago here, because in 2016 left my country. They probably thought it was not profitable. The Romanians preferred pokerstars, full tilt, 888 and other rooms. Now he could come back because we only have 4 rooms in all country. They would also earn some money if they return.
 dule-vu05/02/2021 20:37:16 GMT
Its good to learn that party poker is man,is "he"...
 CALICUL06/02/2021 19:48:26 GMT
It doesn't matter if party poker is site, room, he, she or other names. Man, woman, hermaphrodit can not be. This is just a style of speaking. The important thing is that: here all players can win two $22 tickets in every week, plus a ranking which will offer 5 winners.
 geseco1207/02/2021 13:44:46 GMT
Of course, it is a site to talk and comment on what is happening in the world of poker, it helps us to be aware of everything, and it soaks us with valuable information that we can practice in our rooms when we play, we should not take it as a hobby , but on the contraty.
 antonis32107/02/2021 17:31:37 GMT
Very nice promotion by PartyPoker !! So now you can bust these players and get , besides their normal bounty , also this special bounty , the tcket of $22 , one ore reason to hunt them down , especially I would say at the beginning of the tournament when bounties are low . Good luck to these 19 players I would say , now they're going to need it more than ever , with many players after them for one ore reason now , loool Smile
 CALICUL07/02/2021 21:24:32 GMT
geseco12, we must to discuss for each thread about the subject... because is the brm rule and ometimes we forget this thing, of course. Party poker has a good chance for all players to win such a ticket, that is not to be neglected. Good luck with that, maybe you will win a ticket and after that good money. Big Smile
 geseco1208/02/2021 14:22:36 GMT
Of course, you should always discuss for each thread on the specific topic, party always gives the opportunity to win that ticket to play the tournament that is very good, of course, if we are lucky we can win some money, we should not waste it.
 CALICUL08/02/2021 22:24:52 GMT
I will try to play some satellites for win some tickets if i can, but not here of course because i can't. I have no idea what the blinds are for these tournaments, but i guess it's something acceptable. Party poker he knows their strategy and i think that they will be successful.

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