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888poker New Tournament Collection is Made for Everyone!

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Posted on 01 March 2021 by "T".

As part of 888poker's Made To Play re-branding, they have refreshed their tournament collection. It features a revamped schedule with something special for everyone!

After years of the same events - players now will say goodbye to the BIG Fish, Dragon, Monsoon and even the Mega Deep!

A fresh new batch of clear and well-organized tournaments shall be on offer from now on!

This new tournament collection by 888poker will offer the following:

  • Fewer re-entries
  • More payouts
  • Better options for recreational players
  • More tournaments in the evening during prime-time hours

Also, they will have higher GTDs each week with more than $500,000 added. They will offer more Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments and feature more tourneys with at least a $10,000 guarantee!


New Revamped Tournaments

The new lineup of tourneys is designed to level the playing field. The tournaments will mainly be friendly for recreational players - they will be shorter in duration and pay out more players.

From 6-max tournaments to daily PKO events, deepstacks to turbos, and freezeouts to the "Main Event" of the day, there are indeed lots of new tournaments to choose from!

Here are the new tournaments coming to 888poker:

  • The Big Shot: The main event of the day with the biggest prize pools.
  • The Classic: Freezeout with shorter late registration, play the "old skool" way. 
  • The Dash: If you like it quick, these thrilling turbo tournaments are for you.
  • The Mayhem: Fast-paced and action-packed 6-max tournaments. 
  • The Rumble: Daily PKO tournaments - knock out your opponents and claim as many bounties as you can.
  • The Voyage: Take your time and enjoy the experience in deepstack tournaments. 


Exciting Giveaway Promotion

To celebrate 888poker's new tournament collection, they are giving away more than $200,000 in tickets and seats to these new tournaments!

The promo has already begun on February 25 and will run until April 2, 2021.

Tickets will be given away via:

  • Gift Drops
  • "Discount Sale" through the 888poker loyalty club
  • Winner Spinner

Gift Drop prizes are random prizes given away to players at random. Thus, anyone can win!

Also, the daily "no-ticket needed" freerolls will grant seats and tickets to the new tournaments. In fact, most tickets will be awarded in these freerolls.

More players in the money, shorter tournaments and an even playing field - that's basically what the new 888poker Tournament Collection is all about.

See you at the tables!





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23 comments on "888poker New Tournament Collection is Made for Everyone!"

 CALICUL02/03/2021 00:24:15 GMT
This thing is great news, because it was necessary in 888 poker a change. One reason for which i have not played so much in 2020 here it's their tournament system, which for me it was disappointing. Now i'm waiting to see if these new games it works good.
 Rogerio1002/03/2021 07:29:46 GMT
They are doing allot new stuff lately on 888 poker. I am glad to see that they change something in tournaments too, they always had solid tourneys to play if you consider the field you playing against, but now it will be even better. And i see the promotions are still awesome here.
 dule-vu02/03/2021 08:35:15 GMT
its good that they changed old things on 888 poker and that want to offer new tournaments,loyalty stuffs and other things for players,especially for new generations who dont know much about this old names!they do what other poker sites do,changing everything and they go in step with new age that come!
we will see what loyalty club will offer with this discounts!
 geseco1202/03/2021 12:31:44 GMT
These changes in the room help the players who are in it and those who are entering this world of poker, I think things are changing for 888poker, it offers new tournaments as well as new loyalty products and new promotions.
 CALICUL03/03/2021 00:26:48 GMT
to play in the freerolls promotions you have to do what they ask, or make wagering. Others depend on what level you have and rest is gratis. The idea is that we can win money from these free tournaments. Good luck with that, because 888 poker is nice.
 geseco1203/03/2021 17:01:36 GMT
always in a room every so often should see an improvement, and I think 888poker is on the right track, that will help all players and new ones, I think that new promotions are what help poker to be alive, since it attracts more players and we get hooked on new challenges.
 CALICUL04/03/2021 08:49:08 GMT
I played in a few tournaments this week and it's fun. I didn't do some missions to participate in everything, but it's interesting that you can play your games and freeroll games for save time. At the same time you earn a few cents or dollars.
 geseco1204/03/2021 17:29:29 GMT
This is CALICUL the objective is to do a bit of banking to play poker seriously, I think that helps to earn money little by little, we must not lose patience so as not to lose money quickly, I think with study and perseverance things are achieved.
 CALICUL05/03/2021 10:09:04 GMT
I'm not very ambitious in 888 poker, because i tried enough between 2016 and 2019. For my level of play ( almost 90 in this room ) i participated in thousands of satellites with several hundred qualifications at tournaments of 5.50. 16.50 or 33 dolars. But my succes it was disappointing and my confidence no longer exists...
 geseco1206/03/2021 18:25:30 GMT
Try again, you should keep studying and practicing a lot, I think poker is more than just a game of grilling, it takes intensive preparation to be a winner, I think many have gone through that and tell their stories to learn those who are starting In poker, perseverance is success in everything.
 DinGo!07/03/2021 02:00:43 GMT
Right now as i can see they are no good freerolls in the lobby, which was just a week ago, maybe because one of the promotions has ended or maybe because they cancelled the celebration of their new application. Anyway need some time to understand, is this new tournaments are good enough or maybe the old one was better.
 CALICUL07/03/2021 12:59:14 GMT
Some games are gone, but there are other freerolls that offer some seats ( 5, 10 or 12 places ) in interesting $109 tournaments or other buy-ins. I saw that it is hard and i prefer to play bingo, so as not to waste time with them too much. Anyway, 888 is interesting.
 geseco1207/03/2021 18:27:23 GMT
I understand you when they are freeroll or sometimes satellites for big tournaments, most of them are free and that is why too many people join, and where it gets frustrating, because sometimes it is difficult to reach the prizes, or because it is a long time and not at all, well It is a matter of each person, there are some who feel good playing several hours, others do not.
 antonis32107/03/2021 20:51:59 GMT
The Big Fish tournaments were my favourite , with the satellites running 24/7 to play on them , many cheap satellites or pennybuy sat tourneys . Now they are gone , but many other tourneys are replacing the tourneys that ceize to exist on the lobby . Good that they added some PKO , many love them .
 CALICUL10/03/2021 16:46:06 GMT
these freeroll games are interesting, but i can only play bingo in them because it offers only a few tickets and is generally a waste of time. It was nice to offer several positions in the main satellites at this series, but is not the case. Anyway, who has time can play.
 dule-vu10/03/2021 20:55:25 GMT
wow,didnt even know that I cant play anymore at 888 poker site Shock !my goverment blocked it and now I cant do anything,because even when I open it with VPN,cant log in with my details!
got mail that I have free scratch card from 888 poker and wanted to use it,but then I saw problems,so couldnt even scratch it without VPN,so probably everything is over with this site for me!this must be only in last weeks,because this was in first on on start of second month of this year!
 CALICUL11/03/2021 18:41:49 GMT
Until September 2016, i could play at any poker room on internet, but things changed when the license became mandatory in my country. The main culprits are financial interests of politicians and of the people who direct them from the shadows...
 CALICUL16/08/2021 20:02:41 GMT
has interesting tournaments but it's hard to finish in the money. I tried a few qualifications or smaller games but 888 didn't change. It is much easier to make money in other places than here. I don't know why their software is so stingy. I will try again but i hope it will be better.
 CALICUL27/08/2021 16:28:41 GMT
I haven't played too much poker here this year and only a $ 5 tournament per week in Amaze.... with prizes of 10.000 dollars guaranteed . For now, i don't see any differences from what it was in the past years, because the players don't like the tournaments very much, but they deal with other games. I hope the situation will change, because there are chances to make more money when there are more entries.
 CALICUL18/10/2021 13:47:56 GMT
888 has good tournaments but for a more special advertisement they have to change certain things on the satellites. Ideas are and no one can refuse easier qualifications made by making decisions in favor of players. Anyway, 888 won't lose anything because their tax will be the same.
 CALICUL08/11/2021 19:44:43 GMT
888 has partially restricted tournaments for all the countries, but it is good if there will be more games where all countries will participate. A large number of players in each tournament will be a pleasure for each of us.
 CALICUL30/11/2021 00:35:34 GMT
tournaments are fine, but satellites are too disorganized to use a very appropriate word. You have to work harder to make something better and the players are very attracted to them. As long as this doesn't happen, 888 will suffer a bit, and the players same.
 CALICUL19/12/2021 12:49:20 GMT
I don't like how the players are organized for the 888 poker tournaments at all, because they might think much more interesting and get more out of these tournaments. When they focus on what they need to do, they will see that it is not difficult and that they can get more out of these games.

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