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partypoker Boosts Prizes on Fastforward and Cash Games with Hot Tables

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Posted on 10 March 2021 by "T".

Get ready for fastforward and cash games that offers more excitement, more rewards!

Here comes the newest feature from partypoker, Hot Tables, giving more players the chance to win a massive, boosted cash prize at any moment!

Thousands of cash game and fastforward hands are boosted every day, so you have lots of chances to win a Hot Tables cash prize!

How it works:
- Sign up for a partypoker account here.

- Play selected No Limit Hold'em (NLHE) or Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) cash game or fastforward tables from $0.05/$0.10 to $0.50/$1 for the chance to receive a random boost!

For now, only low stakes are available - but they will be adding higher stakes Hot Tables soon.

If your table gets a boost, an extra cash prize will be added to the pot.

The winner of the hand gets the whole prize, so one quick win could bag you a cash prize PLUS the pot itself!

Do you have what it takes to run hot?


Terms and Conditions
Only NLH and PLO ring games for cash and fast-forward will trigger "Hot Tables".
Only stakes from $0.05/$0.1 to $0.5/$1 (blinds) will trigger Hot Tables.
Hot tables will not trigger on Club Games, restricted tables and Heads-up tables.
3 or more players must be dealt-in for a Hot Table to trigger.
Only players who are dealt-in (i.e., receive hole cards) are eligible for all or some of the Hot Table boost amount.
If players agree to "run it twice", only the first board counts for the purposes of the Hot Tables payout.
In case of game crash or void hand during gameplay, the Hot Table prize amount will be equally distributed between eligible players.
*Figure based on average Hot Tables triggers in a typical week from launch in March ‘21



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22 comments on "partypoker Boosts Prizes on Fastforward and Cash Games with Hot Tables"

 dule-vu10/03/2021 20:37:52 GMT
this is very good move from party poker and something that small players will appreciate a lot,because everything start from lowest levels and I like this move!for first period only this levels will have this boost prizes and even on omaha games,but we just dont know how much they will add to winner,they dont say how big will be prize for winner of hand!must say that party poker suprise me every week!
 geseco1210/03/2021 21:03:59 GMT
This is a good initiative from partypoker, many of the poker players who are starting to play will appreciate it very much, because it is free money that is added little by little, this impulse will be very well received by all of us.
 DinGo!11/03/2021 22:11:22 GMT
Everybody is waiting for this promotion, but it looks like it will be worked only at 0.5-0.10 limits and you need to have a bankroll to play this and to be able to win in this promotion. Looks like they still fixing something and you need just to keep patience and after that to try to play this. I think there will be announce on their site when everything will be ready.
 geseco1213/03/2021 03:04:39 GMT
But the limits are not very low, I think it can be played, although you will have to be aggressive with your bank, but it is a matter of each one, many will try to play at that level even if it is not theirs, but it is a matter of the site being pronounce and lanse the offer for all levels.
 Cesar1413/03/2021 13:13:07 GMT
For those who have been playing poker for a long time, this promotion is very good, but for those who have just started playing poker like me, it is difficult to play these levels, even when they are low, many are playing at levels of 0.02, they should be the promotion to those levels to help too, but normal to just follow.
 CALICUL13/03/2021 22:41:40 GMT
I think all prizes are the same but that time to win is shorter than before, of course. Method of operation we know it, because it has been implemented since this game started working in the full tilt room. Then exitins in pokerstars, 888 etc ... with the name of Zoom, Snap etc... Good job Party Poker.
 geseco1214/03/2021 03:21:03 GMT
what I like about partypoker is that it has implemented new offers for its cash game players, it is important that the winnings are increased, and that you can have the opportunity to win a big cash prize, that will be exciting.
 dule-vu14/03/2021 11:09:23 GMT
its great how party poker think first for players on lowest stakes and then after some time they make progress to bigger stakes!but for me best would that they give only or maybe most of prizes to this players on lowest stakes and boost this prizes,then on biggest stakes,because this players already have enough money and they can be part of diamond club and so on,so they can earn this faster and on different way!
 Cesar1414/03/2021 13:43:45 GMT
You are very right dule-vu, they should think more about players with low stakes, they are the ones who need it the most, I think it will be a bigger boost for them, many are included in that group of players with low stakes, I for example am included in that range of players and I would like them to do that.
 CALICUL14/03/2021 23:03:18 GMT
I've seen strong players who make cash pretty fast at poker tables. When you can follow certain tables you can see this but here with Fastforward and Cash Games with Hot Tables players can make money even faster. The important thing is to be on all levels.
 geseco1215/03/2021 03:51:40 GMT
That's right, with this format, poker players no longer have to wait a long time, the hands come faster, and you can play more hands than normal, but it does not guarantee that you win more money, but that you play more, because Winning money is determined by your game style regardless of the speed of the game.
 DinGo!15/03/2021 17:26:27 GMT
I think you need to have a good bankroll, because this 0.05-0.10 limits is not so easy. I tryed them couple of years ago and there were lots of good players, who wants to take your money! Anyway still need to wait a bit, because they still can have some problems and it,s better to wait a bit and play it later.
 Cesar1415/03/2021 18:00:42 GMT
You're right DINGO! The problem is that you play every day, and you can't choose who to play with, that only happens at regular tables, but there is the challenge of being able to meet all the players, which is difficult if you haven't played that level for several months and realize how your rivals play.
 CALICUL15/03/2021 23:46:17 GMT
you need a bankroll is normal, but it depends on your qualities how big to be. It can vary
between $ 50 and $ 150 or maybe more, or where your pocket allows. You can play at two lower stakes, to try a create and to win some money. Opportunities exist. Good luck with that.
 geseco1216/03/2021 04:23:18 GMT
Of course, there are opportunities to earn money, but the problem is that sometimes you have to face bad spells, where there are many throwing in the towel, these levels that are semi-high, and money becomes more relevant, and important.
 dule-vu16/03/2021 12:14:43 GMT
as I know (somebody can correct me if I am wrong),party poker is only site that give this kind of boosts at this moment on your poker play and that you can get extra prize when you win poker hand!they just keep going with promotions and with suprises for players and thats something that players like,no matter will they get 1 $ or 100 $!they just love when something is for free and reason why they will still play on their site for long time!
 Cesar1416/03/2021 22:28:23 GMT
I think that few sites do it, that of giving money as impulses in some hands when you play is incredible, for example the room where I play that is natural8 every certain hands played give money, and the pot grows a lot, and there who wins that hand it takes everything, that natural8 has always done, and many rooms are imitating that.
 geseco1217/03/2021 04:42:09 GMT
This initiative of many rooms to imitate others in the positive, for the players it is very good, because in healthy competition they take out offers that will largely benefit the players, every time the rooms want to give more, that's why better promotions .
 CALICUL17/03/2021 09:46:26 GMT
I have no idea what style is in natural8, but here you must to research what party poker offers because they have many players and can be good situations to make money. As he says there: they have hot tables, which can bring money.
 DinGo!17/03/2021 19:34:38 GMT
They just made this promotion with boost prizes and no more leaderboards. This will be good for players, who don,t play really often and this will be not so good for regular players, that can make lots of rake. Anyway you need to have some bankroll to play it, because 0.05/0.10 blinds is not so cheap as it can seems and you need to have a bankroll for the game.
 geseco1218/03/2021 05:18:43 GMT
The funds in your account must be considerably good to play this level, it is expensive to play that type of level for players just starting out, but it is worth trying and adjusting to play, but I think that will not work for everyone.
 CALICUL20/03/2021 14:43:58 GMT
Geseco, you are right in many ways, but poker is a game where money is not easily earned if you are not talented. All we have to do is to play, because life has many risks and games the same. It is important to try what you like, because Party is a good place to make money and withdrawals are beautiful.

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