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partypoker Ambassador Kristen Bicknell Excited by "Massive" WPT500 Prize Pools

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Posted on 15 March 2021 by "T".

partypoker ambassador Kristen Bicknell excitedly awaits the WPT500 this week as she has already locked up her seat from one of the daily Day 1s now running in the partypoker client.

She is patiently awaiting Day 2 that is scheduled on Monday, March 15.

WPT500 returns to partypoker this March
The WPT500 is a major festival from the World Poker tour running on the partypoker platform. Bicknell says this is thanks to the relationship the two brands have nurtured together over the past 12 months. The two brands have teamed up last year to make the WPT Online Series in May 2020 and the WPT World Online Championships in September 2020, and both campaigns were a smashing success.

"I think the relationship that WPT and partypoker has built is absolutely fantastic! I fully support both brands, as they are both leaders in the industry and put on well-run series that cater to every poker player out there."

WPT500 at partypoker

  • March 7 to 23, 2021
  • Two huge WPT500 events with a $530 buy-in and $1M GTD prize pool
  • Super50 with a $55 buy-in and $250,000 prize pool
  • Super50 Knockout with a $55 buy-in and $400,000 prize pool
  • Multiple high roller tournaments
  • Omaha, Omaha Knockout, Hyper and Turbo tournaments
  • Two Mix-Max events

The festival has two Main Events with multiple Day 1s, offering players a slice of a $1M guarantee each time. Bicknell says she's looking forward to both, but she preferred the non-PKO event that took place this weekend, "PKO's are tons of fun and add a different element to the game, but I find that the typical vanilla events feel more like 'true' tournament poker to me."


Play the WPT500 on partypoker

Check out the WPT500 schedule below:

Bicknell says she thinks the WPT500 is going to generate some "massive" prize pools.

"With so many day 1's, the WPT500 is huge! The prize pools are going to be massive. So far, it seems like we have a mix of famous high stakes pro and low stakes satellite winners, which I think brings the best excitement to the game. It's certainly an event not to miss! I look forward to hopefully making it deep and seeing who else does."


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16 comments on "partypoker Ambassador Kristen Bicknell Excited by "Massive" WPT500 Prize Pools"

 dule-vu15/03/2021 12:52:34 GMT
we are on half way of this WPT 500 and still lot of time for everybody to play and to win something!
 DinGo!15/03/2021 17:07:46 GMT
She had a live stream a couple of days ago. She was hosting also a freeroll for the viewers and it also was a bounty for knocking her out of the tourney. It its really a nice person and it was very interesting to watch and listen to this stream. Gonna watch, how she will going on that WPT 500 events.
 Cesar1415/03/2021 17:45:00 GMT
The good news is that it has several days one, where many have the possibility of being able to continue in the race, it is an important festival, and it is having great success, mainly that is because both companies have remained together for the last 12 months as Lo says player BICKNELL.
 CALICUL15/03/2021 23:29:20 GMT
it is easy for him to be excited, because he has many opportunities to play in major tournaments. Yesterday i won a 330 euro ticket in a live tournament but other room, and always i say in brm threads that you must to play satellites, guys. The opportunity to win tickets for middle tournaments is possible. Party Poker have many surprises and satellites don't cost too much. Good luck.
 geseco1216/03/2021 03:57:44 GMT
We all get excited when we do well in poker, and I think this is not the exception, partypoker offers many surprises, and they also have satellites where it does not cost much, and to be able to participate in these great poker tournaments.
 dule-vu16/03/2021 12:11:17 GMT
this is women poker player,its not man,so its not hard to read news as it is!its great to see women as ambassador and great poker player!she is in day 2 in this big tournament,so we will see where is end for her!I am sure that she will come in prize pool,just is question how much will she take and will this be some big amount!
 Cesar1416/03/2021 23:10:51 GMT
Many think that women are easy to win in this sport such as poker, but in recent years they have shown the opposite, now there are more women who are in this game and are great references of the big rooms, in partycular I like much would give feshchenko.
 geseco1217/03/2021 04:35:48 GMT
Women have shown that they can also compete at a high level in this game, we have many references of players who won tournaments, one of my favorites and I had the opportunity to see her play is Maria Lampropulos, I love her style of play, she made the final table and I win the tournament.
 CALICUL17/03/2021 09:59:00 GMT
one truth is that: poker room ambassadors are very often privileged and often receive the card they need to win important pots. The fact that they are professionals and are also advantaged is not okay, but i won't get to their level of play and i can't complain about that. Any big room like party poker gives us a chance to win some money and this thing is very good.
 DinGo!17/03/2021 19:10:43 GMT
It was always interesting for me, how much did rooms pays for their ambassadors? I mean, they just give them some money every month or maybe they give free entries to big tournaments and ambassadors must play well to be able to earn something? How does it work?
 CALICUL18/03/2021 11:13:17 GMT
For those who don't know what the term ambassador poker is. He is employed by a company in order to promote the products and services offered by them. VIP player must represent the company in the most positive way, to attract customers. The contracts signed between them, have several attributions and they receive money and different advantages.
 Cesar1418/03/2021 13:55:05 GMT
You have many advantages being an ambassador of a room, you must be active, but in general the important thing is that we all benefit in tournaments that they do, it is difficult to reach that professional status as they are, but poker has been made to enjoy and That's what matters.
 dule-vu18/03/2021 14:03:36 GMT
for me this system with ambassadors and pro's or famous players like we had neymar and ronaldo didnt had influence where I will play!why would I play on some site just because some "person" or players will play it on that site!I choose site on things that he offer and what I can get from them,not to spend money just because of ambassador,no matter is it women in this case or football player!
 geseco1219/03/2021 05:38:54 GMT
You are right, many rooms hired ambassadors and players to promote their room, but the client does not care if it is neymar, pique, ronaldo, the one who is promoting, they care that the room offers them benefits, good promotions, and many more things, but that is marketing, well who with their things.
 CALICUL19/03/2021 14:45:41 GMT
Neymar, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Teddy Sheringham etc ... are some footballers who play or promote poker. Here are also tennis players like Boris Becker or actors like Matt Damon, Tobey Maguire, Jason Alexander, Jennifer Tilly, Sam Simon, Ben Affleck... who play for pleasure or profit. I would like to play online in Party Poker or other rooms with these stars real money games at low stakes, but also with the ambassadors because people will fill the tables to try to play at the table with them.

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