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Unibet Poker Promo - Moving On Up

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Posted on 02 March 2021 by "T".

Win extra rewards on Cash Games this month at Unibet Poker!

Complete weekly missions, like reaching 25 flops and doubling up over four days, to earn tickets at the same stake.

Unibet - Moving on Up

  • February 15 to March 14, 2021
  • Complete Weekly Missions to win an entry to a €3,000 tournament.

Every week brings a new mission, with rising stakes and prizes. So come the final week, there's a €50 NL ticket and €5 HexaPro ticket to be won.

That's not all - Complete all four missions and you'll also be invited to a €3,000 tournament. 

Ready to Move on Up to the next level? 

How to Play

  • First off, sign up for a Unibet Poker account
  • Open Poker via the client, the app or directly in your browser
  • Check the weekly mission in the promotion icon
  • Complete the missions to get your rewards
  • Complete all four weekly missions to win an entry to an exclusive €3,000 tournament

Weekly Missions

  • Week 1 Missions: Reach 25 flops on 4 separate days (NL4/PL4) AND Double up (NL4/PL4)
  • Week 2 Missions: Reach 25 flops on 4 separate days (NL10/PL10) AND Double up (NL10/PL10)
  • Week 3: Missions: Reach 40 flops on 4 separate days (NL25/PL25) AND Double up (NL25/PL25)
  • Week 4: Missions: Reach 60 flops on 4 separate days (NL50/PL50) AND Double up twice (NL50/PL50)

Double up is defined as reaching a 200bb + stack size

Exclusive €3,000 Tournament

  • Complete all four weekly missions to win an entry to a €3,000 tournament. 
  • The tournament is on Wednesday 17th March at 19:00 CET. 
  • No one can buy their way in. The tournament's only for players who qualify.

Terms and Conditions
• This promotion will run from 00:00 UTC on 15th February to 23:59 on 14th March.
• A promotion week starts Monday 00:00 UTC and ends Sunday 23:59 UTC.
• Banzai cash games are excluded from this promotion.
• The Moving on Up requirement can only be completed on the eligible Cash Game stake of the week.
• The requirements per week are stated directly in your mission-widget in the client or on the promotion page.
• Any ticket earned will be credited instantly.
• Cash Game tickets have a rolling expiration of seven days. Tickets remain active if used at least once per seven-day period. If a ticket is not used, it will expire after seven days of inactivity.
• The playthrough requirement of the Cash Game ticket is 300 flops seen.
• Players do not have to complete week 1 to be eligible for week 2 (and so forth).
• Each player can only receive one reward per week.
• Players who complete all four weekly missions will win an entry to an exclusive €3,000 poker tournament.
• Players will receive a ticket to this tournament automatically after completing all missions.
• The exclusive €3,000 poker tournament will run on 17th March at 19:00 CET.
• Players from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium are excluded from this promotion.
• We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time.
• General Unibet terms and conditions apply.



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17 comments on "Unibet Poker Promo - Moving On Up"

 dule-vu02/03/2021 15:41:37 GMT
news on forum which is on for 15 days already?strange thing to make promotion about something that soon will be over!
 geseco1203/03/2021 17:04:51 GMT
unibet is doing great promotions and I think it is good that while you play your cash games you are accumulating additional rewards and by completing missions you can earn tickets to participate in large tournaments, if you manage to complete the weekly mission you can play a tournament of 3000 thousand dollars , that's impressive I think it's the best promotion.
 CALICUL04/03/2021 08:30:27 GMT
There is still time for a qualification in this tournament, even if that news about the promotions often comes too late here. Many times it happens, but it doesn't matter too much because that's not so important. When someone is interested about promotions, will find out directly from the source.
 geseco1204/03/2021 17:17:19 GMT
It is incredible how this room is doing things very well so as not to lose players, and on the contrary of being able to grow as a room and be known worldwide, I think that the promotions it does are at another level.
 CALICUL05/03/2021 10:13:12 GMT
the fight is very interesting between the poker rooms and they have to resist somehow, otherwise they will go bankrupt. Unibet is forced to offer many promotions now, because some of its competitors are stronger and they have to keep and attract customers.
 geseco1205/03/2021 17:57:45 GMT
I left this unibet room a long time ago, because there were not many promotions, nor was it exciting, but now that I see that it is making great offers and is growing in an impressive way I have returned to the room, it is not the same as before, aha improved in everything, and I think it is due to the work of many, both inside and outside of unibet.
 DinGo!05/03/2021 23:31:10 GMT
Unfortunately Unibet has blocked access to some countries (i,ve heard that the reason is that Unibet is looking for new markets and players) and right now as i can see i just can,t play it at all and even i just can,t login. Anyway, this is good to see, that they still have some good promotions for other players.
 geseco1206/03/2021 18:17:24 GMT
It's a shame that unibet has blocked access to many countries, but the rest of unibet's weekly offers and promotions are very good, and I think that has made it grow in recent years, I hope it continues to expand the market worldwide and not restrict access to the platform.
 CALICUL08/03/2021 15:47:42 GMT
I didn't know that Unibet restricted many countries. Party Poker had this habit, but now you say that this room does the same thing. Maybe it's something politically and globally, for not to go bankrupt. In rest they each share certain countries and others are in common.
 dule-vu08/03/2021 19:43:31 GMT
maybe they just dont want to pay licence for those countries where goverments want to take taxes from them,because they dont have so many players or they dont earn enough!its same like you cant play on bwin from lot of countries and so on,same as unibet want to want to take some new market and to offer better things to players from countries that they have best business!
 CALICUL10/03/2021 16:56:40 GMT
There is always a middle ground and governments need to understand that when there are no customers you cannot pay too high taxes. Reasonability makes the government to win more or less, the poker rooms as well, and players depending on their luck or talent. Spokesmen are needed for Unibet, to activate again in many countries.
 geseco1210/03/2021 21:12:52 GMT
They are right, many governments think about charging taxes on everything and even taxes that are too high, the government always tends to win, the poker rooms in that part suffer but not so much, the worst slice is taken by the players, of course some countries like Spain charge too much tax on the players so many of them don't live there.
 DinGo!11/03/2021 18:07:11 GMT
I,m pretty sure this is a good promo anyway, if you can play in their room this is good to try to earn some tickets for playing some cash games. They need to have good promotions just because they want to look for a new counties to be able to play there and they will need to do a nice promotions for this players.
 geseco1211/03/2021 21:44:03 GMT
I like the unibet room every time more, since it cares about the well-being of its players, I think that has led it to grow exponentially every week, play and that at the same time you can have rewards for your daily game that sounds wonderful , I think free money will always be welcome.
 dule-vu11/03/2021 21:54:04 GMT
unibet have some restrictions,but its still open for more countries then some other sites and they are big,so this could just bring new players to them,no matter what you like to play,poker,casino,betting,because we see that even some other sites are closed in last weeks for us!
they are behind party poker stars,but maybe this work for some players because you dont have much players trough day in room!
 Cesar1412/03/2021 04:37:23 GMT
I'm just starting to play in the poker rooms, and it feels good when they give you facilities to improve your game and your bankroll, small rewards and gifts that the room gives you for playing that is great it is highly valued even when you are starting from zero.
 CALICUL13/03/2021 20:55:47 GMT
Unibet offers what it can for old and new customers. We can make some deposits with little money for play or to start from scratch. It is important to have a profit for more withdrawals. This poker room has only a few aggressive gamblers at lower levels and is very good.

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