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partypoker Hot Tables Triggered 83,000 Times Two Weeks after Launch

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Posted on 01 April 2021 by "T".

Since partypoker launched the Hot Tables promotion on March 11, a total of 83,000 Hot Tables have already been triggered!

That's an average of more than 4,600 each day!

How many Hot Tables have you encountered so far?

Around 50% of cash game and fastforward players have been seated at a Hot Table since their launch, with 29% of all players winning a Hot Tables prize at least once a day. This incredible promotion is rewarding even more partypoker players and the best thing about it is it's being done daily!

Here's a breakdown of the Hot Tables triggered from March 11 through March 28:

The above statistics will be updated each week. Head over to the Hot Tables page for the latest updates.

Hot Tables - What are they?

Hot Tables is a new and exciting feature available to fastforward and cash game players on partypoker, giving them the chance to win a massive, boosted cash prize at any moment!

How it works:

  • Sign up for a partypoker account here.
  • Play selected No Limit Hold'em (NLHE) or Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) cash game or fastforward tables from $0.05/$0.10 to $0.50/$1 for the chance to receive a random boost!

Hot Tables randomly trigger and if your table gets a boost, an extra prize will be added (between 1 and 500 big blinds) to the pot.

The winner of the hand gets the whole prize, so one quick win at a Hot Table could bag you a cash prize PLUS the pot itself!

Thousands of Hot Tables trigger every single day.

Why not hit out cash game and fastforward tables now on partypoker and see if you win up to $500 extra for playing your favorite games?



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45 comments on "partypoker Hot Tables Triggered 83,000 Times Two Weeks after Launch"

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» partypoker Hot Tables Triggered 83,000 Times Two Weeks after Launch

 Cesar1406/04/2021 14:51:05 GMT
That's right, the promotion that you are doing will help poker players a lot, I think that earning extra money while playing in the rooms is incredible, sometimes we have a bad time in the game, we lose a lot of money, and this is something that you It will help your bankroll a lot when you are going through that situation.
 CALICUL06/04/2021 15:01:52 GMT
party had a good promotion but it can be much better in future. They know this thing and can offer many prizes, to attract more players to their tables. The best promotion for me was when i played in a room 30 days i earned 100 dollars or more. Party can copy good promotions because they will be profitable.
 Rogerio1006/04/2021 18:26:03 GMT
I think party is going just like the other rooms are going on the last couple of years, more promos for recs then for regulars. Think the old days when you grind it like crazy and can achieved statuses like supernova elite are over, i mean you can still have some great rakeback but not like in the old days.
 geseco1207/04/2021 03:43:49 GMT
That the partypoker room continue like this and in the future get more news so that many enter the room and do not leave it, it is always good that the room of this type of offers because they help the player a lot in their bench, they always must improve in that regard.
 dule-vu07/04/2021 06:59:25 GMT
we all know that they offer every month something different,so we can expect in this month also something new from them,where you will have chance to earn extra money,no matter is it leaderboard or this kind of prizes that will just drop on table when you play cash games!
 DinGo!07/04/2021 08:07:43 GMT
I just want to say, that in past they had better promotions with better prizes. Right now they show this promo as something special, but it,s not so easy to get value from this and even players with big bankroll are saying, that leaderboards was better and this promo is much worse. I think it can be good only for those, who play regularly there and have a n1 bankroll.
 CALICUL08/04/2021 18:17:23 GMT
Of course there are players who are unhappy or happy, but in the end we can play or refuse any promotion. I had good or bad periods in the last years with some promotions, but few withdrawals was nice for me. Party Poker has many good things, but you have to see them.
 Rogerio1008/04/2021 18:25:35 GMT
Yeah it's not anything for everyone. It depends why type of games and limits are you playing, what are your goals of playing poker and so on. But afterall even if promotions are not so decent last times on party poker, they still have in my opinion one of the best rakeback stystem currently on the market.
 CALICUL09/04/2021 18:42:30 GMT
if you don't want this promotion, then try some freeroll games if they exist there in party poker, or make a small deposit. Now it depends on your preferences. Everyone wants to make money, but if we choose the wrong games or other things then it's just bad luck.
 DinGo!10/04/2021 05:11:54 GMT
We want to see a good promotions. And i think most of the people choose the poker rooms with better promotions. In past PP had some really cool promotions, where everyone can take some free money just for playing even the cheap limits. But right now i think this promos is only for players, who can play lots of time.
 Rogerio1010/04/2021 16:17:06 GMT
Dingo i think the opposite. With these promo right now you can be lucky and win even if you play just one hour if it gets you to be lucky. If we compare to the previous offer (i am talking for cash games only) where were leadearboards. You must play quite allot to get even the lowest prize at least at holdem. At omaha was easier.
 CALICUL10/04/2021 20:04:00 GMT
who knows how to take advantage of this opportunity will play because this promotion can be useful for some and useless for others, More than that players are generally not happy with this thing. The situation is what the party wants and is not bad.
 DinGo!12/04/2021 13:02:24 GMT
This leaderboards was much better only for players, who can play regularly. Here you can play a couple of hands and win, but you need to have a bankroll to play it, and even $25 bankroll will not be enough as i can see, you need to have more money to play this i think. If they let the people start with 0.01/0.02 limits they will have more participants.
 CALICUL12/04/2021 22:30:09 GMT
it's their decision and it's not easy to play at 0.02 / 0.05, because money can be easily lost and most of us need a bankroll of $ 100 or more. I get bored because the snap is too fast and the cash tables are too boring. I prefer other promotions at that moment, but in the past i really liked, because i won some free money.
 DinGo!14/04/2021 15:01:37 GMT
As i understand the limits of 0.02/0.05 is not enough for this promo and you need to play at least at 0.05/0.10 and on this limits you can loose some bankroll for sure. Just hard to understand, why not to do this promo for everyone and even let people play at 0.01/0.02. All people are different and not all people have the bankroll for the game.
 Rogerio1015/04/2021 19:33:44 GMT
Yea i am talking about this all the time too. I mean gg has leaderboards for all limits and game types. Even promo before that was including limits up from 0,01-0,02 and usualy was always promotion for all limit. And this is excatly what you said Dingo. Players play bigger to chase the prize and can loose big percent of their bankroll. But at the end it,s all on you, the best is if you play with some solid bankroll managment and dont chase promotios just focuse on your game.
 DinGo!16/04/2021 18:58:01 GMT
Right now they offer different extra prizes, like tickets and so on in their socials for screenshots with the winning hands from this hot tables offer. Anyway i think you need a bankroll and this is not a good decision to risk all money for the ticket.
 Rogerio1017/04/2021 17:11:46 GMT
This will just make people trying too hard to win. If change your tactic a little when the prize hit the table you can get even more money. Dingo i don't think people who play serious will use it all bankroll just for a ticket, who want's to gamble will gamble and it's not playing by correct bankroll managment. Maybe they can even win more gambling, then wtihout this promotion.
 CALICUL18/04/2021 10:21:39 GMT
Poker is a game of concentration and skill but it also takes luck to win more money. You need to play more hands and win them at small tables, but also in cash. In tournaments with a lot of money it's harder to get into many hands, because sharks destroy you. In final, it is important to win as much as possible.
 DinGo!18/04/2021 16:19:13 GMT
I just want to say that i don,t understand, why they promote this as a good promotion, the minimum limits is 0.05/0.10 and lots of people will skip this promo just because the limits is too high. My friend was trying to have even 1 this hot talbe to be able to make a screenshot and win a ticket in social media, and he didn,t catch even 1 table and lost $20 of his Bankroll. That was painful.
 CALICUL29/04/2021 18:01:50 GMT
I have no idea about this thing, but i played in a similar or identical promotion in 888 poker... two years ago. I made about 100 dollars with plus or minus but i didn't play in every day. It was an excellent promotion that gave me the opportunity to play more poker.
 DinGo!30/04/2021 01:49:49 GMT
As you can this promotion is not a giveaway. You need here to play your own money. For sure, this will help for a regular players, this will be as an extra bonus for them, but to be honest this promotion doesn,t looks like a free money at all. As i,ve said, my friend lost here about $20, and he didn,t see even 1 Hot Table.
 CALICUL30/04/2021 17:47:27 GMT
I know how it is this promotion and then i had a bankroll to bet at 2/5 cents cash snap. It is not something to be avoided for us. Before it was different and we could create a bankroll with freeroll games. Now we can create with promotions with our invest, because sometimes it's good.
 Rogerio1020/05/2021 05:30:45 GMT
Don't know but if no one see it ? I get mail for promos and the hot tables should now be available from lowest limits so 1/ 2 cents normal and fast forward tables. Finaly they did something for the players how play those nanos and can get some free money too now. Gll to everbody.
 CALICUL06/06/2021 21:47:32 GMT
I don't know how it is in your country, because here the promotions can be announced by different methods, but in other countries if you set to receive them by email, you will find there after that. I think it's better that way and good luck with your games.

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