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Check Out the New Twitch 888pokerTV Channel

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Posted on 23 April 2021 by "T".

888poker has launched their brand-new official Twitch channel last week - 888pokerTV. They will be live streaming online events, poker action, freerolls, giveways and content.

This channel is the place to be if you want to know what's currently happening at 888poker.

They have stepped it up by providing players with a place to access poker 24/7.

At 888pokerTV, you will find out what makes 888poker a brand that attracts so many players. In line with their brand slogan Made To Play, players will get to see how many good things 888poker has in store for them!

What's In Store for Players at 888pokerTV

You will definitely be thrilled when you join the 888pokerTV community.

Check out the offers they have in store especially for their loyal poker players:


  • 24/7 Poker Action
  • Huge Online Events
  • Original Poker Content
  • Live Commentary
  • Poker Pro Guests
  • Live Event Replays
  • Special Freerolls & Giveaways
  • Interviews, Strategy, and More



888pokerTV WPTDS Live Streaming
It was on Sunday April 18 that the 888poker TV channel went live for the very first time. The first-ever broadcast featured the WPTDeepStacks Opening Event with commentary by David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall.

The WPTDS London Online Series will be live streamed on the following dates:

There will be poker pros, personalities and 888poker ambassadors appearing during those streams, adding to the commentary.

888poker will also be giving away WPTDeepStacks Main Event tickets, tournaments tickets and cash - reaching $10,000 in overall prizes.

There will also be a special freeroll on the 888poker site during each stream!

Head over to the Twitch 888pokerTV channel right now - bookmark and follow/subscribe to make sure you don't miss out!



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61 comments on "Check Out the New Twitch 888pokerTV Channel"

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» Check Out the New Twitch 888pokerTV Channel

 geseco1202/05/2021 08:28:06 GMT
I just created an account on twicth, I realized that this platform is better than you tube, that's why many of the stremears go to that platform, now we can enjoy these events that 888poker does, so as not to miss anything and always be attentive.
 dule-vu02/05/2021 16:22:12 GMT
its not big difference from twitch and you tube,when you have this live streaming,just have few more options,different chat and so on,but you will have maybe more freedom for job that you do!but this kind of things will have not big difference,as you can already see on live stream of some gambler that play casino or when big poker site give live video from tournament!
 Cesar1402/05/2021 17:32:54 GMT
Well, they won't have many differences, but now YouTube is getting very strict and special for the transmissions, that's why almost the majority prefer the twitch platform to do their live, there we can enjoy better and be able to have the possibility of having free tickets to tournaments and gifts from the room.
 CALICUL03/05/2021 13:28:39 GMT
It's not nice what youtube does, because they practice dictatorial censorship. I hope Twitch is more libertine and doesn't delete certain videos from there. People do not realize too much what is happening, especially young people... but in order to gain credibility they must satisfy the desires of followers.
 geseco1203/05/2021 14:09:16 GMT
That's right, many are complaining about the platform and are having problems with copyright, YouTube is deleting and demonetizing the video, that's why they are migrating to twitch, now that's a good platform and many use it, now well poker is great to be able to enjoy such broadcasts.
 dule-vu03/05/2021 16:57:38 GMT
you tube have more and more restictions on channels where gamblers post videos from playing slots and now even you need to confirm that you want to watch that video,because they "take care about you"!more and more restictions in this world,who know what is next!
that why players stream on twitch and that they dont need to care so much about their content!
 Cesar1403/05/2021 18:44:12 GMT
That's right, friend, I have seen many poker players who have their you tube channel that are coming out to say that they are closing the videos because in the policies of youtube the use of casinos is not allowed, that is a stupid youtube , that's why players like zeros have turned to twitch to be their direct in the poker tournaments.
 DinGo!04/05/2021 05:27:02 GMT
I think they basically stream on both Twitch and Youtube. I just think that lots of people prefer to watch it on twitch and not use Youtube at all. I know right now some rooms and their streamers are streaming on both sites at the same time. Maybe the reason is just internet connection and they want to provide better service.
 CALICUL04/05/2021 15:10:37 GMT
The reason is to make extra money from a new business, but that's not a bad idea as long as you're honest and give players a chance to make money. Twitch will be interesting, and if they offer good prizes for their followers, they will be more appreciated and with more followers.
 geseco1204/05/2021 17:02:47 GMT
I really like twitch, I am always connected in the official pages of the best rooms, because they always give away some tickets and passwords to play poker, sometimes I am lucky.
 Cesar1404/05/2021 21:56:24 GMT
I really like live poker broadcasts, it makes it more special than being recorded, now we all want this platform, it looks great, I hope to be lucky and win some raffles that the room does, sometimes they launch them on Twitter.
 CALICUL05/05/2021 15:25:12 GMT
I know this thing but passwords can be found on other sites... where you don't have to wait too long to read them and after that to register for a tournament. Twitch is nice for many things, but it's good to focus more on learning poker.
 DinGo!06/05/2021 16:34:47 GMT
It,s just looks like, that people can earn more money at Twitch then at Youtube. To be honest i don,t know, how much streamers are earn at twitch right now, but looks like they can have something from streaming. I mean not only poker streaming, just streaming. Some people can donate you lots of money. It,s seems that lots of streamers can earn enough to live for this money and don,t go for a job at all.
 antonis32107/05/2021 20:43:01 GMT
Twitch has a great mass of players ,gamers , casino or poker players , who watch everyday channe;ls , its fair 888poker , to get its own slice of this great pie Smile If they host many great events , if their ambassadors stream ery often asit happens with other poker rooms' ambassadors (you can watch them most days of the week ) , this will increase the followers and watchers of 888poker twitch channel . Wishing them all the luck with this , hope they will get new players to their poker or casino room via this channel , they deserve it , as they have many offers , promotions , good opportunties to make money Smile
 CALICUL09/05/2021 17:41:26 GMT
You're right because this streaming platform offers a lot and 888 poker can win customers with this advertising collaboration on Twitch. I don't know how many active users they have, but many things can happen here and people are attracted. This is very good.
 dule-vu10/05/2021 12:39:11 GMT
now we have even more other sites and platforms that you can stream and players have lot of choice!on other sites they can earn more money from that stream,then they can on you tube!but I know some casino players who dont want to use twitch,even its maybe better,so we are all different!
 DinGo!10/05/2021 15:24:52 GMT
Of course there can be lots of different platfroms right now, but i still believe most of the people prefer to watch twitch and youtube and stream there. Anyway it,s good, if they offer some free tickets at their streams and freerolls. Will be good to take a shot for some extra money or some good ticket. I remember i had some free tickets from PP streams.
 CALICUL10/05/2021 17:49:17 GMT
I will stay on youtube, but occasionally i will enter on Twitch to see something interesting. Time allows me to play poker and just to listen on these channels. I only want to watch occasionally, because i have other hobbies which will make me to concentrate there.
 CALICUL29/08/2021 18:05:45 GMT
in the last weeeks I often went to Twitch to watch a bit and get different passwords at certain tournaments in 888 poker. This site is beautiful, you can find a lot here and you can learn even a little poker strategy. Good luck if you want to watch this channel.
 CALICUL16/10/2021 12:54:27 GMT
I like this channel because it has interesting things to learn and there are some free games where the password is displayed quickly, without waiting too long to watch what happens. Anyway, i saw how some people play and there you can take some good lessons.
 CALICUL05/11/2021 19:33:29 GMT
I watched this channel for a while today and it's nice to see different hands that are won by certain stars. An 888 poker ambassador has won a beautiful hand and this kind of luck it's rare. Twitch offers enough strategy to anyone who wants to learn. You can try to convince yourself.
 antonis32109/11/2021 01:48:02 GMT
It;s a good thing that they have this streaming platform now on Twitch , like every big pokerroom . Streaming big events of the past , or some events live . Hopefully they will take this initiativeness to the next level , so as to increase viewership .
 CALICUL09/11/2021 01:49:03 GMT
I like Twitch and sometimes i find passwords at different tournaments
 antonis32112/11/2021 00:17:25 GMT
Now they have to take initiatives to increase the number of followers and viewers , They have one freeroll every friday for this reason , maybe add one more , or give away the password 10 min before game starts , and have it without late reg , so the ones who want to participate in this freeroll , they will have to be online on twitch , or else they risk to lose it if they seek the password in password sharing sites . 10 minutes is short time . Good luck to this twitch channell for 888poker

 dule-vu12/11/2021 00:18:13 GMT
but somehow I dont think that they have such a big channel as other poker sites and that they have big number of people that watch it!

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