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POWERFEST is Back at partypoker!

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Posted on 08 April 2021 by "T".

The classic online poker series returns to partypoker this April!

POWERFEST is back, with dozens of events across nearly three weeks of fiercely competitive poker.

partypoker POWERFEST

  • Promo period: April 9 to 27, 2021
  • Buy-in range: $1.10 - $25,500
  • Game variants: NLH / PLO
  • Formats: 8-Max, 6-Max, 8-6 Mix-Max, Mix-Max, Rebuy, Freezeout, PKO, PKO Battle

Tournaments for all bankrolls
Events are split into levels ranging from Low up to Super High Roller. Buy-ins start at only $1.10!

The 3-Day Main Event has $1M GTD and takes place from Saturday, April 24th - Tuesday, April 27th. Buy in for $1,050 or qualify for less via special satellites.

A variety of formats are on offer throughout the series, including 6-Max, 8-Max, Mix-Max, rebuys, freezeouts, and PKOs.

Get your prize pool boosted
Watch out for their exclusive three-handed POWERFEST SPINS games!
The multiplier could supercharge your prize pool, giving you the chance to win tickets to huge POWERFEST tournaments in minutes.

Win your Seat Now! Satellites are running from just $0.11.



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23 comments on "POWERFEST is Back at partypoker!"

 geseco1209/04/2021 04:57:23 GMT
We will see dozens of events in these 3 weeks at partypoker, the tournaments that are going to be set up will be magnificent, they range from 1 dollar to 25 thousand dollars for the main event, they will have good formats to adapt to our type of game.
 dule-vu09/04/2021 08:36:37 GMT
another crazy powerfest from party poker and such a big event with so many different buy in-s and so many different type of poker,which is great!so for 18 days you will have chance to win great prizes,just depend how much you have for buy in and what type of poker you will play!must admit that party poker do great job in this corona situation and they offer every weeks tournaments that people love to play online!
 Cesar1409/04/2021 13:22:38 GMT
This is a poker party, these events are exciting with large amounts of prize money, and this is made for all levels so that no one can miss these incredible games that the partypoker room is offering.
 Rogerio1009/04/2021 17:36:01 GMT
They "had" to do something, some series that is big. Other like gg and pokerstars already having it one. I read in some poker news site, that this is probably the biggest month in all online poker tourney history if you combine all the series and their guarantes. And party poker is sure not missing here doing great job with another powerfest.
 geseco1210/04/2021 05:44:54 GMT
These large events are good because there are many players who play it and also the prizes are large, the prices at these tournaments range from the smallest to the largest, for example the main event is guaranteed 1 million dollars and you have the possibility to enter through satellites.
 DinGo!10/04/2021 06:10:34 GMT
Really good to see, that they return this pokerseries to their site. This classiс tourneys i believe much better, then the tourneys, that they are running now. Need to check their satellite tourneys. Will be good to try to qulify for something with a small money.
 dule-vu10/04/2021 09:05:12 GMT
if I remember right,they have this powerfest series every few months and they give such a big range of tournaments every time,with lot of different buy in-s!dont know is this biggest one till now,but when you see how long this will be and that largest buy in is 25500 $,its sure that we will have great prizes pools on every tournament!
 CALICUL10/04/2021 19:49:56 GMT
Many buy-ins are very good for party poker customers. There tournaments have great power to win more money, because the series are very interesting for poker players. You have two and a half weeks to earn something. Good luck
 Cesar1411/04/2021 00:38:11 GMT
These events are the ones that unite and attract more players to play in this room, this type of game will allow all levels to be played without exception, the big prizes are the ones with the highest entry, but surely it will be good to be able to play a great prize in these poker tournaments.
 geseco1211/04/2021 07:21:12 GMT
Many rooms at the moment are partying with big events during the month, and partypoker does not want to be left behind, now you can participate in any event with just little investment money, the powerfest promises to be a party in the big room, It only remains to enjoy it.
 bowie198411/04/2021 16:18:43 GMT
Posted by Cesar14:
This is a poker party, these events are exciting with large amounts of prize money, and this is made for all levels so that no one can miss these incredible games that the partypoker room is offering.

They have a truckload of promos every week across all platform but those barely amount to anything of value because of their strict wagering policy.
Now these poker tournies don't have that but it's not like they are giving away free money here either.
 dule-vu12/04/2021 10:39:00 GMT
this is something that is regular at party poker site,but cant remember is it few times per year or not!so many news from party poker in last months,that cant follow anymore,but know that this is regular form and every time its bigger and bigger!now in this time when everything is online,they offer even more for players!
I like this when they give every type of buy in,not just for high rollers!
 DinGo!12/04/2021 12:46:56 GMT
This is good to see, that they have different buy-ins for tournaments and everyone can choose to play the game he wants to play. Because, i understand, some people prefer not to risk too much money in poker, just try to play cheap games and even to win something from this.
 Cesar1412/04/2021 13:45:24 GMT
Those who are just starting out, most of them do not risk much when playing poker, they play the cheapest tournaments until they achieve more money, that is why these tournaments are good because they give the possibility of being on another level if we hit a jackpot, there is nothing to lose if we try.
 CALICUL12/04/2021 21:53:20 GMT
You should enjoy with this powerfest because poker rooms offer opportunities and sometimes we can make good money. There is nothing more important than that. If there is time to play, try for your chance and enjoy with the party poker games.
 geseco1213/04/2021 00:55:09 GMT
These events such as powerfest are quite good to play at the highest level, I think tournaments like this test your skill as a poker player, I have always had the idea of ​​being able to play big tournaments against the best, hopefully that happens, good luck in these events.
 Cesar1413/04/2021 16:17:58 GMT
These events are not everyday bread, they are special tournaments and you should take time to play them at the level you are, maybe you are lucky and you can win or at least enter prizes, the 1 dollar tickets are very good.
 geseco1214/04/2021 02:03:10 GMT
I am enjoying these events that partypoker is offering, I have played some tournaments and the truth is that I have had a great time, every day one is learning a lot how to play against the best of your level and I think we will always be improving a lot.
 Rogerio1014/04/2021 05:11:36 GMT
What i like the most about party poker when they offer some guaranted prize series is that you can qualify from few cents of even freerolls, so everyone can try their luck. And even if you can't qualify from the satelites you can stil play a tourney or two, becouse they don't offfer just high buy in tourneys.
 DinGo!16/04/2021 20:22:32 GMT
Already saw today in twitter i think, that someone won something like $3500 dollars in some of the big tournaments on partypoker. And he won a ticket for the event, starthing with a 0.01 cheap satellite. This man must be happy with this. Looks incredible to win such a money for just a penny.
 geseco1217/04/2021 05:09:38 GMT
everything is possible when these types of promotions arrive where you can enter the big tournaments with cheap tickets, there are stories of many who won four-figure prizes with just a few pennies, of course that does not happen to everyone, but at least happens.
 Rogerio1017/04/2021 17:02:12 GMT
Almost every time when this big series are played, there is a player too who had a great story to getting ticket from frerolls or cheap satelites and then cashing it in the event or even win it in in some cases. This series that are happened almost all the time are chances literaly for everyone to take their shot.
 CALICUL13/08/2021 18:49:32 GMT
The idea is that you can earn hundreds of dollars from a bankroll that is non-existent. You have zero in your account and play in a freeroll where win a few dollars or more. After that must playing seriously and with a good strategy in a few days u can have $ 500 or more. It is rare but it can happen.

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