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WPT Online Series kicks off with Awesome Pro Hunt Event

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Posted on 14 May 2021 by "T".

WPT Online Series kicks off at 19:05 BST this Friday, May 14, with the first event involving the hunt for poker pros carrying a guaranteed prize worth $30,000!

First up in the WPT Online Series is the value-packed $33 buy-in WPT #00 Pro Hunt: $30k Gtd event. partypoker is adding $3,000 worth of WPT tickets to the prize pool in the form of bounties on the heads of pre-selected bounties. Successfully eliminate any of the players listed below to receive a mystery prize. Prizes range from a $33 ticket up to a $320 WPT Online Main Event satellite ticket when it hits your account.

Other than that, whoever wins the WPT #00 Pro Hunt receives a special commemorative trophy, plus a free $3,200 WPT Online Series Main Event ticket in addition to their cash prize! What a way to kick off the series. That is more than $6,000 in total added to the prize pool.

May 14 is also the time for Day 1A of the Opener, Mini Opener, and Micro Opener at 19:05 BST. They come with buy-ins worth $1,050, $109, and $11 respectively, with the guaranteed prize pools weighing in at $500,000, $250,000, and $50,000.

Day 1B kicks off at the same time but on May 15, with the third and final flights scheduled for the slightly earlier time of 15:05 on May 16. Day 2 starts at precisely 19:05 BST on May 16.

The opening weekend's schedule continues to grow stronger with the Mini and Micro Main Events starting at 19:05 BST on May 15. The $530 buy-in Mini Main Event comes with a $500,000 guarantee. The $55 Micro Main Event is set to pay out more than $150,000! Both feature two flights: Day 1A on May 15 and Day 1B on May 16. Day 2 takes place on May 17, with the champions crowned on May 18.

May 16 is an exciting day mainly thanks to the $10,300 buy-in $1 million guaranteed High Roller. The tournament may command a $10,300 buy-in but has phased satellites from only $11 that eventually feed into the 20-seat guaranteed Mega Satellite at 16:30 BST. You can buy into the High Roller Mega Satellite for $1,050 if you do not fancy playing your way into it.

Also to look out for is a pair of Big Game tournaments, three Knockout events, Omaha Knockout tournaments and turbo bounties, and you've got a recipe for an incredible Sunday poker session. Ready to pull up a chair?

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19 comments on "WPT Online Series kicks off with Awesome Pro Hunt Event"

 dule-vu14/05/2021 15:10:59 GMT
I am sure that lof of regular poker players will try to kick out pro player and to earn extra prize from it,even they dont know what they will get,but as we can see this will not be small prize!I am sure that players who will have pro on table,will be more aggressive on pro player and will try to take chips from them more then it would be normal tournament,without bounty on them!
 CALICUL14/05/2021 20:30:21 GMT
Beautiful prizes for players who will manage to eliminate or win tournaments in this series. Party Poker "hits" again with surprises for its customers and this thing is great. It is interesting to play in this poker room because here are many important chances to win.
 geseco1215/05/2021 04:26:13 GMT
good partypoker initiative, now it will be more exciting to be able to eliminate the professionals from the list and have the mysterious prize that is really good, this will be a major party at all levels.
 dule-vu15/05/2021 15:23:08 GMT
I know when you had bounty on pro player on table,for example 10 years ago,when everything started in that times and how every players wanted to kick this player and to have that bounty and to tell later how he was better then pro!
but in todays world I dont think that players care much about that,like it was before and they dont play because of them this kind of tournaments,its just about money!
 CALICUL15/05/2021 21:39:58 GMT
the idea is good because many players want to eliminate professional players. In the past when i was trying to make good money..., i played some games with good players. 7 dollars buy-in, but the software and their strategies was close to me. I was amazed at that.
 geseco1216/05/2021 04:47:13 GMT
This is a party that partypoker is programming, play with the professionals and eliminate them for a mysterious prize, that's incredible, plus the ticket prices are very affordable for these big tournaments.
 Cesar1416/05/2021 15:35:16 GMT
It is a good event to make or have a boost in the bankroll, eliminating these poker players will not be an easy task, but whoever does it will achieve great prizes, also everyone can participate and have fun in the best way.
 CALICUL16/05/2021 21:50:12 GMT
it's not easy, but it can't be hard either, if both players go all in and the lucky one eliminate that professional gambler. I have this certainty, because in the past was many tournaments like this. Not in this poker room, of course and the lucky ones received money, because they beat VIPs.
 geseco1217/05/2021 05:29:44 GMT
that if you can beat the vip, if you can, that is what poker has that you can play, win anyone who dedicates himself to giving his best game against the most experienced in this discipline, the event will be great with great prizes of via.
 CALICUL17/05/2021 22:58:28 GMT
I played sit & go or some tournaments and there i saw serious and high level players. Some of them had Super Nova or Super Nova Elite in Pokerstars, but in the past,. It is not difficult to eliminate if the software helps you, because they pay your all in with big cards many times. However, it is also risky because they are favored by software much more than small players, but it's possible.
 Cesar1418/05/2021 01:57:01 GMT
If it is possible to beat them, many of the professional players are good and try to do their best, what happens is that it gives you an extra boost to face them, it is the best thing that can happen to you in life, it is as if you played soccer with the same Messi in the field, you know, that is unrepeatable.
 geseco1218/05/2021 15:31:40 GMT
It is not easy to beat them, they have a fairly high level, they have participated in several poker tournaments and they know how to play to perfection and if you are not prepared to play you will not be able to beat them, you need to exploit their weaknesses which of course are scarce at those levels.
 CALICUL18/05/2021 23:27:39 GMT
It's not easy, because they almost always throw the cards, but trust me, there are possibilities if you and an ambassador catch good cards. I don't know where your pessimism comes from, but chances are, because is normal and this is poker.
 dule-vu19/05/2021 08:08:41 GMT
I like in general every bounty game in poker and when you get some amount for every player that you kick out from table!ofcourse when you have pro players on tournament,they are only few of them and prizes are bigger then when every player on tournament is with bounty!
so you can earn lot of money even if you dont come to prize pool!
 Cesar1419/05/2021 17:01:36 GMT
the rewards for elimination are the most exciting, because it is not necessary to enter prizes to win something, now the action starts from the first minute of play, that makes it special and not boring.
 geseco1219/05/2021 17:41:07 GMT
We all know that they are at another level, if we can eliminate it of course it is possible, but what I say will not be easy, the level is high, but we also know that in poker everything can happen and that is the exciting thing about the game, anyone He may be a champion, but the best is for constant preparation and not much luck.
 CALICUL19/05/2021 23:50:27 GMT
This is where your talent comes in, and the professional player calls. There is nothing more important than to follow the VIP with concentration. It's not easy and obviously someone else can do it. Something like this must be done, if you play.
 geseco1220/05/2021 21:52:47 GMT
I still haven't had the chance to play against a poker pro, it would be an honor to do so, we all want to play against those we admire, and I think this is the opportunity, and to be able to win great prizes that are hidden.
 CALICUL22/05/2021 13:43:12 GMT
Try it next time or create a bankroll for next months. When you have interesting satellites or medium games, you can do something. Sometimes it is good to play with a pro player, because you are ambitious and you will do many things to try to eliminate him.

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