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Unibet Poker Promo - €4,000 Eurovision Freeroll

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Posted on 20 May 2021 by "T".

Unibet Poker has two ways for you to win cash on Eurovision weekend!

  • Unibet Poker - €4,000 Eurovision Freeroll
  • Promo period: May 21 to May 22, 2021
Claim a free flip ticket on Friday to play in the tournament of the country you think shall be crowned the Eurovision Champion on Saturday night.

Every flip is worth €100 to the winners, but the big prize is the €4,000 Eurovision Winners Tournament.

The only way to earn a ticket is to have played in the winning nation's flip tournament. Make your prediction and play before the final!

How to Play

  • First off, sign up for a Unibet Poker account
  • Log in to Poker between 00:00 CEST on the 21st May and 15:00 CEST on May 22nd.
  • Get a freeroll ticket and use it to join one of the Eurovision nations 
  • Grab your share of €4,000 in freeroll prizes!


Terms and Conditions
• One free ticket is credited upon log-in to Poker between 00:00 CEST on the 21st May and 15:00 CEST on May 22nd.
• The free tickets are not available to players from Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.
• Players can choose any of the 26 nation freeroll flip tournaments to play.
• Any unused tickets expire and cannot be exchanged.
• All players which joined the freeroll of the winning nation will receive a ticket to the exclusive Eurovision Winners tournament.
• The exclusive Eurovision Winners tournament will take place on the 25th May at 19:00 CEST.
• Qualified players need to make sure to join the tournament on time, any unused tickets expire and cannot be exchanged.
• We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time.
• General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.



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22 comments on "Unibet Poker Promo - €4,000 Eurovision Freeroll"

 geseco1220/05/2021 21:41:56 GMT
Everyone wants to have a freeroll ticket and use it to join one of the Eurovision nations and get a share of € 4,000 in freeroll prizes, this is great from unibet, good offer to win these great prizes that they are offering.
 CALICUL21/05/2021 11:38:45 GMT
Is Eurovision in this year? I haven't read anything about that on the internet and i haven't seen a qualifying contest in any country. Probably didn't read where i should, but this offer from Unibet is a very nice one and nobody can contradict that.
 dule-vu21/05/2021 11:45:30 GMT
freerolls are already in lobby,you can see them and every country that is in final,have own freeroll name!I think that you must play one of it and then you will be able to play this big 4000 e freeroll!for all of those who like to play at unibet,take this chance for freeroll!
 geseco1221/05/2021 22:03:48 GMT
This is a great opportunity that is giving unibet to many players of all levels, a freeroll of 4000 euros is very good, now we just have to give our best and try to make luck be on our side and go far.
 Cesar1422/05/2021 02:11:05 GMT
great to be able to participate in this freeroll and win it, there is a good amount of money at stake and I think many will play it, lately unibet is doing things well so that many of the players stay hooked in this room and always play, that makes keep poker alive in this room despite competition from others
 dule-vu22/05/2021 12:28:34 GMT
every players need to choose righ freeroll/winner of eurovision,because if you play on another freeroll,you will not get ticket for big 4000 e freeroll!for now best odds are on italy and thats why so many of player are on that freeroll!but for some other freerolls,like moldova you have only 40 players on it,but on italy more then 550!
 CALICUL22/05/2021 13:29:32 GMT
it is good for those who accept these two things and earn some extra money. Unibet was very generous in 2021 and almost 6 months have passed. This room will have many more promotions by the end of December and that is very good. Good luck, mobsters.
 dule-vu23/05/2021 13:05:16 GMT
my pick was good,on end italy had best odds and they are winners!so everybody who made registration on this freeroll (as I did) will get tickets for bif 4000 e freeroll and it will be on 25.5.!we will see how good prize will be for players and how many places they will pay!
this freerolls were on system of all in and you got only 1 chip on start,so you didnt even had to be at time of playing!
 CALICUL23/05/2021 14:24:16 GMT
this chance has been lost for many players, but this is the situation, and they will have more opportunities here in Unibet to enjoy in future with certain promotions or freerolls. When someone tries to do something good, players must be vigilant to take advantage.
 geseco1223/05/2021 15:25:31 GMT
These opportunities that the room is doing is incredible, all players expect these offers since they play for great prizes, that should be done by the great poker rooms so that many can enter them.
 CALICUL24/05/2021 14:37:03 GMT
Unibet it produced a pleasant surprise this year and if you can earn money here wull be fine because is easy many times. After that to do a good wagering and in finally to withdraw something nice for your pleasure. Good luck.
 geseco1224/05/2021 15:39:20 GMT
All year round unibet has given the best promotions and offers for its customers, but I have also read that the use is being withdrawn in some countries, but I don't know more, the good thing is that it is always making people talk with great offers that they do.
 dule-vu24/05/2021 17:48:46 GMT
I will probably play this freeroll,because there are only 289 players now and first prize at this moment is 818 e and its totally free,so why not to try!freeroll will be at 18:00 CET time,so enough time finish everything and to start playing!will write here how did I finish and how big prizes were for final table!
 CALICUL25/05/2021 15:40:48 GMT
Now this tournament is over and we don't need to think about it anymore, but we have to look at other future promotions, when we agree to receive emails from the poker rooms where we play. Sometimes it is important not to miss various promotions.
 dule-vu25/05/2021 18:20:31 GMT
every time when I think that you cant be more stupid and that we cant read something more stupid then last time,you suprise me every time more and more!would love that every member see how stupid you are and that you are here just to collect 10 points and that you dont know anything from real life!
this tournament ISNT OVER and this tournament is in play right now!soon we will come in prize pool and lowest prize is 14,20 e and first prize is 747 e!
I am at this moment on 18. position!
 geseco1226/05/2021 01:15:49 GMT
a pity of not being able to participate in this tournament I could not do it because I was in another matter, but good luck to dule-vu and that he wins the jackpot and tells us his experience in the game, but for sure it will be very exciting when they arrive at the biggest prizes.
 CALICUL26/05/2021 15:55:30 GMT
Many free tournaments have disappeared in recent years and it seems to be better because they encourage seriousness, professionalism and deposits. Players must to play for real money because is normal, and freeroll games not to be very solicited.
 dule-vu26/05/2021 18:25:34 GMT
another post that has nothing with thread,unibet or any post here!ofcourse we didnt even got answer on last posts,even he dont talk what he talking about and that he just need to collect 10 points!
yesterday I finished on 25. place and got 26,12 e!even I had good card and had to go all with 22 K chips,because big blind was 5600,somehow I knew that A Q will not be enough,especially because player before me payed this big blind!
he payed my all in with pair of 8 and he even got another 8 on flop,I didnt got pair with A Q!it was great freeroll with such a big first prize and too bad that I didnt finished on better place,even I played good!with few droped cards and blinds,I could get more!
 geseco1227/05/2021 03:47:41 GMT
congratulations friend dule-ve, it is always a shame not to be able to win the great prizes above, but you must feel good because you have done things well, also sometimes little luck is not by our side and we eliminate, that usually happens a lot in poker, but just go ahead.
 CALICUL27/05/2021 16:08:59 GMT
what was interesting here is this thread: appeared without delay for you, to have time to claim that ticket. Unibet did well, to make the tournament smaller and players must focused on how to get into that game. Sometimes it's okay for freerolls not to be for all.
 geseco1228/05/2021 04:22:07 GMT
The good and satisfactory thing is to play a freerool and win money for free, 4 days ago I managed to enter a freeroll at partypoker in late registration, I was doing a poker streamer and I got the password on twitch, and I played it, more than 500 entered players and I was able to finish in third place and I won 35 dollars, the first one won 85, but I did my best, I entered the final table in position 8 and I was able to row a lot, even to win the tournament, they threw a cooler AK VS AQ, THE Q CAME OUT TO THE VILLAIN, NO MORE.
 CALICUL28/05/2021 16:49:37 GMT
for me, freeroll games mean more bingo, because i play for fun, training or with a lot of all in. Sometimes there is something more serious, where i try to be more focused, but i don't invest money in them, so i don't worry about that. With the other real money games it's something else. in Unibet you can also play for training.

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