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888poker Latest Promo - $100,000 24/7 Freerolls Festival

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Posted on 05 May 2021 by "T".

888poker rolls out their 24/7 Freerolls Festival promotion, and players have three different ways to join!

There's over $100,000 in round the clock freerolls!

Check out 888poker's Freerolls Festival that is made to celebrate.

They're bringing the fun with over $100,000 in freeroll prizepools. Join the party any time with freerolls running 24/7!

888poker 24/7 Freerolls Festival

  • April 26 to July 18, 2021
  • Over $100,000 in freeroll prizes
  • Three fun ways to enter

There are 3 fun ways to enter for triple the chance to snag a prize:

First, sign up at 888poker through BankrollMob. Made to Celebrate Freerolls to choose from:

1. The Freebie Freerolls - Easy to play and no ticket, just roll away.

2. The Funky Freerolls - Catch your ticket with Gift Drops.

  • Players at one lucky table get hit with up to $1,000 in extra prizes.
  • Frequency: Every few minutes
  • Available prizes: Tourney tickets, BLAST tickets and Cash

3. The Fabulous Freerolls - Seize the day and grab a ticket from the Winner Spinner.

  • You could win big on every spin! Everyone gets two spins every single day.
  • Frequency: Two spins per day
  • Available prizes: Tourney tickets, Casino FreePlay, Sports Free Bet, Cash

Cash, tickets and other fantastic prizes await so now is your time to join the festival. It will surely be fun!


Terms and Conditions
• Promotion valid until 18.7.2021
• For funded players only
• Available Gift Drop prizes: Tournament tickets, Blast tickets, Cash
• Available Winner Spinner prizes: Tournament tickets, Casino FreePlay, Sports Free Bet, Cash
• Odds vary between prizes
• Country restrictions apply
• Full T&Cs apply



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18 comments on "888poker Latest Promo - $100,000 24/7 Freerolls Festival"

 dule-vu05/05/2021 19:02:11 GMT
hm,why so late we have this kind of news,after everything started on 26.4.?dont understand at all!I dont say that I will play it,but you cant put news such a long time after everything start!maybe lot of members dont know about this promotions and they would play it!
I think that we had something like this few months ago,when they had also big promotion with lot of freerolls every day and with big prizes!
 TigerAxL05/05/2021 21:55:18 GMT
they are not the best ,i mean they have them before and last time if you could get in money you would have them cash in you re accont . At this one i won first place on 550$ freebie that meant 38$ ,all good till i saw that they are locked as sport b0nus on 60 days and if i want them out i have to roll them 30 times at 1.5 odd ,whats even funnier is that i have to first roll my real money till it gets to that Big Smile ,waste of a mtt
then i start reading ,there is another one that gives you on casino ,other one with ticket from wheel and another one with ticket drop at money tables . IDK why they do this ,players get to play p()ker more offten in this ugly times
 Cesar1405/05/2021 22:12:03 GMT
This news is late that started last month, but there is still promotion available, we have the possibility of winning prizes by playing, there are many methods to obtain those tickets for big tournaments, good initiative from 888poker, we will see if we are lucky.
 geseco1206/05/2021 01:14:26 GMT
Those of us who play in this room are already aware, but the surprise is for those who do not play in this room, the news should also come out earlier, but the reason is not known, but since this good is good. let's have fun.
 CALICUL06/05/2021 15:57:45 GMT
I played in some tournaments but access is forbidden to others because there are some missions to accomplish. 888 poker has most freerolls tournaments, but obviously we can't play many games due to lack of time and these missions that are sometimes not agreed by the players.
 geseco1207/05/2021 04:04:08 GMT
I cannot complete some missions because I am on another ggpoker mission, but then it is fantastic, although the news is late, but it seems that it promises something better for its players in this room.
 CALICUL07/05/2021 16:10:22 GMT
there are tournaments with fast blinds that increase to 1 minute, and this is something hyper, not turbo. The important thing is to play bingo and i earned the most 90 cents or maybe a little more. I don't know exactly because i play other games and i don't focus on this with freerolls.
 antonis32107/05/2021 20:49:32 GMT
Everyone loves freerolls , free tickets and bonuses , so its a good initiative by 888poker , they have always been giving freerolls , last months this made to play campaign intriduced some new ones , good opportunities tomake extra cash or cashback . As for the roll over or the need to play some and generate some rake , its normal and logical , also its kinda of a game , whether you will succeed to accomplish the requirements or not . I have done it many times in the past , mostly in casino playthrough , but then when I could withdraw the money , I lost ti by continue playing it in the slots , lol Smile You have toknow tyourr limits , when to play and when to stop playing , or else .....
 geseco1208/05/2021 04:44:03 GMT
this is the opportunity to participate and win something, 888poker has always given these alternatives to play and improve your game. the missions help you not only to win but to reach the goal you set for yourself.
 Rogerio1008/05/2021 06:28:58 GMT
Good prmotion for those who like to play freerools and start grinding from the scratch. Poker 888 is probably the best on the market to give you that chances thru their freerooll which are always available in their site, now even more in this promotion. Gl to anyone who is participating.
 CALICUL08/05/2021 16:29:46 GMT
yesterday i played a freeroll game, but to be honest i didn't look if it was part of this series, or it was the 200 daily freeroll. My position was 4th place from few k players and a small prize of $ 5 which i lost today. Anyway, it's good for many of us because it's free money.
 TigerAxL09/05/2021 00:04:40 GMT
someting funny i discovered today , as i said in my previous message i ve won 38$ on a first place ,couldn t get to those without rooling my entire bankroll +bonus ,so i decided to do so . the odd was 1.77 and it turn out that it will separately *my bankroll and *sport b0nus ,wich made my bonus at 67$. Now i think a better solution it will be to add a bet with my full bankroll on an unbelivebly small odd then play the b0nus ,that will prevent me to lose bankroll before b0nus Big Smile
 dule-vu09/05/2021 11:07:52 GMT
for all who love to play this freerolls at 888 site,they will have more then two months to play and use this offer every day!this isnt something that other sites have,at least for such a long time,but is it good or bad to give this type of freerolls,this will say players!its good that they can drop extra prizes on table!
 DinGo!10/05/2021 15:57:31 GMT
It looks like you need to make at least 1 deposit to be able to participate in this kind of promotions.
Sure they usually have couple of good freerolls everyday, i think you can build bankroll there even from this freerolls. Also they have some other cool promotions. I think right now it,s still one of this sites, where you still can win something without risking your own money.
 CALICUL10/05/2021 17:58:27 GMT
I don't know anything about a deposit, because i didn't deposit on 888 poker this year, but i can play in two or three freeroll games in this promotion. You probably must to make wagering to play there. I played over $ 100 last month on football tickets and i have 3 tourneys with 27.5 buy in. It's true i can't play in all games, but it's good anyway.
 TigerAxL11/05/2021 00:00:58 GMT
thats true Dingo ,is stil the site where you can make money from a very small investiment ,they alwais had good promotions and constantly ,reason why is my main poker platform .
It seems that my tip works just fine ,i did bet all my bankrool on a very small odd and then rolled my sport b0nus at over 1.5 odd & manage to won both Smile
 CALICUL11/05/2021 18:14:27 GMT
It's good, because 888 poker offers very often opportunity to win money with freerolls games or promotions, but it's hard to get in final tables and to create a bankroll you have to play more such games. The other option to not waste time is to deposit.
 CALICUL18/05/2021 23:15:31 GMT
Monday i played a freeroll game in this series. I finished 5th out of 3,672 and won 10 dollars but not cash. I'm allowed to use them in the casino of this room. I consider this money lost. I have no hope, but it's ok, because they are not deposited with my card.

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