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$5 Million Guaranteed WPTWOC Main Event at partypoker

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Posted on 15 August 2021 by "T".

There's $5 million guaranteed on the WPT World Online Championships Main Event!

Mark your calendar for the 50-seat Mega Sats running on August 29, September 5 and 12.

Every partypoker player wants to become a WPTWOC champion, and many have their eyes on the Main Event, which comes with a $5,300 buy-in and a monster-sized $5 million guaranteed prize pool.

Satellites from a humble $0.01, $4.40, $22 and $109 are running right now, which ultimately feed into the Sunday final where 20x $5,300 seats are guaranteed.

SPIN Your Way to a WPTWOC Main Event Seat
The highly popular WPTWOC Spins return, giving you a chance to turn a $20 investment into a $5,300 Main Event seat in a matter of minutes.

Prizes range between $40 cash, and WPTWOC tickets worth between $55 and a juicy $5,300!

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15 comments on "$5 Million Guaranteed WPTWOC Main Event at partypoker"

 CALICUL15/08/2021 19:21:42 GMT
This money from these tournaments is very attractive and the players from this poker room must take advantage of this opportunity. Here you can achieve something beautiful if ambitious is good, u know how to play and have a little luck. Good luck, mobsters.
 geseco1216/08/2021 00:03:52 GMT
A great event that partypoker is doing, a guaranteed 5 million dollars is incredible, the entry is not cheap, the registration for this great tournament is 5 thousand dollars, but for everyone it is the opportunity because there are very good satellites.
 CALICUL16/08/2021 00:12:00 GMT
this is the truth and it is very good
 Rogerio1016/08/2021 06:31:36 GMT
Wow amazing Main event. Will try to qualify if the setellites will be up to 10 dollars. I guess we will heard again one of those story's when some one went from peny to main event and then the big prize. I will try to satelites other smaller event's too. One good thing about corona, allot of series online.
 dule-vu16/08/2021 06:31:47 GMT
Good luck,hope that you will get ticket!
 geseco1217/08/2021 01:23:04 GMT
You have to have a little luck to sneak into the main event with satellites, it is not easy, but most will try because the entry of 5 thousand dollars is not cheap, only professionals will buy it, but this event is for everyone.
 dule-vu17/08/2021 01:24:48 GMT
Everybody will try,but jus few one will get ticket from satellite!its just too hard and very big buy in!
 geseco1218/08/2021 03:24:19 GMT
That's right, friend, it's not easy, every time I try I stay in the middle, but I just have to keep playing and studying hard to reach those levels one day, every player dreams of entering those great tournaments, I hope it will be done in a short time .
 dule-vu18/08/2021 06:13:22 GMT
If somebody start from satellite,then play from 2,3 or 4 $,not from 00,1 $,its just waste of time!
 ligador3719/08/2021 03:37:24 GMT
Woow, very juicy and appetizing prizes. I would only have $ 5,300 left to complete the buy in haha. For whoever can, good luck! I don't think I ever see myself playing a tournament with this buy-in amount. I stay in the micro.
But how nice it would be to enter prizes in tournaments like these. My mouth is watering.
Good luck to whoever participates in these tournaments, or in their respective satellites!
 geseco1219/08/2021 04:05:26 GMT
You are right, very low satellites are very boring and stressful, you can start with satellites from 3 to more dollars, I think there will be fewer people, but you must also be aware that the road is long.
 dule-vu19/08/2021 06:12:52 GMT
Its just bad when you start from 0.01 $,so many player whit all in every hand!
 dule-vu21/08/2021 12:45:18 GMT
I know when I was much younger and on start of playing poker,when you had few dollars on account and you wanted to try to play on this 0,01 $ satellites!its was good expericence to learn how hard poker can be,but also that you can spend lot of hours on this kind of playing and to expect on start lot of all in-s on every card!
thats why you must try from bigger level now,because its just not worth it to play on lower levels!
 dule-vu23/08/2021 16:24:18 GMT
it still enough days to try to catch some satellite ticket for this big main event,which will start in 6 days,but you can also maybe catch in days after,when main even will be in progress!for most of regular players this is just big amount to spend on one buy in for tournament!
 dule-vu28/08/2021 10:30:31 GMT
its strange how we dont get any news from this big series and this event and what players like and how good they are!I would expect much more news,but there is nothing in this week!maybe from monday they will post something here!

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