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888poker's BLAST Jackpot Games get Facelift; Ontario Player wins $140K Blast Payout

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Posted on 11 November 2022 by "T".

At 888poker, BLAST Sit & Go games are one of the hottest places to be on the poker platform, as everyone has the chance of winning up to 10,000x their buy-in!

Now, in response to customer feedback, the popular poker format is getting a much-needed facelift.

Let's also mention the fact that there are three players who hit the $200,000 jackpot on 888poker's Ontario website, which saw the top winner walk away with an incredible $140,000 prize!

Updates to roll out across BLAST Jackpot Games
Recently, 888poker has won the EGR Poker Operator of the Year award, and we can see why the poker site proves time and again that it intently listens to its players as well as implementing significant improvements and upgrades to its software.

Based on real-life player experience and feedback towards BLAST Sit & Gos, 888poker has now removed the time and all-in features from the game. This means players will no longer be forced to go all-in when the timer hits zero. Also, all future BLAST games will be played out just like a traditional SNG game.

How to play BLAST poker?

  1. Check the 888poker lobby for BLAST.
  2. Join a game where a random draw determines the prize pool.
  3. Once three players have registered, the game starts.
  4. Play your SNG as usual - this time no automatic all-in and no timer - with a possible prize pool of up to 10,000x your buy-in!

Ontario Player turns $20 into $140,000

In October 2022, a lucky player from Ontario managed to turn a humble $20 into a massive six-figure payout just by playing BLAST on 888poker.

After defeating two other contenders for the lion's share of the $200,000 jackpot prize pool, "Starplayer50" happily bagged the top prize worth $140,000.

Meanwhile, player "lizzyroyal11" won a $40,000 prize for their runner-up finish, and "brewerybabe1" took home $20,000 for finishing third.

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19 comments on "888poker''s BLAST Jackpot Games get Facelift; Ontario Player wins $140K Blast Payout"

 dule-vu11/11/2022 08:09:26 GMT
wow 200 000 $ for three players and 140 000 $ for the winner for just 20 $,its just crazy amount!ofcourse we all know how hard is to get this table when you play blast games,but this player was lucky to play in right time!congratulations to big winner and probably he will enjoy in this money for long time!
 antonis32111/11/2022 09:37:09 GMT
Congratulations to this big winner , $140.000 is a lot of money to be won, and only with a $20 investment . Big congratulations. I read that they changed the structure of these blast games , now you are not forced to go all in after some minutes of gameplay , thats a good change . But I cannot say I didn't like the old structure and rules , I liked it when I was playing in the moctlros , good way to have fun , win $$$ , pay rake to level up VIP levels
 dule-vu11/11/2022 10:04:29 GMT
you can imagine eyes of this players when they got message that they will "fight" for 140 000 $!
 geseco1212/11/2022 01:15:35 GMT
it's exciting this kind of game, the 888poker blast are great, plus they are always giving away great prizes like this one, imagine playing for a lot of money at the table, incredible, that doesn't happen very often.
 CALICUL12/11/2022 01:18:47 GMT
I think that the 1st place earns too much money and the betting system must be changed. 140k for winner and 60k for 2nd and 3rd is something absurd from my point of view. There need something more balanced...
 bowie198412/11/2022 23:20:06 GMT
Removing the time element from the features alters the startegy deployed and the hand range you would need to win a heads-up. Probably makes the matches longer as well. So within the same time period they get less volume (rake) because matches are taking longer to play out even if it's just ten more hands...
 CALICUL13/11/2022 01:20:48 GMT
888 changed Blast games and now players don't play with the clock anymore. This is nice because this poker room doesn't play very many games anymore. It was ugly when after 2 minutes the players were all in until the winner remained.
 geseco1213/11/2022 01:57:07 GMT
it is a good option, now we will no longer play against the clock, now we will play until the end with our hands, for sure this will help all the players, and also congratulations to this player for what he has won with these blast games.
 CALICUL13/11/2022 02:01:25 GMT
I also like it, because now 888 doesn't decide anymore and maybe i will win more often. I have lost enough blasts, because of the software in this poker room. They destroyed me when their cards was good for other opponents,,,
 geseco1214/11/2022 03:03:09 GMT
I understand you, that's why now it's fairer, because before you played against the clock and at the end the cards were put allin, and that made you take more hasty decisions, that's why I like this new option much more.
 dule-vu14/11/2022 06:24:00 GMT
Well from start this was rule and everybody knew about it,but if most of players like new option,then great!
 geseco1215/11/2022 03:45:15 GMT
that's right my friend, every year that passes should be improved for the welfare and benefit of the players, and 888poker is very expert in that, they knew that the players were uncomfortable with this option to go allin at a certain time, that's why they solved it.
 dule-vu15/11/2022 06:30:14 GMT
I unerstand why players dont like much this all situation,but every player knewt about it before he start playing this blast games,so you cant complain later!
 geseco1219/11/2022 17:19:35 GMT
I always remember in this 888poker room I got my first big prize when I started in poker when I played 0.10 cents blast and I was able to win 100 dollars on the turn, a great start.
 dule-vu19/11/2022 17:19:48 GMT
Yeah,its nice prize for first cashout!
 geseco1223/11/2022 16:00:03 GMT
that's right my friend, a very special joy when you collect your first prize, these blast games until now I still like them, they are always very entertaining, I always play them in the evenings, now they have added missions to win prizes every day.
 dule-vu23/11/2022 16:34:51 GMT
but its importana that you make something more after this and that you invest in your play,no matter is it poker or casino and not to make cashout right away!but ofcourse best feeling is when you make something from nothing and that you didnt invest your own money in it!
 Kapitanso04/12/2022 12:43:27 GMT
I'm not a strong poker player, my level is average, so many times I closed my eyes and dreamed of catching x10000))) but no, now it's even more difficult, the timer has been removed. But nothing, I believe, I hope)
 CALICUL04/12/2022 12:43:59 GMT
sometimes you have to risk more. Your inspiration can make the difference

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