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World Cup 2022 Betting Contest - Prizes Paid! Short Christmas Calendar update...

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Posted on 23 December 2022 by "K".

Greetings Mobsters,

We're here today to inform you that we have now paid Mob Points to all the top 20 winners on the leaderboard for our World Cup 2022 Mob Betting contest. Congratulations to the winners and thanks everybody for playing along, in our free betting contest.

Hopefully we'll be back with another free betting competition next time there's a major football event going on Smile



For our Christmas Calendar, there's only today and tomorrow left and then it'll be a whole year before next time!

The Mob Calendar will of course resume in its usual form, but will take a well deserved Christmas break next week, but return again in early January. 

Also, all the lottery prizes will be paid, and special prize winners drawn, in early January.

Watch our news section for updates next year.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all our wonderful Mobsters around the world!

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27 comments on "World Cup 2022 Betting Contest - Prizes Paid! Short Christmas Calendar update..."

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» World Cup 2022 Betting Contest - Prizes Paid! Short Christmas Calendar update...

 CALICUL23/12/2022 18:48:08 GMT
I saw that this was announced and now i hope you are satisfied. I told you that you don't have to worry because you don't have to. The prizes were announced and the period when they were offered was written somewhere. Congratulations and success.
 geseco1224/12/2022 04:22:23 GMT
congratulations to all those who won prizes in this calendar, this ends until the 24th and then come back strong next year, take a great break and have a great time together as a family.
 dule-vu24/12/2022 07:17:54 GMT
Congratulations to winner and to rest more luck next time!it was fun,it was free and with some luck with results you got prize!now when xmas calendar finish today,we will wait till next year to have something and that good,to rest for 7 days!
 geseco1225/12/2022 10:23:47 GMT
it was a lot of fun, the calendar is over and we are looking forward to next year with more strength, may this holiday season you are having a happy time with your loved ones that you love the most.
 dule-vu25/12/2022 10:59:09 GMT
its only important that we had fun on every competition that BRM gave to us,everything is finished,memebers are payed and only bad thing is that xmas calendar is over and thats all for this years!congratuatlions to all winners and good luck to all who will be in lottery draw and big draw for other prizes!
 tomex1125/12/2022 18:48:59 GMT
dule-vu exactly everything is over and the year is also ending, and time flies quickly unfortunately and we are getting older may this holiday and next year be happy for everyone and give us a lot of fun and joy in life and in using the bankrollmob website. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
 CALICUL25/12/2022 18:58:18 GMT
it is normal to end, it cannot last forever and we have enough possibilities to bet on football matches. We hope to be healthy in 2 or 4 years at the next european championship or World Cup to play there as well.
 geseco1227/12/2022 18:30:41 GMT
many of the bettors have won a lot of money with this world cup, although there have been big surprises, the bettors have known how to make the most of these games, that is why they have won with the bankrollmob calendar, they are already paid, enjoy your prize.
 dule-vu27/12/2022 18:38:45 GMT
everbod are payed and thats whole point!
 geseco1229/12/2022 00:16:38 GMT
many of those who are in bankrollmob have received their prize for winning in the sports bets of the world cup, in my case I have not been able to add the necessary points to win something, but for the other will be, it has been a very rare world cup in terms of results.
 CALICUL29/12/2022 00:24:11 GMT
if i predicted well in the first 4 days i could have been in the top 20, but i lost 4 days of betting on the world cup right at the beginning. An abuse of me and discrimination made this happen, but that's another story.
 tomex1129/12/2022 19:05:35 GMT
Calicul how is this bullying... what happened .. did I understand correctly...? and if it's possible that I spoiled the end of betting the last three matches, if I had asked better as I originally wanted, instead of 5th place and $50 I would have taken 1st place and won $100, but you can guess and everyone wise after the fact ...
 dule-vu29/12/2022 20:32:13 GMT
you cant understand that!
 geseco1230/12/2022 12:47:05 GMT
It was a nice experience to participate in these sports betting contests in bankrollmob, I have never had the chance to make many bets in almost a month, I have learned a lot, and of course that has taught me to have experience and improve.
 CALICUL30/12/2022 12:51:19 GMT
it's always nice to participate in the contests of this site, and the satisfaction is greater when you earn points that you turn into money to play where you want to win more.
 geseco1202/01/2023 02:05:33 GMT
A big congratulations to all the players who have predicted most of the games and have also had the chance to earn a lot of points and exchange them for real money, surely they have practiced a lot to grow in this area of sports betting.
 dule-vu02/01/2023 07:22:07 GMT
ok,everything is over so long time ago and people still writing and talking about contest,world cup and so on!prizes are payed,everything is over and now we can turn to some other contests,calendars or whatever else!people dont event talk about world cup or anything like this,so please be normal!
 Serg_7303/01/2023 07:55:04 GMT
I didn't manage to take a place in the World Cup betting, but congratulations to the winners
 dule-vu03/01/2023 10:45:37 GMT
next time maybe!
 damosk03/01/2023 23:32:37 GMT
Well done to the people who won in this competition. I could have won if I had got the best results correct however I did not do very well at the start and was soon way behind the leaders, such that I would probably have had to predict every result correctly for the last two weeks to get into the money. As it is I didn’t so didn’t win anything. Looking forward to the next one.
 dule-vu03/01/2023 23:52:49 GMT
More luck next time!
 geseco1204/01/2023 04:50:05 GMT
always grateful to bankrollmob, although in the predictions I have not been able to be in the top 20 to win mob points, now I have been lucky enough to win 200 points in a door, bankrollmob always surprises me with a gift.
 dule-vu04/01/2023 10:24:18 GMT
everything is over two weeks ago,we have other thread to write!every member is payed,now we wait for xmas calendar!what to say more about this when everything is over and today is 4.1.2023.?enjoy in prizes till some next competition which also will be free on this site!
 xeperek04/01/2023 12:09:52 GMT
I'll try next time. Congrats for all winners!
 CALICUL04/01/2023 12:46:47 GMT
The situation is fine and we don't have to talk much about it, but i hope that in sports betting you had better luck, if you played and combined the right matches. The important thing is to win as much as possible and it doesn't matter where.

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