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Win Daily Prizes with the Party Play promotion at partypoker

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Posted on 23 March 2022 by "T".

How does winning free prizes each and every day sound to you?

Spin your way to tons of cool prizes with the Party Play Wheel!

Hit high pockets, get a shot at free gifts!

Party Play Wheel promo at partypoker

  • Promo period: March 15 to April 5, 2022
  • Spin the Party Play Wheel to win a prize
  • Play any hold'em fastforward or cash game with stakes of $0.05/$0.10 or above and get dealt 10-10, J-J, Q-Q, K-K or A-A. Then claim your free spin.
  • Party Play is open to all partypoker and PartyCasino players.

All you have to do is complete one simple task to earn a spin of the wheel, where you could win a prize.

Here's what you could win:

  • Cash prizes worth up to $50
  • Freeroll tickets
  • SPINS tickets
  • Casino Free Spins
  • Sports FreeBets

How to earn and claim Wheel Spins

Play any hold'em fastforward or cash game with stakes of $0.05/$0.10 or above and hit a high pocket pair to unlock a free spin of the wheel.

Eligible pocket pairs are 10-10, J-J, Q-Q, K-K and A-A.

Once you unlock a wheel spin, make sure to claim it here within 24 hours.

Once you have claimed your daily prize, come back again the next day for another chance!

You can earn one wheel spin per day every day until Tuesday, April 5, 2022.




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65 comments on "Win Daily Prizes with the Party Play promotion at partypoker"

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» Win Daily Prizes with the Party Play promotion at partypoker

 geseco1211/04/2022 20:05:41 GMT
partypoker is one of my favorite rooms, always gives the best offers to players and this promotion is very good, every day we have the opportunity to win many prizes with roulette, good luck to everyone.
 CALICUL11/04/2022 20:12:46 GMT
It's nice that you can play here, because party poker and the rest of the games that this room offers can give you good winnings if you're a lucky or talented player. Play here because you can win something good if you are ambitious.
 geseco1213/04/2022 01:26:48 GMT
I will always say that partypoker is one of my favorite rooms for many years, always gives the best offers to its customers, now you can enjoy every day with roulette spins for great prizes.
 dule-vu13/04/2022 05:40:29 GMT
But only important is do you play every day at party poker to earn this spin?I dont think so!
 geseco1214/04/2022 02:20:27 GMT
you have the chance to play and win every day, but I do not think that everyone does, in my case I really like this promotion and I play it very often, it is profitable, good luck to everyone and you can play it too.
 dule-vu14/04/2022 05:11:35 GMT
So what did you got till now on this wheel?what kind of prizes you have and did you make something from it!we will see how long they will have this promotion!
 geseco1215/04/2022 04:45:30 GMT
with this promotion I have won several prizes, today I won a 1 dollar ticket without playing, but if you want to have more free spins you must meet the requirements they ask you, that's why I really like partypoker for their great offers.
 dule-vu15/04/2022 05:17:34 GMT
First it was not free and you had to play it,but I see that we have free spin on account!Got also 1 $ cash for casino games!
 geseco1216/04/2022 16:55:38 GMT
now you have free spins every day, that's wonderful, yesterday I was able to get a one dollar ticket for a spin and won 5 dollars, now I'm going to see what I get, good luck to everyone.
 dule-vu16/04/2022 19:11:37 GMT
Yeah,seems that they give for free now!
 pocketace22217/04/2022 19:15:05 GMT
This is one of the better promos I've seen so let's get after it much appreciated
 dule-vu17/04/2022 19:19:47 GMT
Yes,you are right!
 geseco1217/04/2022 19:53:51 GMT
now every day you have a free spin to have the chance to win some roulette prizes, excellent promotion of partypoker where we can win money in this room, good luck to everyone.
 CALICUL17/04/2022 19:54:12 GMT
I'm glad you have free spins every day and I hope you win a nice prize if you are a real money player in the Party. Here you can earn good money if you are focused on their interesting games.
 Rogerio1018/04/2022 11:18:15 GMT
This is solid promotion i get few times free spins and someties nothing and once 1 dollar insta cash and one time 1$ spin ticket. I win for 3 dollar but then the casino wasnt to nice to mee so i lost i all and now i just wait to get some cash again and then try my favourite game again, Blackjack of course haha.
 CALICUL18/04/2022 11:49:26 GMT
yeah, is a nice promotion Blink
 geseco1218/04/2022 21:31:26 GMT
excellent promotion of partypoker, now everyone can have the chance to spin the roulette and win good prizes that distributes the room, now I could win a ticket of 2 dollars for a qualifying tournament, good luck to everyone.
 CALICUL18/04/2022 21:47:10 GMT
I can't play here because of the restrictions on the country, but it's a room where you can occasionally win very interesting sums of money. They have beautiful tournaments and if you like it here it continues, maybe you will be lucky.
 eloy220/04/2022 02:21:10 GMT
In this partypoker room, every day we have chances to win free spins and win the great prizes that are in that roulette, it offers the best offers to its clients and you will have the opportunity to win incredible prizes
 geseco1220/04/2022 02:42:32 GMT
a good initiative on the part of the room where every day you can spin the roulette wheel and win prizes in tickets, good luck to everyone and can make use of your free spin in the partypoker room.
 dule-vu20/04/2022 05:09:58 GMT
I didnt use it every day,but got one time 1 $ spin ticket and 1 $ cash to play slots!
 geseco1221/04/2022 04:02:58 GMT
I think now it is no longer available, a pity because it had a prize every day, now you have to bet in the casino to get a free spin, but hopefully promotions like this will come back to earn extra money.
 dule-vu21/04/2022 05:18:28 GMT
Yeah,free promotion is over now!
 eloy224/04/2022 04:09:42 GMT
partypoker is one of my favorite rooms, it always gives the best offers to the players and this promotion has been going for many years, it always gives the best offers to its customers, you have the opportunity to play and win every day
 dule-vu24/04/2022 05:19:28 GMT
Then its great!play games that you need and you will get spin every day!

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