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Controversy at 2022 WSOP Event #38: Phil Hellmuth's Chips swiped on Break

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Posted on 22 June 2022 by "T".

It's only been the third week since the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) has started, yet a controversy had already struck one of its events, starring none other than Phil Hellmuth.

If you're one of those who know too well about Hellmuth's colorful and competitive personality especially after taking bad beats, you would assume the "Poker Brat" might have had one of his arrogant and violent "episodes". However, this time, it didn't happen.

On Day 2 of Event #38: $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Championship, Phil Hellmuth went on break, but then discovered his chips had been swiped by defending champion Farzad Bonyadi, who turns out he wasn't the one at fault in the incident.

At the time, the tournament dwindled down to 21 players, and while on break, the staff broke the fourth table, leaving just three remaining tables. When the Poker Brat returned, he noticed his chips were gone and that somehow they ended up in Bonyadi's possession.

After being notified, the WSOP staff immediately approached the table to investigate. It became evident that Hellmuth indeed had a stack in play before he left the table, but the exact size of his stack was unclear. Surveillance footage was reviewed to determine his stack size, which the 16-time bracelet winner says was over 130,000.

As the investigation went on, Hellmuth said in an interview, "We went on break and I'm kind of smart, I knew it was going to take them a while, so I went to the bathroom, but I left my chips in a rack and then Scott Seiver said leave Phil's chips in a rack. And then one of the other players took them and put them in his stack."
Chino Reem jumped in to say, "Phil, it was an accident."
To which Hellmuth agreed, "Yeah, it was a complete accident. He's a class guy, he would never do it intentionally. Stuff happens."

About 20 minutes later, the WSOP staff confirmed upon further review that Hellmuth had 135,000 chips and therefore removed them from Bonyadi's stack. It's unclear why Hellmuth did not bring his rack of chips with him to his new table before he went on break. Also, it's a mystery as to how his stacks were accidentally merged with Bonyadi's.

All of the players remaining in the tournament, including Bonyadi and Hellmuth, appeared satisfied with the outcome. After that, the final 21 players returned to their seats and the bracelet event went on normally.

On Day 3 of Event #38, 14 players remained. Fast forward to a few more take downs, and after Yuri Dzivielevski took from Hellmuth in a three bet pot, Hellmuth fell in ninth place, the 16-time bracelet winner just missing out on the final table of seven.

Final Table - Heads Up

2022 WSOP - Event #38: $10,000 2-7 Single Draw Championship - Results
After three days of play, the 111-entrant Event #38 has crowned its champion. The first place went to Pedro Bromfman, who took home a well-deserved $294,616 along with a coveted gold bracelet.

The $1 million prize pool event saw entries from many notable players, including Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Darren Elias, Anthony Zinno, as well as last year's winner Farzad Bonyadi.

Nineteen players made it into the money after three days of poker action. After Negreanu and Bertrand Grospellier finished 22nd and 21st, respectively, it was Jeremy Ausmus that was the unfortunate bubble boy.

Day 2 saw the fall of many great names in the poker world: Maxx Coleman (19th), Chino Rheem (18th), Thomas Newton (17th), recent bracelet winner Ben Diebold (16th) and Ian O'Hara (15th).

About 2022 WSOP
The 2022 WSOP is the 53rd edition of the event.

It runs from May 31 to July 20, 2022.

After being held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino since 2005, the prestigious poker event has now moved to Bally's Las Vegas and Paris Last Vegas for the first time.

A total of 88 bracelet events are on the schedule, including the $10,000 NLHE Main Event starting on July 3. The series will culminate with the WSOP Tournament of Champions, a freeroll with a $1 million prize pool open to the year's bracelet and circuit ring winners.


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11 comments on "Controversy at 2022 WSOP Event #38: Phil Hellmuth''s Chips swiped on Break"

 CALICUL22/06/2022 09:19:26 GMT
I hope this problem is solved and everything ends well because Phil Hellmuth doesn't need that. He is a huge professional player with many bracelets and his talent cannot be questioned due to a misunderstanding of the stack.
 RoninHarper23/06/2022 01:56:20 GMT
Gday mates
Well I hope this teaches players to just take their chips with them in the future.
The problem could have been completely avoided. Phil Hellmuth has been around to know better.
I hope my boy Daniel Negreanu has another great year.
 dule-vu23/06/2022 04:51:09 GMT
Strange that he dont care about his chips!
 shokaku23/06/2022 09:45:19 GMT
A bit surprising that this happend to an old war horse like Hellmuth. One would asume that he guards his chips better, after his long years of tournament play. Interessting tho, that the futage of the cameras was enough to figure out his exact chip stack before the incident.
 CALICUL23/06/2022 09:49:40 GMT
I did not follow what happened, but I hope everything was fine and it ended well. I think that this kind of mistake can be avoided because there is something professional, not amateur, and the employees there should be more careful about their responsibility ...
 antonis32101/07/2022 02:52:16 GMT
Well at least in the end evrything is good , he took back his chips and was able to keep on playing . The article doesn't say if the action on the other tables was continued during this investigation by WSOP team , i think it would be fair if they had stopped the gamplay on every table , as clearly it was not Hellmuth's fault what happened , it was another man's mistake
 dule-vu01/07/2022 04:39:23 GMT
Its strange to see that player like him forget on something like this!
 subsonic02/07/2022 18:44:09 GMT
Very Interesting story for sure... Shockbut did the article say who added phil's chips to his bonyadi chips Question Or did I just the solution? Confused
Did one of the employees do this by accident?
The security camera footage must have made the misunderstanding clear... Smile
 dule-vu02/07/2022 18:50:37 GMT
Its his mistake!
 antonis32103/07/2022 07:24:11 GMT
I read an article about dealers mistakes at WSOP , now this accident , ofcourse sh** happens , but on the other hand these news make you think that you have to be more carefull when you play live at the poker tables , so as not o find yourself in a similar position . If you are carefull with your chips and cards , carefull when its your time tio act and you procede by the rules , then everything will be fine .
 dule-vu03/07/2022 08:20:00 GMT
He need to take care about own chips and where he put them!

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