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100K GTD! KKPoker 2nd Anniversary Week!

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Posted on 03 August 2022 by "T".

From 1-7 August, we will be running a series of MTTs including $10K KINGS, $25K KINGS and $100K Anniversary, with buy-ins from only $2.

There are also missions to participate in - Players could win extra rewards with Pocket Kings in Kings Special Mission that refreshes daily from 1-6 Aug, and Kings lucky wheel from 6-8 Aug.

SPINUP Lcuky Week 2 is ongoing too, featuring our highest value lucky wheel ever! Players could earn $2,500 top prize by playing SPINUP games.

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» 100K GTD! KKPoker 2nd Anniversary Week!

 dule-vu07/08/2022 07:52:17 GMT
I dont know much about them,but I believe you!
 geseco1208/08/2022 03:09:00 GMT
many poker applications are coming out in these last years, we have many like kkpoker, and they are making for their anniversary big events to participate, I like it a lot because there are enough recreational players where that comes to make profitable.
 CALICUL08/08/2022 08:23:49 GMT
In the last 20 years, many poker rooms have been created, it's true, and I think most of them are still on the market. I have seen in the past and played in more than 10 rooms to see how it is, but here I cannot play because of the country restriction. I don't know how good it is here.
 geseco1209/08/2022 03:46:31 GMT
is a good poker room, it offers incredible tournaments in all schedules, plus there are plenty of freerolls so you can accumulate money, now they are celebrating their anniversary in a big way with many events.
 CALICUL09/08/2022 08:51:19 GMT
I'm glad that you can accumulate money here and increase your bankroll. I assume that you can manage to make that wager in case you want to withdraw. No one offers free money if the conditions required by them are not met. Good luck with your free and real money games.
 geseco1210/08/2022 04:08:02 GMT
This poker room has only a few years in the market but is growing exponentially, is attracting many players with good offers, great tournaments and many freerolls for all players, now their anniversary celebrations are developing in a big way.
 CALICUL10/08/2022 08:56:20 GMT
players will always look for poker rooms with more but weaker players because there they can win money more easily than in other poker rooms that have well-versed players and they are hard to beat to get their money
 geseco1211/08/2022 14:17:29 GMT
in rooms like this there is less competition, many recreational and that is profitable for the poker community, now is celebrating its anniversary in a big way, to participate in these big events in order to earn money.
 CALICUL11/08/2022 14:28:44 GMT
I know what it's like in this kind of poker rooms, but unfortunately, due to the restrictions in the country, I won't be able to play here. The license has to be paid to be able to play and the poker rooms don't rush to pay it. This is not ok, but this is it.
 geseco1215/08/2022 21:07:21 GMT
In my country most of the poker rooms are allowed to play, that's very good, I hope they continue like this, also in this type of rooms you will always find many recreational rooms where you can get great benefits.
 dule-vu15/08/2022 21:17:33 GMT
Great tournament!
 geseco1217/08/2022 23:07:43 GMT
is a good room to start playing from scratch, there are many recreational and if you study and prepare well you can get many advantages over your rivals, now they are organizing many events for their anniversary, to play and have fun.
 dule-vu17/08/2022 23:14:52 GMT
Yeah,great for all players!
 geseco1218/08/2022 23:48:04 GMT
that's right my friend, a new opportunity to start in poker in a profitable way, this room offers many promotions for new users, plus you can download and play from your cell phone.
 CALICUL18/08/2022 23:52:10 GMT
I hope you will have suitable players for your style of play so that you can earn money with them more easily. It's always good if you have a room where you can make money more easily, and i think it's possible here
 geseco1220/08/2022 00:16:34 GMT
that's right my friend, it is a very profitable room because you will find many recreational players in the game, also if you are a regular player you can get many advantages, good luck to all.
 CALICUL20/08/2022 00:20:57 GMT
then it is very good if you manage to have a good course in this poker room. It's important to win, and that's why when you find something good, you have to push hard for as much profit as possible. Good luck
 geseco1221/08/2022 00:52:11 GMT
it is a good room where they give you the opportunity to grow from scratch with the freerolls that are there, also if you are a good player you can take many advantages against your rivals, good luck at the tables, follow me.
 CALICUL21/08/2022 00:55:01 GMT
I like to get up from zero and then withdraw, but i use my money on sports bets and i'm quite unlucky there. I have a room where i make a profit and in the rest rooms, i play and risk everything i earn from free games
 geseco1222/08/2022 01:32:16 GMT
it is complicated to win when you play games that are 100% luck like casino games, in sports betting can also be profitable but you have to know a lot and have experience in the field you choose.
 CALICUL22/08/2022 01:35:43 GMT
it is correct, but there remains the chance of poker where you can develop your talent and earn money. I don't think you are a beginner in poker and you can win something if you have some talent
 geseco1223/08/2022 04:32:55 GMT
if you have talent and you are very disciplined in what you do you will go very far, nothing is easy in this world, if you want to get results you have to start from the bottom and with hard work you will achieve the results you want.
 CALICUL23/08/2022 08:19:16 GMT
you must to see what satellites it has for more important tournaments and try to qualify for them. Money must be invested carefully, but you must try to play better tournaments and to try to make more money. Good luck
 Tony_MON7ANA27/08/2022 19:11:54 GMT
I believe most of the reputable online poker sites are not rigged, but I can say with 100 percent certainty that KKPoker is one of the apparently manipulated **** sites.
 dule-vu27/08/2022 20:05:45 GMT
Some new informations about this site!

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