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888poker $300K GTD Snowmen Festival

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Posted on 09 October 2023 by "T".

We are already in the final quarter of 2023 and guess what, 888poker has something great for you to look forward to as the year wraps up.

Starting from October 1 to December 31, players can participate in ongoing daily challenges. The poker site has put together a variety of poker games that will surely appeal to both recreational and more adventurous players.

888poker Snowmen Festival

  • October 1 to December 31, 2023
  • $2,000,000 BLAST Prize Pool Boost
  • Daily challenge leading to the $8,888 Weekly Freerolls
  • Special offers, including unique payouts on the Bubble, Omaha Rakeback, Tournament challenges and more!


Daily Challenges Offer

Simply complete the following daily challenges to get tickets to a special multi-flight $8,888 GTD Freeroll!

  • Cash Game Challenge - Win a hand with pocket 88 (including SNAP).
  • Tournament Challenge - Play any poker tournament (including BLAST) with buy-ins totaling at least $20.
  • Casino & Sports Challenge - Place at least a $10 bet on any casino/sports game.

Rack up TWO challenges each day to get a weekly Freeroll ticket (up to 1 per day, 3 per week).


More Winning Challenges

888poker's upping their game even more - players can get special bonuses, cash and free tournament tickets for completing the following challenges:

  • BLAST Leaderboards Boost
  • Bubble Up
  • Card Strike Extra Bonus
  • Live Events Packages & Seats
  • Mystery Bounty Challenge
  • Omaha Focus
  • PKO Challenge


Enjoy the end of the year with 888poker's Snowmen Festival!



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47 comments on "888poker $300K GTD Snowmen Festival"

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» 888poker $300K GTD Snowmen Festival

 CALICUL22/10/2023 02:57:01 GMT
I must not forget to play day 1 today , because i forgot on Thursday. Smile
 geseco1223/10/2023 12:25:02 GMT
don't forget to play my friend, this 888poker festival is very good, with many interesting tournaments, plus lots of prizes and great free tournaments, it still goes until december.
 dule-vu23/10/2023 12:25:28 GMT
lot of good things on this festival!
 szati747425/10/2023 20:02:51 GMT
 CALICUL25/10/2023 21:13:06 GMT
you have to be satisfied with 888 poker because is good for the players who can play here. This poker room is nice, have some good things, we can make some money here. Good luck.
 geseco1228/10/2023 18:29:10 GMT
you are very right my friend calicul, this 888poker room is one of the best, every month they are doing great events, now you can enjoy until December of the great tournaments that 888poker brings and great prizes too.
 dule-vu28/10/2023 18:31:44 GMT
 geseco1229/10/2023 20:33:12 GMT
I love 888poker promotions, they always do it, that way they attract more players, great daily challenges that make you play a lot more and also the profit is bigger, free tournaments on weekends, crazy at 888poker until december.
 dule-vu29/10/2023 20:35:38 GMT
Do you play this?
 geseco1230/10/2023 23:57:05 GMT
I always play a lot of tournaments at 888poker, I also play cash, this promotion is incredible for many players who play a lot of hours and sessions, they will have a lot more benefits for playing.
 CALICUL31/10/2023 00:01:39 GMT
I played yesterday and won 6 dollars and 20 or 22 cents. I qualified in day 2, but unfortunately it's difficult because the blinds grow quickly and sometimes you go all-in with 3-4 players. 1st place wins almost 1.000 dollars.
 propokerash31/10/2023 08:51:11 GMT
For me the 888 poker is the best poker client in the world. They got the best promotions every time when the promotions come, even the prizes are also very good. I miss them a lot because the client isn't allowed in my county. I hope this will change soon, and they will prevail the issue with the government.
 dule-vu31/10/2023 08:53:14 GMT
somebody love 888, somebody party poker, somebody poker stars! every player have different choice!
 geseco1201/11/2023 04:21:58 GMT
That's right, each player is very different, everyone can choose what he can play, in 888poker until December there are many novelties, it is a great festival for lovers of great online games.
 dule-vu01/11/2023 07:53:38 GMT
 geseco1203/11/2023 15:41:32 GMT
a great festival is taking place at 888poker until December, a way to enjoy the online events in this room, many benefits for playing in this great promotion, so we should not miss it, good luck to all.
 CALICUL03/11/2023 15:47:43 GMT
I missed the chance yesterday to qualify for day 2, but i have another chance on Sunday. I qualified 3 times on day 2 out of 4 attempts and twice i finished in the money. Not much, but maybe i will succeed more if i qualify.
 geseco1205/11/2023 00:31:22 GMT
keep trying, this has to be played much more, 888poker is having one of the best offers for its users, we have a lot of festival until the end of the year, good luck to all players.
 dule-vu05/11/2023 00:42:50 GMT
 tomex1105/11/2023 08:34:37 GMT
888 poker is one of the better and more famous poker rooms. A lot of different types of promotions, and a lot of poker games to choose from. The level of players is also not that great, so if someone knows the basics of poker and is patient and disciplined, they can make money with them. You can try to win with them as much as possible, a poker room that is worth recommending and is fully professional and solvent.
 dule-vu05/11/2023 11:09:32 GMT
Old news!
 banmoca05/11/2023 22:58:55 GMT
Last year, I won $100. The best!
 CALICUL05/11/2023 23:33:35 GMT
I also qualified today in day 2, but i got only 3.44 dollars. A little, but that is the situation. 888 is hard or bad..., that's why i can't win too much in this room, even if it is possible. I've been lucky lately here, but not with poker...
 geseco1206/11/2023 06:18:43 GMT
little by little will come the results you want my friend, keep it up, playing and improving your game every day, it is not easy to stay in these games, I hope this room will always grow because it gives us many great events.
 dule-vu06/11/2023 06:38:14 GMT
They will!

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