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More Points, More Chances to Win with Fastforward at partypoker

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Posted on 05 January 2023 by "T".

It's the start of the year 2023 - have you set any poker-related New Year resolutions? Do you plan to play more poker, try to earn more cashback than ever, and potentially pad your bankroll? If yes, then partypoker's fastforward cash game tables could be just what you need.

Fastforward Cash Games
The fastforward cash games let you play far more hands per hour than the regular cash games.

Fastforward - The Details
Fastforward is the fastest way to play cash games online at partypoker. It is just like any other cash game except for two major differences.

First, you join a pool or players instead of being seated at one specific table for your session. You move within this pool to a new table with new opponents and hole cards after each hand concluded.

Second, you can click the "forward fold" button at any time to fold and start the table moving process, even if it's not your turn! Clicking the "forward fold" button whisks you away to a fresh table and a new hand immediately begins. You never need to wait for a playable hand ever again! Just click "forward fold" until you receive hole cards you're happy with - you'll never get bored as the action never stops!

Not only do you experience very quick action at the fastforward tables, but also its format lets you earn the most cashback points. For every $1 you contribute to the fastforward rake, you earn 4 cashback points, meaning you can start earning weekly cashback from partypoker's loyalty program from only $2.50 worth of rake! Throw into the mix regular Boosted Hours, and you can rack up cashback points quickly and easily, vastly increasing your weekly rewards.

What Fastforward Games are available on partypoker?
No-Limit Hold'em (NLHE) and Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) fastforward cash games are available.

Blinds begin at $0.01/$0.02 and increase to $1/$2, giving everyone the chance to enjoy fastforward games.

If you love to play on-the-go fastforward games, then you will absolutely love their awesome mobile poker app, as fastforward is also available to mobile users - rack up hundreds if not thousands of hands even while you're on the move!


Set 2023 off to a flying start and fire up a fastforward table today!



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31 comments on "More Points, More Chances to Win with Fastforward at partypoker"

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» More Points, More Chances to Win with Fastforward at partypoker

 dule-vu07/01/2023 22:57:28 GMT
Good luck on party poker!
 geseco1209/01/2023 01:51:33 GMT
Good luck to everyone in this room, partypoker with this option you can play faster and have action all the time, I really like this room because they are always giving new alternative solutions for players to feel much better playing in their room.
 CALICUL09/01/2023 01:53:21 GMT
I can't play here, but good luck my mobster friend. Thumbs Up
 geseco1210/01/2023 03:24:43 GMT
It's a pity that you can't play in this beautiful room where they offer many benefits to the players, hopefully in the future they will be able to return to operate in your country, don't lose hope.
 dule-vu10/01/2023 09:46:47 GMT
lot of us cant play anymore at this site!
 geseco1212/01/2023 16:52:52 GMT
as I always say a great pity for those who can not play in this poker room, partypoker has always given the best deals to its customers, proof of this is the growth it has had in recent years, I really like this room, I hope this year to continue the successes.
 CALICUL12/01/2023 16:57:53 GMT
the more you play, the more the chances increase very well for Party Poker players. An excellent choice if you have time and are on the profit... It's good to be like that, otherwise the desire to play disappears.
 geseco1214/01/2023 20:34:32 GMT
I always like to play in partypoker, there are many more benefits for players, plus I always come out positive at the end of the month, the game is not very hard and that makes you win in these games, keep playing and having fun.
 CALICUL14/01/2023 20:37:19 GMT
Party Poker is an excellent place for every player who knows how to play a little or more. I mean real money because even new players who don't know can enjoy training games. Here you can have good results and it is very beautiful.
 antonis32115/01/2023 02:29:17 GMT
Fast forward is my favourite format of cash poker games . I have tried and played it on Bwin , also a similar version on another poker room . I have no patience to play a normal , casual cash game , wait every action , wait next hand . The fast forward solved this problem . Nice way to play fast poker . And I see you can also use PartyPoker tournament dollars in the cash games , that one more good . Good way to wager money fast , and earn cashback faster .
 CALICUL15/01/2023 03:01:31 GMT
good chances if we play more Big Smile
 ANARXIA9X1915/01/2023 13:17:06 GMT
Aww crap!
 CALICUL15/01/2023 14:01:20 GMT
ANRXIA9X19, don't be upset or nervous because you don't have to. Stay happy and keep opening the mob calendar. Play more if you can in Party Poker. Good luck with your games
 geseco1216/01/2023 02:03:32 GMT
I like partypoker very much, every day I play on their software, and I do not complain about anything partypoker, everything they do to benefit the user is amazing, I hope they keep it up, the players will be very grateful for it.
 CALICUL16/01/2023 02:09:21 GMT
are there many bad beats in party poker or is it something like 888 poker where these bad beats are not as many as in the past. This is good because it helps a lot with confidence and the players will be much calmer...
 antonis32116/01/2023 06:07:28 GMT
i cannot imagine myself playing a normal cash game , I play only fast poker , like fastforward . i used to like and prefer 9 mx , but I cannot find such games , so I got adapted to 6max . I tried to go to higher stakes , but I have not won enough on the lower so as to move up stakes , thats a good rule so as to avoid big losses . 2 times I paid directly higher stakes played $50 stack , lost so quickly . The second time I was so tilted (lost my AQ to AA with Q high flop) , that afterwards I went to the casino and lost my remainiong bankroll lol . With fast poker you can win one stack after the other , but al;so you can lose very quickly , discipline is needed .
 dule-vu16/01/2023 07:20:28 GMT
lot of people, lot of different things, lot of different games! somebody love slow games, slow tournaments, somebody fast games, but I understand what you say! new generations especially like to play everything fast and to try to earn fast money, not to spend hours for some play and probably most of this games will be in future!
 zarfox16/01/2023 15:16:32 GMT
Partypoker is one of the best rooms to play poker. You have to take advantage of their promotions
 CALICUL16/01/2023 15:24:13 GMT
when you play a lot, you have the most chances to win money, but on the condition that you know how to play a little, so that you don't always lose. It is important to use good strategies and you can make a profit if you play a lot.
 geseco1217/01/2023 03:10:33 GMT
partypoker always makes good promotions since many years ago, it is not the first time, that's why it is for me one of my favorite rooms to play poker, also use it to make sports bets, also in that area there are many promotions.
 dule-vu17/01/2023 07:14:50 GMT
they always try to improve their games, their promotions, they loyalty program and it can be seen every month! now they want to make faster games and that always good for players, especially for those who dont want to spend lot of time and want to try to earn money fast, but ofcourse they can lose fast money also!
 geseco1219/01/2023 15:52:25 GMT
What I like about partypoker is that they are always looking to improve as a gaming system, they are always giving their best, that's why it shows in their monthly updates, bringing many benefits to their players.
 CALICUL19/01/2023 15:57:22 GMT
they are always working on their software and marketing strategies, to innovate or resume different things or opportunities that are good for them and their customers. These things bring them success
 antonis32125/01/2023 00:20:55 GMT
Maybe add new motivational promotions for the players , in order to increase the number of players playing the fast forward games . Maybe give some tickets specifically for the fast forward cash games instead of cash in freerolls . Although the party tournament dollars can be used in cash games find another way to motivate players to play these games more . That would encourage them more to play these games . The more the better Smile
 CALICUL25/01/2023 00:36:11 GMT
Party Poker has always had promotions for its customers in recent years. Many promotions were very good and some bankroll money or more was won. Very nice.

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