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888poker LIVE Festival Schedule for 2023

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Posted on 06 January 2023 by "T".

Another exciting year of live poker tournaments sponsored by 888poker has finally come, as five incredible festival stops have been set for the year 2023.

Last year, the operator's LIVE tour was a big hit among European players, with live poker finally making a full comeback and all the festival stops have managed to attract huge numbers thereby creating massive prize pools.

The 2023 schedule will be just as packed and enticing as the one in 2022, with 888poker setting five different festivals, each hosting many poker tournaments and non-poker events.

Madrid, Barcelona, Bucharest and London will be the host cities for the 2023 888poker LIVE festivals, with the latter playing as host on two separate occasions.

Aside from the thrilling Main Events scheduled for each stop, 888poker has also promised to launch the new Mystery Bounty format in the tour because of its growing popularity among players.

Below are the five festival stops and scheduled dates:

  • 888poker LIVE Madrid - January 13 to 23, 2023
  • 888poker LIVE London - April 13 to 24, 2023
  • 888poker LIVE Barcelona - May 12 to 22, 2023
  • 888poker LIVE Bucharest - August 8 to 14, 2023
  • 888poker LIVE London - October 18 to 29, 2023

Join 888poker LIVE this 2023!

Live poker sponsored by 888poker will surely be fun, exciting and most of all profitable this 2023, with five full festivals and many other smaller events planned in the months ahead, and even more will surely be added to the list later.

Every poker player, especially the low to mid-stakes ones, will be excited to join these LIVE festivals across Europe, as there will surely be tons of epic action going on the tournament and cash game tables.

Satellites for the LIVE Madrid stop are already ongoing at 888poker, so dive right in and win your seat to play some European live poker!



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15 comments on "888poker LIVE Festival Schedule for 2023"

 CALICUL06/01/2023 15:36:17 GMT
888 poker has nice live tournaments, but they need to work more on the online side, because it's not too nice there, as they think. The tournaments are small and the prizes are obviously not big. I hope they will change something for the better.
 geseco1206/01/2023 16:21:23 GMT
888poker always makes good live tournaments, it shows every year that passes, I really like what they do, it is also true that in online it lacks something more to consolidate and also make big tournaments, but it is still an incredible room for everyone.
 CALICUL06/01/2023 16:22:40 GMT
live, yes, but less online because their tournaments are different from country to country. They should unite the countries in several tournaments and it will be something much nicer
 damosk07/01/2023 10:30:33 GMT
I used to play a lot at 888 but haven’t done so much lately as it all changed with less options for players. Maybe I should go back and give it another try, I have a free ticket won on social media so maybe that could be the your to my return. It might be nice to try and qualify opfor one of the 888live events as they always seem like a good opportunity to do well.
 CALICUL07/01/2023 12:23:06 GMT
I liked 888 before, but now to be honest it is not so beautiful like in the past.
 geseco1207/01/2023 22:53:53 GMT
888poker is improving every year, it always tries to start a year with many new features for its users, now they are going to make a great live tournament event, enjoy it.
 dule-vu07/01/2023 22:57:02 GMT
Yes,they do!
 tomex1108/01/2023 07:04:01 GMT
just looking for some alternative to playing poker online besides poker stars so that i can play because in my country there are not many of them left after the government regulations and poker room 888 still works and from what i read on the forums it's not a bad site to play
 CALICUL08/01/2023 11:39:08 GMT
888 has nice live tournaments and many players have recognized this. In the online environment they can change with some easy strategies to bring more players to their tables. I hope they will succeed.
 geseco1209/01/2023 01:48:31 GMT
I have always liked 888poker, every year they are always implementing new events to unite the poker family, now they will have a great event for everyone to participate.
 CALICUL09/01/2023 01:50:47 GMT
it is different from country to country and now in Romania it is less beautiful than two years ago.
 geseco1210/01/2023 03:21:10 GMT
888poker is implementing more and more cool things for the players, not only online but also live, now with this 888poker festival many will be present enjoying the great live poker.
 dule-vu10/01/2023 09:44:30 GMT
I dont know anymore how things work at this site,even forget for how long they are closed in my country,so cant compare with other sites!probably they offer good things for players,but how is now with their software and how everything workds,I dont know! just can read from other members who play there!
 geseco1212/01/2023 16:51:05 GMT
888poker always does things very well, it attracts many players in different ways, this makes the site grow much more, now they are organizing a great live event that will surely go very well.
 CALICUL12/01/2023 16:56:02 GMT
a few days ago i won a 25 dollar ticket after the 7th place out of over 3,000 players. Then i missed the entrance to the $250 tournament after a 4th place where the first 3 got a ticket. I cashed only 9 dollars.

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