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The Weekends are Made for Playing at partypoker

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Posted on 03 February 2023 by "T".

Weekends are a great time to relax and have some fun at partypoker!

The first weekend of February 2023 sees three incredible tournaments make their debuts alongside partypoker's biggest buy-in weekly event.

The Big Saturday

  • Buy-in: $215
  • Prize pool: $30,000 Guaranteed
  • One-day online tournament every Saturday
  • Win your seat from just $0.01 via satellites

The inaugural The Big Saturday tournament kicks off on Saturday, February 4 at 18:05 GMT. The Big Saturday is the perfect way to see in the weekend, with a $215 buy-in and $30,000 guaranteed to be won.

Buy in direct for $215, and you receive one million chips. Don't worry if you dust off your stack early because you can re-enter up to twice before the end of the 12th 12-minute level. However, play your way into The Big Saturday via the lower-cost phases, and you could start your quest to become the tournament's champion with more than one million.

The Big Saturday phases are available with $1.10, $5.50, and $22 buy-ins, with $0.01 centrolls feeding into the lowest tier.

The Sunday Party

  • Buy-in: $109
  • Prize pool: $150,000 Guaranteed
  • Two-day online tournament
  • Win your seat from just $0.01 via satellites

The new Sunday Party makes its first appearance on February 5 at 19:00 GMT - a $109 buy-in PKO event with $150,000 guaranteed, the biggest guaranteed tournament on the schedule.

Win your way into the Sunday Party or satellite in, and you sit down with 100,000 chips, and play to an awesome blind structure that starts at 500/1,000/100a. Blinds increase every 12 minutes until Level 20, at which point they extend to 15 minutes. Late registration slams shut at the end of Level 12, and three re-entries are permitted while buy-ins are being accepted.

The epic Sunday Party is a two-day affair, with Day 1 concluding when only 16 players remain. The remaining 16 return to the tables from 20:05 GMT on February 6 and fight it out for the title of champion; it will be party time for whoever comes out on top.

Like The Big Saturday, the Sunday Party has plenty of ways to win your $109 seat from as little as $0.01. The centrolls, sub-feeder, and feeder satellites eventually filter into the $16.50 Sunday Party Sats where the $109 tickets are dished out. These $16.50 satellites run three times per day, and more on Sundays.

The Sunday Carnival

  • Buy-in: $22
  • Prize pool: $50,000 Guaranteed
  • One-day online tournament every Sunday
  • Win your seat from just $0.01 via satellites

Lower-stakes players can also enjoy the weekend on partypoker - the $22 buy-in $50,000 guaranteed Sunday Carnival has the same structure as that of the $109 Sunday Party. The only difference is the first 20 levels have 10-minute blinds, which extend to 12 minutes thereafter.

The Sunday Carnival kicks off on February 5 at 19:05 GMT, and play continues until only 16 players have chips in front of them. The remaining 16 return to action from 20:05 GMT on February 6 to conclude the $50,000 guaranteed event.

Satellites starting from just $3.30 are running right now, with $0.55 feeders also available.


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11 comments on "The Weekends are Made for Playing at partypoker"

 dule-vu03/02/2023 14:25:26 GMT
lot of different buy in-s and something for all players, just depend how big balance you have! this two touranments with lower buy in are better because they have big prize pool for value of buy in, not like first one with 215 $ buy in! but every player can try to catch ticket from satellite! good luck to all who will try to play any of this tournaments!
 antonis32104/02/2023 14:00:10 GMT
What's interesting is some of the sats are very cheap or even centrolls , offering you the chance to step in the game very cheaply . It's always good , especially for players of lower stakes, that way they might be able to play the higher stakes via a sat Smile good luck everyone playing these games.
 CALICUL04/02/2023 14:26:03 GMT
it's good if you have time and win something.
 Scorpion228826/06/2023 20:19:35 GMT
It's hard to win a prize in these contests, you have to beat yourself up 4-5 times if you start with 1 cent on the dollar!!!
 dule-vu26/06/2023 20:27:39 GMT
Such old thread!
 Scorpion228826/06/2023 23:59:37 GMT
I know that I just saw that the members get points for commenting on the news, is it the new regulation or what? Because I don't remember that in the pay table!!! What about it, or I wrote too short a comment or I don't understand why I didn't get points for it!! !
 dule-vu27/06/2023 00:04:38 GMT
Probably too short, but if you are not first in news, then you cant be sure that you will get points for every post, no matter how long it is!
 Scorpion228827/06/2023 01:37:26 GMT
Yes, I understand, and is this considered a forum comment or is this paid for separately? Confused
 dule-vu27/06/2023 05:10:37 GMT
this is forum comment, no matter is it on news or normal thread! post is post!
 antonis32127/06/2023 17:15:57 GMT
Now I can see more satellites for tourneys than before . Also the hourly freerolls with good prizes , although it's easy to mini cash but hard to get at the FT at these freerolls . I like very much the daily legends tournaments . And now there are more tourneys at the mucros , not only plo but also NLH .
 dule-vu27/06/2023 17:37:59 GMT
Its long process from freeroll to some ticket! Lot of satellites!

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