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888poker returns $287K as Refund to Players from Game Integrity Reviews

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Posted on 08 March 2023 by "T".

888poker has returned a record $287,292 worth of refunds to its players throughout 2022, having recovered the funds from other accounts that were found to have violated the group's fair gaming policy.

The company stated it has continued making progress in tackling the issue concerning bots and real time advisor (RTA), the use of software programming to create unfair advantages on actual players.

Furthermore, 888poker detected players who colluded with each other for unfair advantage, and their data shows that throughout 2022, the group refunded a total of 6,801 players, which averages $42 per player. The number represents a 32% increase compared to the previous year in the number of detections.

The group mentioned their progress was helped by the increased investment in improving its detection capabilities, which displays its greater efforts to ensure a "safe, fair and enjoyable poker experience for all players."

Matan Krakow, 888poker Head of Poker Offering, commented:
"At 888poker, we take the issue of game integrity very seriously. This year, as a result of our continued investments in technology, cooperation of our players and hard work of our teams, we have increased the detection rate of bot accounts, RTA and collusion to give back almost $290,000 to players. In the year ahead, we will continue to focus on this area to ensure that customers have a fair, safe and entertaining experience when they play with 888poker."

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21 comments on "888poker returns $287K as Refund to Players from Game Integrity Reviews"

 CALICUL08/03/2023 14:17:46 GMT
I think it's the first time when i hear about 888 is doing this. Pokerstars and party poker made this before and now 888. It's an excellent thing.
 tomex1108/03/2023 16:20:24 GMT
I think it's good that they catch the bad players and reimburse the victims. Good move from pokerrom 888. Although I believe that in poker these are very rare cases, and sometimes someone can be accused. I'm curious on what basis they return money to other players because I see that everyone got the same amount ...
 dule-vu08/03/2023 16:27:05 GMT
we will see what they will do in future with this kind of players and will this be just to show other players or they will really continue with this kind of things! its good that they start to catch players who cheat and who do wrong things on their site! but somehow I think that they are bit late and that they should do something like this many years ago like other poker sites did!
 antonis32110/03/2023 01:01:56 GMT
That's a lot of money being returned back to the players . This increases the level of trust towards this poker room by the players . It is good to see that the poker rooms takes the integrity of the game seriously , bans cheaters and returns the stolen money to the victimised players .
 dule-vu10/03/2023 01:11:02 GMT
We will see what what they will do in future.
 geseco1210/03/2023 21:16:01 GMT
very good, I hope they continue working for the security of the room and to promote a fair and clean game for the welfare of the players, I have always valued this when I chose a room, I really like that poker rooms always take this into account.
 CALICUL10/03/2023 21:18:13 GMT
cleaning of intruders must be done everywhere, otherwise the players will always be dissatisfied. I hope that this will happen, but some drastic laws are also needed. It's very nice.
 acasamali10/03/2023 21:18:48 GMT
No Win never
 CALICUL10/03/2023 21:19:49 GMT
we may not win, but some mobsters could win if they are regular poker players and have money to invests. Anyway, it's not easy at all to win big, it's very hard. Good luck.
 geseco1211/03/2023 22:06:05 GMT
I really like it when the rooms care about improving the game, that way they benefit the player and create an ecosystem of clean and safe game for future events, to continue taking care of these bots.
 CALICUL11/03/2023 22:06:24 GMT
888 offers a lot for poker players, so it's good to expect nice things from them. I don't think they have disappointed so far and i don't know if they will in future.
 geseco1213/03/2023 16:52:25 GMT
888poker has always been concerned about its users, that's why they are now giving money back to those who have been affected by this problem, they will continue to deliver a fair game for everyone.
 CALICUL13/03/2023 17:00:32 GMT
in order for poker games to be more solid and for players to have more confidence, I propose tough laws where players who cheat get a heavy prison sentence. This thing will simplify a lot.
 geseco1215/03/2023 22:01:42 GMT
I believe that with stricter laws there will not be many people trying to cheat, I think this shows that the 888poker room is committed to the safety of its users, it promotes a fairer game.
 dule-vu15/03/2023 22:07:26 GMT
 geseco1216/03/2023 23:37:43 GMT
at 888poker they take things very seriously, every year they invest in first class technology to be able to detect bot accounts, RTA and collusion, that way they promote a fair game for everyone, very good that they have refunded money to the affected players.
 dule-vu16/03/2023 23:38:14 GMT
Hope that they will solve more of this!
 geseco1219/03/2023 06:28:38 GMT
The most important thing in this game is the safety and integrity of the player, we have a clean and fair game with these measures that have put 888poker, I wish all the rooms also improve every year so that this is eliminated.
 dule-vu19/03/2023 09:03:57 GMT
if they will continue like this, they will improve their business and they will make some changes! just its question how they will react in future and will they make new things about it, will they remove more of this players, will they give back bigger amounts or something third! hope to see good news in next months from 888 poker!
 tomex1120/03/2023 06:02:20 GMT
Yes, it's a very good move on the part of poker room 888. Catching cheaters and punishing them. Refunds for honest players. They took a good path. I didn't know there was such a problem with it. You know, sometimes people confuse. Especially when it comes to more money, there will always be someone dishonest. This must be counteracted.
 dule-vu20/03/2023 07:27:49 GMT
we will see next moves from and will they change something, but this should be done years and years ago and they should watch all accounts! ok, maybe in last years they better softwares to watch everything and who can cheat or use other programs, but they still could do more in past about this problems, like other sites did!

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