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What's so Special about Partydollars (P$)?

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Posted on 09 June 2023 by "T".

Players at the partypoker platform have seen that there are partydollars or P$ scattered about the site and may have wondered - what are those for? Read on below for detailed information about partydollars, find out why they are special, and why you should try to get some!


Partydollars are a virtual currency that players can use to buy in to online poker games at partypoker.

The use of an in-game currency isn't entirely new to partypoker; in fact, they used to have Tournament Dollars (T$) in the past; however, partydollars replaced Tournament Dollars in April 2022.

While Tournament Dollars were great, their use was unfortunately limited. If a player has some Tournament Dollars in their partypoker account, they can only use them to buy into multi-table tournaments with the same entry fee. This led to many people's T$ balances expiring, which was not very ideal.

Thus, partydollars were created to give partypoker's loyal customers more flexibility and options when it comes to spending them. Aside from being able to use P$ to buy into and partially buy into multi-table tournaments and major online events such as MILLIONS Online KO, players can also use them to enter satellites, SNGs, jackpot SPINS, and even cash games and fastforward games. If it can be played on partypoker, then you can use partydollars to fund your poker session!

Key Features of partydollars (P$)

Partydollars can be used to partially or fully buy into any poker game available in the partypoker lobby. Unless the settings are changed, players can use P$ when registering for a tournament or sit down at a cash game table.

In case you unregister from a tournament before it begins, your P$ will be refunded. However, if you play that tournament and finish in the money places, your prize will be paid in whatever currency the tournament used.

The same goes for cash games and fastforward - P$ are regarded as cash when you are playing these games. Leaving the game before you have invested your partydollars into the pot results in any uninvested P$ being returned to your balance. Any P$ invested into pots is returned as cash.

Partydollars do expire, but players are given 12 months to use them before that happens. A whole year is more than enough time for you to use P$ and turn them into cash!

Note that it is not possible to transfer, sell or withdraw partydollars. They are meant for you and you only, so better use them!

How to Get partydollars

There are ways to get your hands on some partydollars.

Aside from partydollars satellites, many of partypoker's ongoing promotions feature P$ as a reward.

For example, the prize pools of their Round the Clock Freerolls are in partydollars. A total of $2,500 are given away every day in the Round the Clock freerolls, so these are the best way to catch some P$.

The Fastforward Leaderboards also pay out in partydollars, as do Daily SPINS Leaderboards and Daily SNG Leaderboards.




P$1,000 daily


P$12,000 daily 


P$10,500 weekly


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43 comments on "What''s so Special about Partydollars (P$)?"

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» What''s so Special about Partydollars (P$)?

 dule-vu26/06/2023 19:44:36 GMT
play something bigger then freerolls! good luck!
 Scorpion228826/06/2023 19:51:31 GMT
Thanks dule-vu Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 CALICUL26/06/2023 20:08:58 GMT
Posted by Scorpion2288:
Good evening members!!! I usually win party dollars like this on bwin, you have to bet once on a poker game and it will become real money, the only problem is that I don't usually win more than $0.25 on an hourly freeroll and even if I succeed to make real money from it, then there is little chance of earning more with it!!! Good luck, mobsters!!! Cool

Good luck Smile
 Scorpion228826/06/2023 20:23:01 GMT
Thank you Calicul, good luck to you too!!! Thumbs Up
 dule-vu26/06/2023 20:27:03 GMT
He will run with "legs" for freerolls...
 antonis32127/06/2023 17:18:25 GMT
I like the fact that you can use party dollars also at the cash games , not just at the tourneys or the wings only . That's good . I have used this method to play party dollars and win dollars . One successful shove and flip might do the trick for me at the cash games .
 dule-vu27/06/2023 17:36:47 GMT
It was time for them to change this and do something good for players!
 geseco1228/06/2023 05:11:44 GMT
partypoker always do a lot of things for the players, it is a room that I like a lot, I hope they will always be with us for many years, the partydollars are very good to be able to play at any time and any game.
 dule-vu28/06/2023 05:18:20 GMT
They really try to impove site on every way!
 geseco1229/06/2023 14:33:41 GMT
partypoker is always looking forward to this, every month they are innovating their room, that's why it is one of my favorites, now you can use your partydollars in different tournaments in the room, enjoy.
 dule-vu29/06/2023 14:34:18 GMT
Good luck!
 geseco1230/06/2023 15:07:46 GMT
There are many ways to win partydollars and spend them in different events in the poker room, what I like the most about this is that they have no expiration date and you can play them at any time.
 dule-vu30/06/2023 15:08:08 GMT
Good for you!
 geseco1201/07/2023 20:37:11 GMT
in this room you can play with these partydollars at any time, you also have the possibility to win them for free, so don't forget to play in this room, they are always making many changes that benefit the player.
 dule-vu01/07/2023 20:42:13 GMT
 geseco1203/07/2023 01:41:45 GMT
today I was able to win about 20 dolars in partydollars, it was a great experience in these free games, thanks to partypoker you can get something to continue playing, it is a room that I like a lot.
 CALICUL03/07/2023 02:08:22 GMT
it is excellent if you manage to earn money here and then make more, because it is possible if you are persistent and have talent. It is not difficult if you play with weaker players than you.
 geseco1204/07/2023 02:30:45 GMT
that's right my friend, to be able to win you always have to be above the others in game preparation, sometimes things don't work out but with perseverance you can make a lot of difference in the game.
 dule-vu04/07/2023 04:54:06 GMT
You love 888 much also! Somebody would think that you spend hours on both sites every day, if electricity is good!
 geseco1205/07/2023 02:47:18 GMT
I play every day in 5 different rooms, I like poker very much, I always try to enter some tournaments and at night play cash, I think that makes me very happy, I hope to continue like this and do not lose motivation.
 dule-vu05/07/2023 04:43:52 GMT
Its good when you can do it and that you have so much time!
 Rogerio1005/07/2023 14:10:47 GMT
Gl geseco. Party dollars.... hm i don't think there is somethig specila about them. It's like realy money and you use it on games just like other. I am one of the smal comunity about 20 players and it' was (party poker leave in our country). And when i win 70 dollars for first place. I open nl100 game just entry play few hands and leave and ps dollars was exchange in realy dollars.
But regulars maybe just use them for grind instead of own money. Thumbs Up
 CALICUL05/07/2023 15:14:41 GMT
if they are not going to be converted into real money, it is an opportunity to make extra money and that is all that matters. Adapt as much as you can and play well, to get some profit with these party dollars.
 geseco1206/07/2023 04:27:27 GMT
It's a way to earn those partydollars, it's also a way to have fun playing poker for real money, a lot of people who are just starting to play poker will appreciate it, partypoker has always done great things for the community.
 dule-vu06/07/2023 04:48:40 GMT
Its good that they made it better for players!

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