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Two Firefighters Could Win 20,000 Thanks To Accidental Bet

Tags: firefighter, Leicester City FC.
Posted on Monday, February 22, 2016 by "T".

Two firefighters became a laughingstock at their station after they wrongly placed a £5 bet on Leicester City FC to win the Premier League. However, things can happen in this world in weird ways, and very soon these two may possibly have the last laugh, since they might become £10,000 richer from this harmless blunder!

Buddies Mitchell Baldock and Jordan Wright were surprised to see when they got odds of 2,000/1 back in August, on the first day of the season for Leicester City FC to be champions.

Betting amateur Jordan Wright, age 23, was the first to wager, and he told his pal Mitchell Baldock to do the same. Jordan initially thought that the £5 bet they placed was for Leicester to win their opening game against Sunderland.

Jordan, a resident of Stanford-le-Hope and a Chelsea fan, said, "I'd never been into betting in my life, but I thought 2,000/1 for them to beat Sunderland must've been a mistake. So I phoned Mitchell to tell him."
They thought that the bookie Betfred made a mistake with their odds so they rushed to place their bets. However, soon enough they realized their little error and when other co-workers heard of it, they became the butt of jokes at work.

The two firefighters who are based at Plaistow remarked, "Everyone has been telling us all along that Leicester haven't got a chance, but they just keep on winning, so now we'll see! What surprised me was the bookie only let us put a fiver each on. Everyone in the brigade is aware of what happened and our likely £10,000 windfalls... and all because basically I made a mistake."

Mitchell, age 25, is a resident of Grays and an Arsenal fan. He said that as much as he loves his team, on February 14 Sunday, he cheered for the Foxes when they played against his favorite team. He remarked, "I'm already off to Vegas on holiday soon so if Leicester do become champions I will have plenty of spending money. We're watching all the results now of course with Leicester having only 13 games to go. Ideally at the end of the season the top three would be Leicester first with Arsenal second - and ahead of Tottenham. That would make me very, very happy."

Fred Done, the owner of Betfred, announced that the bookmaker may potentially lose over £1 million if Leicester manages to pull off the most unlikely title victory in the history of English football. He said, "Mitchell and Jordan are among the hundreds of Betfred customers who are set to be taking my money and ruining my holidays. Along with their fire brigade chums they might think this is funny, but you can rest assured that is not how I would describe their good fortune..."

source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/accidental-bet-leicester-city-fc-7367089


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1 comment for "Two Firefighters Could Win 20,000 Thanks To Accidental Bet"

 pochui2/23/2016 8:03:08 AM GMT
well for those who similarly placed a wrong bet or just were crazy enough to put some money on leicester before season kicked off- now is the time to hedge the bet imho. sure leicester might deliver a miracle and win the league, but why risk already great profits you can get by hedging? you can 1000/1 instead of 2000/1 return and that's not shabby at all...

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