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Premier League Darts: Here are our picks for tonight's matches

Tags: darts, PDC.
Posted on Thursday, March 23, 2017 by "T".

Michael van Gerwen vs James Wade: Under 6.5 180's (1.66)

Wade hasn't scored a single 180 in his past 3 matches. Current World Champion Michael van Gerwen sure can score many 180's but he only got 1 in last week's Premier League match against Phil Taylor. Wade and van Gerwen's combined average 180 score of this PL season is just about 5 per game. 

Kim Huybrechts vs Gary Anderson: Kim Huybrechts +2.5: (1.90)

Huybrechts has won 3 of 4 of the previous battles (all in 2016) against Anderson, who suffered a big loss last week against Raymond van Barnevald, a player he hadn't lost to in 10 matches. Only 1-2 legs have seperated Huybrechts and Anderson in their previous 10 matches.

Peter Wright vs Phil Taylor: Peter Wright to win, draw no bet (1.53)

Peter Wright has played extremely well lately. The fact is that he has only lost 3 of 16 matches this year and is at the top of the Premier League table with 11 points after 7 matches played.

16-time World Championship Phil Taylor recently announced that he will soon retire from professional darts.

"It's hard to get motivated and keep up the practice and to dedicate myself week-in, week-out. That is what takes the toll My body cannot take the toll of 4-5 hours on the practice board anymore. It's difficult for me," Taylor said in an interview with The Sun on 27th January, 2017.

Lack of practise and motivation could be two of the key reasons why Taylor has not played his very best lately (he has lost his previous 2 matches and 2 draws before that).

Taylor is still very capable though, so we play it safe and go for Peter Wright as winner with draw no bet as a little protection. 

Jelle Klaasen vs Adrian Lewis: Klaasen +2.5 (1.80)

Klaasen is at the bottom of the table with 3 points after 7 played Premier League matches. On the other hand, he has won 4 of the 5 previous games against Adrian Lewis, who sits in the middle of the table with 7 points.

+2.5 handicap on Klaasen to the odds 1.80 should be a good bet.

Michael van Gerwen vs Raymond van Barnevald:
Raymond van Barnevald +2.5 (2.10)

The two fellow countrymen (the Netherlands) will once again face off on the big stage in what should be the best game of the evening. van Barnevald has played very well lately and he comes fresh from a 7-2 victory against 2015 and 2016 World Champ Gary Anderson last week.

Michael van Gerwen is the current World Champion and he's undefeated so far in the Premier League after 6 matches played. We expect him and van Barnevald to put on a very good match with many 180's and high checkouts.

We will go for +2.5 legs on Raymond van Barnevald


Recommended sites to bet on darts: bet365, Betway, SkySports and Betsafe

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11 comments for "Premier League Darts: Here are our picks for tonight''s matches"

 doubletop7773/23/2017 10:18:21 AM GMT
I love a bet on the darts and looking through these, there are a few good bets. I would be wary of betting Klaasen though, he is waiting on wrist surgery and looked really out of sorts last week
 pochui3/23/2017 11:19:33 AM GMT
well thank you and all that, but i will pass, the only premier league that does pose an interest to me is premier league/premiership football or if you come from us of a soccer. butt those two girls in the picture make it possible to attract a few spectators, maybe if they go topless this all darts premier league is gonna hit new heights...
 vaci383/23/2017 1:19:19 PM GMT
thank you for your suggestions Thumbs Up I think I'll try to bet on all of your picks just do not know whether to play combo or to play singles or dubl Confused last time you gave your ideas as combo if I remember correctly certainly will bet something Smile
 Gerimantas3/23/2017 2:18:42 PM GMT
I don't know a kot about darts, only remember when I was young playing some eith my friends, now i only see them in a beer bar and guys a playing even for money when they drink too much beer Smile betting on this sport is not for me, i better bet on basketball
 DaCapo713/24/2017 10:53:12 AM GMT
The Premier League of Darts have some interesting bets with solid odds. The top player wre winning in the first games and so we have some interesting combinations. Only in the final rounds it was not so easy to bet the right result Blink
 pajalnick3/24/2017 11:58:38 PM GMT
Michael van Gerven will be the champion ..... Of course the bets on this event are not very high but he plays so well that it will be very difficult to defeat .... Of course another outcome is possible but as it seems to me he will still win this game
 bowie19843/26/2017 2:34:10 AM GMT
Cool, cool, cool. I would not mind to see betting picks left and right with proper analysis or whatnot. there used to be so many good recommendations and mentions a year or two ago here frequently.
 Robbo19903/26/2017 6:25:11 AM GMT
i wonder how big this 'sport' would be if the beer stopped flowing?
 bowie19843/27/2017 11:17:19 AM GMT
Posted by Robbo1990:
i wonder how big this 'sport' would be if the beer stopped flowing?

People would probably realize sooner that they are just watching fat people throwing toothpicks onto a round tray hanged sideways on the wall... Pretty meaningless if you ask me.
 vaci383/27/2017 11:28:29 AM GMT
I think beer has nothing to do with this sport,I think the beer drink somewhere and at football games whether people will stop to watch football if there is no beer?for me it is interesting to watch the darts,my favorite is Drakula Smile
 Robbo19903/27/2017 10:42:41 PM GMT
Posted by vaci38:
I think beer has nothing to do with this sport,I think the beer drink somewhere and at football games whether people will stop to watch football if there is no beer?for me it is interesting to watch the darts,my favorite is Drakula Smile

dont the darts players drink beer whilst competing?

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