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  11-Apr-12, 18:10   #1
CAPTCHA on pokerstars tourney 100kdeposit freeroll 0 

Joined: Nov '11
Location: Netherlands
Age: 45 (M)
Posts: 105
this morning in the 100k depositor freeroll,i wright myself in and before the tour begon i had to type a word in the chatbox the word was prizing and i had 100sec to put in the code,i thought that i won something,so after beeing knocked out whit KK on BB,i asked pokerstars why i had to type the word what was on screen,i got an email whit answer but i dont know what it mean if any1does please reply,this is their email:The prompt you received is a legitimate part of PokerStars'
>> player detection and prevention system, known as a CAPTCHA.
>> CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing
>> Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".

This system helps ensure that PokerStars is as free of
"bots" as
we can make it. The system has been designed such that most
players will experience a CAPTCHA very rarely so as not to be
intrusive upon your game play. The exact criteria for who
receives a CAPTCHA and when cannot be divulged.
We ask for your cooperation in completing the CAPTCHA
whenever it
is presented to you, in order to help protect the integrity
security of our games here on PokerStars. Failure to
complete the
CAPTCHA when prompted may subject your account to unnecessary
further CAPTCHAs or more careful scrutiny of your account.
Good luck in your games, and thank you for playing on

i dont know what it means,do they have their questions that i use a bot? and also in a freeroll?
if i realy had a bot,then i play the sundaymillion instead of a freeroll,but if some1know what the
answer means from PS pleas tell me, ty already and goodluck @ the tables

  11-Apr-12, 18:27   #2

Joined: May '09
Location: India
Age: 31 (M)
Posts: 4873
yeah they are just making sure you are not using a bot.
nothing to worry and i think all sites should do this to stop the bots, especially ipoker Angry

  11-Apr-12, 18:37   #3

Joined: Nov '11
Location: Netherlands
Age: 45 (M)
Posts: 105
to supernoob,t you for the explain,but if i realy use a bot for example,then ,i guess u will agree,then i wont play an freeroll,i would play then the sunday million ,or another where u make more money if you end on the 1ste place,or are there players ,that if they use a bot also in a freeroll? that i cant understand,but maybe they noticed that won 5 days in a row whit no rebuy or add on and came into the money,any way thnx supernoob Thumbs Up also goodluck at the tables

BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » CAPTCHA on pokerstars tourney 100kdeposit freeroll

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