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  12-May-12, 18:00   #1
Would raises have scared them off? 0 
Joined: Nov '11
Location: Canada
Age: 56 (M)
Posts: 35
In Omoaha H/L I try to see the flop as many times as possible for as cheap as possible...but then what do you do when you flop the nuts.....

** Hand # 4417415554 starting - 2012-05-12 10:17:43
** Omaha Hi Lo Freeroll[6246328]:Table 27 [Multi Table Omaha H/L] (15|30 PL - MTT) Real Money

ewen71 sitting in seat 1 with 2695.00[Sitting out]
Tornado33 sitting in seat 2 with 935.00[Sitting out]
Schoffy sitting in seat 3 with 6167.50
Sillu sitting in seat 4 with 940.00[Sitting out]
claudiubv sitting in seat 5 with 1775.00[Sitting out]
Karolxs17 sitting in seat 6 with 1545.00
Jackal_DFL sitting in seat 7 with 3110.00
kingoki sitting in seat 8 with 2455.00[Dealer]
omri07 sitting in seat 9 with 975.00
vincze49 sitting in seat 10 with 1830.00
omri07 posted the small blind - 15.00
vincze49 posted the big blind - 30.00

** Dealing cards to Jackal_DFL: Kh, Js, Ah, 5c
ewen71 folded
Tornado33 folded
Schoffy called - 30.00
Sillu folded
claudiubv called - 30.00
Karolxs17 folded
Jackal_DFL called - 30.00
kingoki called - 30.00
omri07 called - 15.00
vincze49 checked

** Dealing the flop: Jh, Qh, 10h
omri07 checked
vincze49 bet - 30.00
Schoffy folded
claudiubv called - 30.00
Jackal_DFL called - 30.00
kingoki folded
omri07 folded

** Dealing the turn: 9c
vincze49 bet - 30.00
claudiubv called - 30.00
Jackal_DFL called - 30.00

** Dealing the river: 3s
vincze49 checked
claudiubv checked
Jackal_DFL bet - 360.00
vincze49 called - 360.00
claudiubv folded
Jackal_DFL shows: Kh, Js, Ah, 5c
vincze49 mucks: 10d, 8d, 6h, Qc
Jackal_DFL wins 1080.00 from the main pot

I feel like I played this too tight and perhaps at least shoved......but I elected for a v/b instead.

  12-May-12, 18:59   #2

Joined: Mar '08
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 38 (M)
Posts: 6714
If that river bet didn't then I suspect you could have got a lot more from him.
Early in a freeroll, some of these guys have no clue and would call down anything.
If you are to limp these hands you need to get back what you put in when you hit, so I would be raising, unless I have a tight image.
I would try to build the pot as big as I think I can get away with, and try get him committed, hard to do at these stages, but in a freeroll, should not be that hard as bet sizes are not quite understood.

  14-May-12, 10:05   #3
Joined: Oct '08
Location: Estonia
Age: 42 (M)
Posts: 389
Freeroll, i wouldn be surprised that they reraise you to allinn after flop, because one had 2 pairs and FH draw. And im sure after they called 30 on flop, you could reraise to 90 and they both would call, same after turn.

  14-May-12, 14:07   #4

Joined: Apr '09
Location: Portugal
Age: 38 (M)
Posts: 4803
Of course yes! If you had raised after the flop, probably you would only get one call, from vincze49, and most probably he wouldn’t be till the end to see you winning. With three hearts at the flop he wouldn’t think you had AKh, but he would definitely believe you had two hearts in the hand. The way you let it run till the end gave you a better pot to take, otherwise you would take it only with your first big bet an take a lot less chips with that beautiful hand.

BankrollMob Forum » Hand Histories » Would raises have scared them off?

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