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  23-Dec-12, 01:00   #1
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Stu Ungar
Stu Ungar
Born September 8, 1953
New York, USA
Death November 22, 1998
Las Vegas, USA
Children Stephanie Ungar
'Stuart Errol Ungar' "The Kid" (b. New York, September 8, 1953 - m. November 22, 1998) was a three-time winner of the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (1980-1981-1997) but his life was plagued excesses that eventually killed him: the legend died consumed by drugs.
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1 Biography
2 Some anecdotes of Stu Ungar
3 Some famous phrases of Stu Ungar
4 The most famous hero call Stuart Errol Ungar
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[Edit] Biography

Ungar was born on September 8, 1953 in Lower Manhattan. His father ran a bar Ungar Isidore but his real job was to bet on the mafia. Although his family tried to get him away from the influence of the game, with just eight years and helped his father to take bets and 10 bet at the racetrack. Stuey had coefficient of genius, but even advanced a course in school never became a good student. When his father died he left school to support his mother (who was ill) and his sister. I was 15 and looked 7. Dealer got a job in a dive and to which probably was the only "hustle" of his life. His buddy started playing Rummy Gyn and when I asked few chips left his rivals to stop playing his "nephew" who came to clean. Around this time he met the gangster Victor Romano, who in exchange for 20% of their profits protected him. Romano also had genius coefficient (in jail had memorized the entire dictionary), was a great bridge player and probably was the true father figure Ungar. Ungar started playing around town accompanied by bodyguards and banked by the Mafia. The game was the Gyn Rummy Ungar, a game similar to our chinchón but 10 letters. Stu was a teenager in the seat cushions needed to get to the table, but he enjoyed humiliating his opponents at every turn, he read his hands up and mocked them. Once a rival bid him with a chair on his head and according Ungar was found dead shortly after. As his fame grew in New York, people had more desire. From Canada came to give a lesson the best player of the moment. Stu was 16 and did not let him win a hand. 81 to 0. Gradually nobody wanted to play more. If Stu had no rival in the cards, in betting was the opposite. He threw the money in any kind of gambling
What did he do with his earnings? Going to the races. Whoever said money burning in my pocket was talking about me. Some would call me a pathological gambler. For me it comes down to that action is more important than money. I'm addicted to the action. To bet on a cockroach race.
Stu Ungar
Soon he was heavily in debt ($ 60,000) with very dangerous people. Protection while Romano was not enough and his life was in danger, so he left New York.
Romano had protection so do not think I would have been killed because he was a gold mine for them, but I wanted to stay pressured. I probably would have been beaten if I stay in New York.
Stu Ungar
He went to Miami and Los Angeles looking for better games, but it soon became clear that the next step was to Las Vegas where he arrived in 1976, desperate for money to pay their debts. Upon arrival won a $ 1,500 tournament Gyn who reported $ 50,000. In the last two hands song letter by letter what his rival had on hand. He paid some of its debt, but still pressed. He managed to arrange a game against Danny Robinson, another great player who is best known as Chip Reese's partner in his landing in Vegas. The $ 100,000 he earned allowed him to pay his debts and settle permanently in Las Vegas with his girlfriend Madeline Wheeler and son, (they married in 1982 and adopted her son Stu). Stuey was living in his own universe. I had no identity documents, bank account, or know the most basic things of daily life. I thought the value of the checks came from the signature of each, and while living in a mansion with a bankroll of several million light cut off for nonpayment. They are also very famous anecdotes of cars smashing "because no one had told me to put an oil?". Ungar had gotten Gyn nobody wanted to play with him, not even taking advantage so I started playing Black Jack. On one occasion when he won more than $ 83,000 at Caesars Palace, the manager closed the table. Outraged singing exactly 18 cards left to get out. Shortly after he was denied entry into almost all blackjack tables and certainly since the Black Jack is played with a minimum of 4 decks. Of course that was little. Ungar offered bets that could mean missing the cards in a deck of multiple decks. Finally Bob Stupack the bet 10-1 that could not sing the last 3 decks of a total of 6. Ungar correctly predicted the last 156 cards without mistake and won $ 100,000 and friendship of Stupak. In 1982 Stu was reported by a casino in Atlantic City for "weather" the bet. The casino claimed he had cheated to put more chips after the hand. Pretty ridiculous for someone of his abilities. Although the fine was $ 500 I take them to court and allowed more than $ 50,000 in lawyers to prove he was not a cheater (card counting was not illegal). Having burned another card game, finally came to poker. The first poker hand Stu was a day in 1978. He sat on the highest poker table in Vegas and put $ 20,000 on the table. No-Limit Texas. 15 minutes later they were gone. 36 hours later he had become $ 47,000
I was a monster. Bobby Fisher was like at that level. People taught me a game and two days later was better than them. They won a game in 30 years playing wearing ... It was a freak of nature
Stu Ungar
I've never seen anyone improve both. From day to day you saw as improved.
Doyle Brunson
In 1980, at age 24, and played his first WSOP Doyle wins the HU. He commented that it was the first or second tournament playing. What's more, the next year to retain his title. Throughout his life he participated in 30 tournaments high buy-in and won 10. At that time they were only WSOP and "Amarillo Slim Super Bowl." Won both 3 times. Its ultra-aggressive game and reading ability made him perfect for this modality.
He understood how to make pots that no one else would dare not try. Through elimination, betting patterns and how people play, put you on a hand. If you put in the second or third pair, Stuey you out of the hand. But Stuey was also very good knowing how much to bet, how much to risk had to throw you out of your hand
Billy Baxter
Not afraid to risk their chips to exploit weakness. It's harder than it looks, or you have it or not have it in you. And that's what made him great.
Puggy Pearson
Who knew him commented that this second victory went to his head, and instead of investing their profits and plan your career, what he did was further exaggerate their lifestyle.
The problem is that Stu never understood the purpose of the game. The purpose of being a professional is to grow your bank, improve your life, and your family.
Mike Sexton
If he was a compulsive gambler, soon took his extreme addiction had never seen in Las Vegas. The least in Stu was coming home from someone, see a pool table and play for $ 5000 proposing the game without knowing or taking the cue. She did not care who was his rival, a Chinese table tennis champion, or a golf legend. If action gave him he was willing to give away their money. One day a friend called and told him to stop by home to charge a hefty amount he owed. "Are you sure?" "If they see that I just won $ 140,000." For when his friend came to collect those lost 140,000 and had $ 50,000 more. Once won 3.6 million poker and three weeks later was ruined. Happen many times. Ungar despised money. I knew I could always generate more. People were queuing to bancarlo for 50% of their profits. In fact people agree much better playing with other people's money than his. I'd throw in his ultra aggressive moves. Anyway Needless to say, if you came tournaments in handy in cash is more than likely out loser.
A Stuey not mind winning, on what mattered was playing. One reason it was so good to Gyn is to play every hand.
Chip Reese
At the end of each session was invariably or the big winner or a big loser "" was a "steamer" unsolvable. People talk of many great calls he did, but no one has a story to make a laydown
Barry Greenstein
Stuey had no patience to play long table
Carl McKelvey
Ungar was also reputed to be very rude at the tables. Insulted, mocked, spat even cards. Once a dealer just to hit resigned.
I've never hit anybody in the 40 years I've been playing poker, but I nearly Stu least 5 times
Doyle Brunson
Some attribute it to drugs, but we know how he behaved in New York before getting high. In 1982 he married and had a daughter, but Ungar and lived life a mile a minute, gambling, betting, groupies and cocaine, many, many, many (not enough "great" Blink cocaine. In the interview for his autobiography known as Stuey says.
I did not drink, I did not get anything. It was the most sober guy you've ever seen. Once I went to a friend's house (to play) and had a bottle of cocaine on the table. Ask What is that? I had never seen. My mother's health had deteriorated sharply (stroke) and tried it. Sometimes I think that would have happened if I had not spent all that now
Stu Ungar
Stuey was a very excessive and very competitive. No one could keep up on anything I do. If I was going to eat, the food devoured before anyone started or with the starters, all paid the bill with a huge tip and ran back to the tables. Cocaine was no different. Although initially tried to enable playing marathon sessions of several days (a common practice at the time) soon consume every day and in industrial quantities. If someone at a party said "we will buy a couple of grams" Stuey called his camel and a quarter kilo put on the table for everyone. His life was completely out of control and in 1986 his wife divorced him. Three years later his son Richie 18 years committed suicide by hanging himself with the cord from the TV to the Hilton Hotel. Those who knew him say he never recovered from that blow. Ungar had very good relationship with his stepson. If so disproportionately consumed before I take it to extreme lengths. Nobody believed it would be 40 years old and his friends made bets about it. Recall that before drugging Ungar was not even at 1.60m or 50 kilos. I kept winning it in drugs and gambling. He would not even play poker. Only when he ran out of money and looking bancara who played to earn enough for their services. During the 1990 WSOP chip leader and Stu was clearly sending in your table. The next day did not show up. They found him lying on the floor of his room with an overdose and had to take him to the emergency room. I had so many chips you stay 9 and collect $ 20,500. While his friends were trying to desenganchase, Ungar refused and continues his self-destructive life. Consumed much cocaine that his nasal septum was waste. He went to a doctor to reconstruyesen it. Successfully completed the operation the doctor asked him to give him a few days to cicatrizase and not the "usase" meanwhile. That same day he got so much cocaine that the new wall collapse, leaving him so deformed nose that hid with sunglasses. In 1997, Ungar had bottomed. Crack cocaine because he could not sniff, he had dropped the teeth and no one will want to leave money to participate in the main event. At the last second Billy Baxter managed to convince him to pay the $ 10,000 entry. But as had 24 hours of back and forth trying to get money (tumbo March 1 outer on the river of HU on the last available satellite with his last $ 1,000), fell asleep at the table and could not seem to overcome the day. With moral support from his friend Mike Sexton and threats to your financial partner got through the second day and won his third bracelet. In the final table one by one eliminated all rivals. An exultant Stuey taught cameras photo of her daughter and said:
I've done many stupid things, but it is a fact that no one has ever won at the gaming table. I've only beaten me myself
Stu Ungar
In a film desintoxicaría Ungar and live happily the rest of his life. Its value in the modern poker would be incalculable. In real life four months after he had spent the prize money and was again begging for money to play at the tables, that people do not want to give because they knew it was for drugs. The following year not even got out of his room to defend the title. After overnight abusing all drugs, with black fingers and drawn by Pip
I look in the mirror and looked like a prisoner of Auschwitz. I chose not to defend my title and I saw ...
Your Ungar
A few months later came a November night Bellagio having lost almost all of the $ 25,000 that Baxter had left to play with. Nobody knows what has happened these 8 days, but on day 22 was found dead in a motel room Oasis. The autopsy said he had not even died of overdose. His heart had just endured over the pace. He was 45. An estimated Ungar won and lost in his career over 30 million. Bob Stupak had to take up a collection to pay for the funeral. The cream of the poker was presented to say goodbye. I also had to discourage any player who showed up threatening to burst the funeral if he was not paid what he owed Stuey. Thus ended the life of Stuart 'The Kid' Ungar, most likely the poker player with more talent in history.

  23-Dec-12, 02:04   #2

Joined: Nov '12
Location: Canada
Age: 50 (M)
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Well mate
It is a sad and yet incredibly moving story. The man lived and died hard.
He was loved by a few and respected or feared by many.
We all would love a taste of his level of success, but only if we can avoid the horrible vises which went along with them.
Booze and Drugs have ruined many a fine player.
We can only hope he found the peace in death that he never knew in his life.

Good luck to you all.

Ronin Harper Cool

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