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  2-Nov-13, 23:40   #1
ISO some mobster advice 0 
Joined: Dec '12
Location: Canada
Age: 27 (M)
Posts: 18
I could use some advice on a hand that I played, I'm not sure if I played it right, but I'm comvinced that I played it too tight. I could really use some Mobster advice on this one, for I'm not sure if I'm being results oriented or not.
I was playing in a freeroll today on full tilt (the PokerSource FB Followers 1,000$ Freeroll)
It was very near to the end of the tounament, and I was in dead last. I was sitting at 43/43 with just over 1 BB when the BB hit me. I managed to suck out this hand (runned runner straight with 6-2 off lol) wich put me up at just under 3 BB. The very next hand I get dealt A-5 off. Mid position min raises, and the button calls, I decided to fold it. Would have flopped an ace and hit another on the river to win the hand and possibly quadruple up (the BB called the min raise)
2 hands later I bust in 40th. The antes were eating at my stack like a virus and it got folded to the guy infront of me. he shipped and I called with K-10 suited. He shows A-6 suited and I miss (still cashed 2.30$, wich is a very nice bankroll booster)
What I'm wondering is, would you guys have called with the A-5? How about the K-10?
I'm asking for advice because whenever it gets near the final table, I always seem to crack. I'm not sure if it's the pressure that gets to me, or if I just tighten up too much. Any advice would be appreciated!

Read more:

Forget that "read more" part, IDK how that got in my previous post lol.
So here I am again with another problem. Today in another BRM freeroll I was at the final two tables, blinds were 2K/4K and I had about 30 BB's. (Antes were 400? can't remember sorry!)
I woke up in the BB with A-J off, mid position called, button raised 5x BB's and I folded the A-J.
I would have gone up against 9-10 suited and 9-9, flopped top pair and won the hand.
I am really starting to think I play too tight when I get to the final tables.
I did end up finishing 7th (cashing 0.75 cents, woohoo!) but I'm still left wondering if my play is too tight, or if im just basing that assumption on the results of the hand.
I feel I played good, but I still need to refine my game and those final tables are eaisly where I struggle the most. Any thoughts Question

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