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  8-Apr-14, 13:05   #1
Professional Poker Players & Celebrity Poker Screen Names 0 
Joined: May '12
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 32 (M)
Posts: 2052
Stumbled upon this info... thought some of you guys might be interested:

Sorry about the crappy formatting...

Site Real Name Poker Name

Pokerstars.com Adrienne Rowsome talonchick
Pokerstars.com Alex Kravchenko Kravchenko
Pokerstars.com Alex Millar Kanu7
Pokerstars.com Andre Akkari aakkari
Pokerstars.com Andre Coimbra acoimbra
Pokerstars.com Angel Guillen angelguillen
Pokerstars.com Barry Greenstein barryg1
Pokerstars.com Bertrand Grospellier ElkY
Pokerstars.com Bryan Huang BryanHuang
Pokerstars.com Caio Pessagno pessagno
Pokerstars.com Celina Lin Celina Lin
Pokerstars.com Chad Brown ChadBrownPRO
Pokerstars.com Chris Moneymaker Money800
Pokerstars.com Christian de León el grillo
Pokerstars.com Christophe De Meulder chrisdm
Pokerstars.com Dag Palovic DagPalovic
Pokerstars.com Dale Philip Daleroxxu
Pokerstars.com Daniel Negreanu KidPoker
Pokerstars.com Dario Minieri Dariominieri
Pokerstars.com David Williams dwilliams
Pokerstars.com Eugene Katchalov E. Katchalov
Pokerstars.com Fatima Moreira de Melo FatimaDeMelo
Pokerstars.com Felix Schneiders xflixx
Pokerstars.com Fredy Torres sirfreddy83
Pokerstars.com George Danzer GeorgeDanzer
Pokerstars.com George Lind III Jorj95
Pokerstars.com Grzegorz Mikielewicz DaWarsaw
Pokerstars.com Henrique Pinho Henrique.P
Pokerstars.com Humberto Brenes Humberto B.
Pokerstars.com Isaac Haxton Ike Haxton
Pokerstars.com Ivan Demidov Ivan Demidov
Pokerstars.com Jake Cody jakecody
Pokerstars.com Jan Heitmann Jan Heitmann
Pokerstars.com Jason Mercier JasonMercier
Pokerstars.com Javier Dominguez El_Cañonero
Pokerstars.com Joao Nunes jomane
Pokerstars.com Joe Cada jcada99
Pokerstars.com Johnny Lodden johnnylodden
Pokerstars.com Jonathan Duhamel johnduhamel
Pokerstars.com Jorge Limon Baalim
Pokerstars.com Jose Ignacio Barbero nachobarbero
Pokerstars.com Juan Manuel Pastor JUANPASTOR
Pokerstars.com Katerina Malasidou Katerina289
Pokerstars.com Katja Thater Katja Thater
Pokerstars.com Leo Fernandez LeoFernandez
Pokerstars.com Leo Margets L. Margets
Pokerstars.com Lex Veldhuis L. Veldhuis
Pokerstars.com Liv Boeree Liv Boeree
Pokerstars.com Luca Pagano LucaPagano
Pokerstars.com Luka Kovac LukaSteel
Pokerstars.com Marc-Andre Ladouceur FrenchDawg
Pokerstars.com Marcel Luske Marcel Luske
Pokerstars.com Marcin "Goral" Horecki Goral
Pokerstars.com Marcus Hellner M.Hellner
Pokerstars.com Martin Hruby AABenjaminAA
Pokerstars.com Matthias Brandner Mati312
Pokerstars.com Matthias De Meulder mattidm
Pokerstars.com Maxim Lykov Maxim Lykov
Pokerstars.com Michael Keiner DocMick
Pokerstars.com Mickey Petersen mement_mori
Pokerstars.com Mikhail Shalamov innerpsy
Pokerstars.com Naoya Kihara nkeyno
Pokerstars.com Pier Paolo Fabretti P.Fabretti
Pokerstars.com Rafael Nadal Rafa Nadal
Pokerstars.com Randy Lew nanonoko
Pokerstars.com Raymond Wu Rayond Wu
Pokerstars.com Richard Toth Richard Toth
Pokerstars.com Richard Veenman Tzen1
Pokerstars.com Rino Mathis Rino Mathis
Pokerstars.com Roy Bhasin GodlikeRoy
Pokerstars.com Sebastian Ruthenberg S.Ruthenberg
Pokerstars.com Theo Jorgensen Theo J
Pokerstars.com Toni Judet Toni Judet
Pokerstars.com Tyler Frost frosty012
Pokerstars.com Vanessa Rousso LadyMaverick
Pokerstars.com Vanessa Selbst V. Selbst
Pokerstars.com Victor Ramdin VictorRamdin
Pokerstars.com Victoria Coren Vicky Coren
Pokerstars.com Ville Wahlbeck V. Wahlbeck
Pokerstars.com Vivian Im Vivian Im
Pokerstars.com Richard Tranter yout85
888poker Network Jackie Glazier JackStar888
888poker Network James Anderson janderson9
888poker Network Jesse Sylvia Jesse Sylvia
888poker Network Sam Holden Sam_Holden
888poker Network Santiago Canizares Canizares888
888poker Network Shane Warne warne888
Bodog Jay Tan Jay Tan
Bodog Tatjana Pasalic Tatjana Pasalic
Everest Poker Fabrice Soulier FabSoul
Everest Poker Sam Trickett SamTrickett
Fast Poker Network Patrik Antonius Patrik Antonius
First Fidelity Network Jamin Stokes Jamin Stokes
Full Tilt Poker Andras Nemeth Andras Nemeth
Full Tilt Poker Ben Jenkins Ben Jenkins
Full Tilt Poker Carlos Mavca Caputo Carlos MAVCA
Full Tilt Poker Dermot Blain Dermot Blain
Full Tilt Poker Gus Hansen Gus Hansen
Full Tilt Poker Hana Zola Soljan Hana Zola
Full Tilt Poker Jono Karamalikis xMONSTERxDONGx
Full Tilt Poker Larissa Metran Lari Metran
Full Tilt Poker Leonardo Toddasso Martins Leo Todasso
Full Tilt Poker Liam O'Rourke Liam O Rourke
Full Tilt Poker Martins Adeniya Martins Adeniya
Full Tilt Poker Rafael Caiaffa Rafael Caiaffa
Full Tilt Poker Robert Cezarescu R Cezarescu
Full Tilt Poker Sinem Melin Sin Melin
Full Tilt Poker Tom Grigg Tom Grigg
Full Tilt Poker Viktor Blom Viktor Blom
Ladbrokes Andreas Hoivold _Theah_
Ladbrokes Jeff Kimber JaffaCake
Ladbrokes Jon Kalmar skalie
Ladbrokes Jonas Danielsson Nebuchad
Ladbrokes Morten Erlandsen Pokergirl1
Ladbrokes Pasi Heinanen U_Can_Try
Ladbrokes Roy Brindley RoyTheBoy
Lock Poker Annette Obrestad Annette15
Lock Poker Brian Martinez ~ Ice Water
Lock Poker Casey Jarzabek Bigdogpckt5s
Lock Poker Eric Lynch Eric Lynch
Lock Poker Felipe Ramos FelipeMojave
Lock Poker Francisco Costa YuranPT
Lock Poker Greg Tiller Hokiegreg
Lock Poker Jared Hubbard Jared Hubbard
Lock Poker Jason Lee JaspudUF
Lock Poker Matt Stout Matt Stout
Lock Poker Melanie Weisner Callisto
Lock Poker Michael Drummond Bigguylegend
Lock Poker Nicky Evans NickyEvans
Lock Poker Pedro Maia Pls3bEtMe
Lock Poker Stephen Devlin StevieDevlin
Merge Gaming Network Brad Booth Yukon Brad Booth
Ongame Network Johnny Chan master.chan
Party Borgata (NJ) Network Bobby Oboodi Bobby Oboodi
Party Borgata (NJ) Network Jamie Kerstetter Jamie Kerstetter
Party Borgata (NJ) Network Scott Baumstein Scott Baumstein
PartyPoker Network Kara Scott KaraScott
PartyPoker Network Marvin Rettenmaier Mad_Marvin_1
PartyPoker Network Tomeu Gomila Amatos
PKR Marc Barillier Waswini
PKR Scott Shelley PKR_Scott
PKR Simon Hemsworth Rhymenoceros
PKR Vladimir Geshkenbein Beyne
PokerStars.es Leo Margets LEO MARGETS
PokerStars.fr Alex Kravchenko KravchenkoFR
PokerStars.fr Benoit Gury beubeu08bg
PokerStars.fr Bertrand Grospellier ElkYPS.FR
PokerStars.fr Bryan Huang BryanHuangFR
PokerStars.fr Celine Bastian CelinetheB
PokerStars.fr Eugene Katchalov KatchalovFR
PokerStars.fr Fatima Moreira de Melo Fatima.fr
PokerStars.fr Gabriel Nassif yellowhat
PokerStars.fr Gaelle Acerbis Ehlannia
PokerStars.fr Johnny Lodden Mariko2010
PokerStars.fr Jose Ignacio Barbero nachoFR
PokerStars.fr Julien Brecard YuBrecard
PokerStars.fr Liv Boeree LivBoeree.fr
PokerStars.fr Marcin "Goral" Horecki BIackL0tus
PokerStars.fr Marion Nedellec cedellen's
PokerStars.fr Martin Hruby AABenjaminFR
PokerStars.fr Maxim Lykov MaximLykovFR
PokerStars.fr Ronan Monfort Roroflush
PokerStars.fr Sylvain Ribes ArtPlaie
PokerStars.fr Toni Judet t0ni j
PokerStars.fr Vanessa Rousso V.Rousso
PokerStars.it Actaru5 Actaru5 Actaru5
PokerStars.it Alberto Russo grandealba
PokerStars.it Alessandro De Michele nektarine16
PokerStars.it Christian Favale IwasK.Mutu
PokerStars.it Dario Minieri D.Minieri
PokerStars.it Giada Fang CatSniper84
PokerStars.it Luca Pagano L.Pagano
PokerStars.it Pier Paolo Fabretti P.Fabretti
PokerStars.it Simone Ruggeri S.Ruggeri
PokerStars.it Vito Barone w1llyss
Ray.fi Juha Helppi Juha Helppi
SkyPoker Carlo Citrone Diamond
SkyPoker Charlotte Jackson CharlotteJ
SkyPoker Julian Thew YoYo
SkyPoker Redmond Lee LOLUFOLD
SkyPoker Ryan Spittles scotty77
SkyPoker Tony Kendall Tikay
Ultimate (Nevada) Antonio Esfandiari MagicAntonio
Ultimate (Nevada) Brent Hanks BHanks11
Ultimate (Nevada) Dan O'Brien Dan OBrien
Ultimate (Nevada) Danielle Andersen Dmoongirl
Ultimate (Nevada) Jason Somerville JCarver
Ultimate (Nevada) Jeremy Ausmus iWINbillzYO
Ultimate (Nevada) Lauren Kling LaurenKling
Ultimate (Nevada) Phil Collins USCphildo
Ultimate (Nevada) William Reynolds ReynoldsXO
win2day Berni Schnoll KarmaB
win2day Johanna Hupfer Johanna Hupfer
win2day Mario Ruhr trilogy
win2day Sigi Stockinger Sigi Stockinger
win2day Stefan Rapp Stefan Rapp
Winamax.fr Bruno Lopes Kool Shen
Winamax.fr Davidi Kitai Kitbul
Winamax.fr Gaelle Baumann O RLY
Winamax.fr Ludovic Lacay Sir Cuts
Winamax.fr Ludovic Riehl Mikedon
Winamax.fr Manuel Bevand manub_
Winamax.fr Michel Abecassis Mik.22
Winamax.fr Patrick Bruel P14B
Winamax.fr Sylvain Loosli Loosli
Winamax.fr Yan Del Rey DaProd
YouWin Boris Becker Boris Becker

...and I hid myself in there somewhere Cool

  8-Apr-14, 13:24   #2

Joined: Apr '12
Location: Hungary
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 5588
Posted by yout85:
...and I hid myself in there somewhere

I noticed you, but either you opted out from search at Riverstars or you are not online at the moment.
As the other two dozen names I tried on the list.
Not that I suddenly starting to play high stakes or sunday millions just to see them, but I was a bit curious.
Until it hit me that I cant find literally anybody from above.

  8-Apr-14, 13:26   #3
Joined: Nov '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 61 (M)
Posts: 3317
That Richard Tranter guy is supposed to be the next best thing,got to keep your eye on that guy as he's going places. Big Smile

  8-Apr-14, 13:29   #4

Joined: Apr '12
Location: Hungary
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 5588
Posted by teddybears73:
That Richard Tranter guy is supposed to be the next best thing,got to keep your eye on that guy as he's going places. Big Smile

Though I sort of agree. Agree

  8-Apr-14, 13:43   #5
Joined: May '12
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 32 (M)
Posts: 2052
I noticed you, but either you opted out from search at Riverstars or you are not online at the moment. Tongue

Yeah... I'm not online at the moment - I'm "working"...

If you were to check OPR or something like that, you can see stats on all the players there, so long has they haven't manually opted out... and if you check me, you'll notice I'm having a cruddy 2014 so far that I really need to put right.....

  8-Apr-14, 19:11   #6
Joined: Apr '11
Location: Romania
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 6668
The big names were known, others i did not know but they aren't really active on the poker sites...

There are very few players that are constant on tables and you can spot them most of the times. I also think i know from which site you copy-pasted this list Smile

  8-Apr-14, 20:30   #7
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 41 (F)
Posts: 12221
Yea while i did a fast scrolling by eye caught something familiar there Smile
mr Richard Smile.
Well i wish you to be able and join that list for real in the future.

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