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  10-Sep-14, 18:17   #1
No reason to go tilt 0 
Joined: May '08
Location: Germany
Age: 46 (M)
Posts: 696
Hi i got 5$ on a site for free and go to 31$, then go to 16$ up to 27$,down to 15$ and now 20$.
I got a small bankroll so i play small stack, i buy in on the 6 seater with only 40-70 cent and you see it works good Smile
Normally i must have now a bankroll over 40$-50$ but i lost so much strong hands.
Here only a few examples what happens in only 2 hours.
I lost 5 times KK on this day
KK vs 77 lost 2 times vs flush
44 vs TT hit a set in the flop with the 4 and the T a set to
KK vs TT set
KK vs Q5 2 Pair
KK vs AK A
TT vs 22 set
and many more other good hands only 2 hours.

But i´ve learned in the time i play poker to go not tilt Big Smile
I quiet for an half hour or a hour and start again.
I make not higher buyin, i play only my stratedy and keep my money
and when i´ve a bad day i got a look on my bankroll and make me a target i got 20$ and when i lost and i´m on 15$ i quiet for today
And when i lost money i look on my self if i make a mistake.
But one think i must learn,when i lost money i lost it the most times on weekend Fr/Sa thats really crasy

And when i look at the strong hands that i lost, i remember on my cards when i´m lucky and win with 55 vs AA
so you see no reason to go tilt
Big Smile

  10-Sep-14, 18:43   #2

Joined: Feb '12
Location: Canada
Age: 59 (M)
Posts: 5989
Well,....look at it this way,.... From now on just play your weak stuff and junk,...and you'll know what it is like to play like Tom Dwan... Big Smile Dollar Dollar Dollar

Hey dude,....I went through an endless ugly nightmare of a few weeks in duration where EVERYTHING was turning out like that for me... Confused

...but ya just gotta as they say in golf,... 'Just play on through'... Big Smile

  10-Sep-14, 20:57   #3
Joined: Mar '11
Location: Hungary
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 153
Easy to say it is no reason to go on tilt. But in some situation tilt is really shines the human part of the poker player who probably do everything according to his/her A-level game and have in a shorter period a lot of bad lucks, coolers. That is very havy to aware tilt in that kind of situations.

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