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BLOG: Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 32)

Tags: blog, blogger Ronin`s Renegade Blog
Blog post published on Monday, September 29, 2014, written by Ronin`s Renegade Blog.
Welcome mobsters, if you are reading this blog for the very first time, I thank you for your initial interest. I think that if you give it a little time, you will find something that will peak your interest. I am a semi-pro poker player and an author. I am currently working on several projects for publication, and will be discussing them on occasion in this blog. If you are a fan then I warn you,[...]   Read more » Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 32)

  29-Sep-14, 08:12   #1
Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 32) 0 
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 49 (M)
Posts: 7201
I find it difficult to comprehend how people can play more than one tournament at a time. Multi table players have my upmost respect because i find one table enough for my little brain!!

  30-Sep-14, 05:15   #2

Joined: Jul '12
Location: New Zealand
Age: 53 (M)
Posts: 261
One of the keys is good bankroll management whether playing cash (ring games) or tournaments is key to not going broke and having to start again.

I pretty much only play tournaments and have played a couple with Ronin and some of the other mobsters before and I kind of disagree with some of this blog, Specifically
Posted by Ronin: but there is also a large luck factor involved as well. Generally significantly large portions of the prize pool are decided by a few coin flip hands
I think if you are a cash player, there is a different skill-set, playing a MTT can be a bit daunting and foreign, managing the coin-flips, where on a cash table you chuck in your entire table roll and doing the same on an MTT where you have 100BB+ is an error many inexperienced MTT players make, a boom or bust mentality, part of the key to MTT is avoiding overplaying in those circumstances. Playing at the right level, so that you feel you have an edge, again, in either format, should generate some profit and then not jumping up too many levels too quick allows time to find where you sit and where you may need to do some extra away-from-the table-research and study.

Re doubletop777 comment above, I do not think this was the essence of this blog, but FYI, I can manage about 4 MTT’s and the closest to the most money is the one I concentrate on, but if you want to multi MTT’s, either start with 2 and work your way up or buy a HUD tool (I hate these tools, I think it is kind of cheating and I do not use them) and then you can multi MTT to your hearts content, in either case, your reads are reduced, the poker subtlty is reduced and you play abc poker with a higher degree of agression and very little (or less) fineseing as you do not have the right read and opponent ranges.

  2-Oct-14, 14:31   #3
Joined: May '13
Location: Mauritius
Age: 27 (M)
Posts: 2688
Yeah an advice for the multi table tournaments players because sometimes you have to be very disciplined when paying them otherwise do not play them. Because sometimes when you get knocked out from one tournament you have the tendency to go nuts on the other screen and lose money.

So better play just one and if you got knocked out then there you are. But you should try multi tables as playing one tourney is not good for your hourly but works on your discipline. Cheers good luck and have fun at the tables!

  4-Oct-14, 21:37   #4
Joined: Sep '14
Location: Ireland
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 1
Really enjoyed reading the blog...I can safely say Im that guy with bankroll management problem. I have won big mmts sit n go's grinding up the bankroll and boom one crazy night of game after game it could be gone. Erratic decision making to much bluffing and too many hands being played. I personally like 2 - 3 mmts I feel I stick to my game and avoid getting creative with the extra tables.
Thanks for the blog good read

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