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  5-Apr-15, 21:43   #1
BankrollMob Tourneys On Both FT and PP 0 

Joined: Feb '12
Location: Canada
Age: 58 (M)
Posts: 5915
...Got booted nearly right off the bat in 191 place in the Top 200 on FT... Confused Spade

...BUT ...

...in the weekly BankrollMob tourney on partypoker... Big Smile< I WON I WON... Smile Heart Dollar Thumbs Up

...2nd time I ever played these and made the final table and $7.50 in cold hard US dollars....!!!

...was bottom stacked,...got As 9s heads up and shoved what I had left... Spade gone in 9th place...

...anybody else here score some cash...? How'd ya do...? Smile

THANKS BankrollMob...!!! Smile Thumbs Up

Edited by demodawggy (Sunday, April 05, 2015 @ 21:44 GMT)

  5-Apr-15, 21:48   #2
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Portugal
Age: 51 (M)
Posts: 1687
Well done Demodawggy

That is a really good run and a nise freeroll performance Worship Worship

Happy for you maybe nest week we will share a table at the party poker freeroll because at fulltilt we cross in tables often Worship Worship

Stay on this path good luck and stay cool Cool Cool

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

  5-Apr-15, 22:13   #3

Joined: Jan '12
Location: Portugal
Age: 26 (M)
Posts: 405
Hi mate.

Its a average for you, to keep going futher, you make results, you see that your game is ok or making improvements, and wins or money go to your bankroll is allways good to see, and for you get some on freerolls is allways a good thing, and when is that kind of money in a freeroll, more good is.

Enjoy the game and the sun, keep playing with head.

  6-Apr-15, 12:01   #4
Joined: Mar '12
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 39 (F)
Posts: 2249
Congratulations on your result demo. Smile I thought you were going to say you won the entire thing but final table is great.I have seen you play tournaments quite a few times on Party poker and when you are a short stack you are very good at managing to survive. Smile

  6-Apr-15, 14:25   #5

Joined: Nov '14
Location: Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of
Age: 37 (M)
Posts: 1114
K, can some tell me how to find the tournaments on partypoker, i just cant find them, coz on FT and PS all the tourneys have ID number and its really easy to find them, but on partypoker i just can not find them for some reason that's beyond me some how.
Btw finished 25 on top 200 FT 6.80 i think i made second time playing it, and the things i saw yesterday i mean the things people will do just to get in the money jjeeeezzzzz taking your 30 sec time for normal action then activating your time bank and just before it runs out u plug out your internet cable just to get another minute of reconnecting time Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile f-ing insane Big Smile
Lets just say a lot of people got pissed off, and rightfully so.

BankrollMob Forum » BankrollMob.com » BankrollMob Tourneys On Both FT and PP

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