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BLOG: VIPStakes Sports Blog: West Bromwich Albion

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Blog post published on 12 August 2014, written by vip-carl.
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VIPStakes Sports betting representative

The VIPStakes sports representative that blogged from Brazil during the World Cup is back with a series of Sports Blogs in which he will write about the upcoming Premier League. Here's a short introduction about this season's teams, some predictions and betting advice!




West Bromwich Albion

Last season:
2011/12 was a successful season for WBA where they finished at 8th spot in the table. But Steve Clarke failed to build on that achievement and got to see himself sacked halfway through the season. He was replaced by the Spaniard Pepe Mel who’s only instruction was to save the team away from relegation which he also managed to do. Eventually WBA finished in a 17th place only three months off relegated Norwich.

2014/15-season preview:
In order to avoid another disappointing season West Brom have now reinforced their squad. Incoming are experienced centreback Joloen Lescott and midfielders Craig Gardner and Chris Baird from Aston Villa and Fulham.

Player profile:
The additions to the world football from the African nation of Benin are very limited but Stephane Sessagnon is one of the few exceptions. In his brightest moments he is one of the most spectacular if not best attacking midfielders in the Premier League. After leaving his native Benin as a 19 year old for France he fought his way through lower leagues until finally joining Paris SG in the summer of 2007. Three years later Sunderland paid about six million pounds in order to secure his signature. He joined WBA ahead of last season and finished the year joint top goal scorer with five goals.

Last season was a massive disappointment for the team from the outskirts of Birmingham. After sacking two managers last-season the unknown Scotsman Alan Irvine is now the man to keep them off relegation. It can be a tough job, especially if the teams ability to score goals doesn’t improve this season.

20th place

Betting suggestion:
Relegation @3.30 under Premier League “Relegation”


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8 comments on "VIPStakes Sports Blog: West Bromwich Albion"

 pochui12/08/2014 08:15:09 GMT
really? last season wasn't 2011/2012 if i recall, dunno maybe i was asleep for a bit longer than usual, but i dare to disagree... this is also great : "Eventually WBA finished in a 17th place only three months off relegated Norwich" that's a new way of looking at the table... 20th place for WBA this season? doubt it- i think they will be safe from relegation, but that of course is an open question
 doubletop77712/08/2014 10:04:28 GMT
I believe that West Bromwich Albion will struggle this year but i think that they might just do enough to stay up. I wouldnt be taking the 3.3 about relegation but that could look like a very good bet in a few weeks time
 yout8512/08/2014 13:28:40 GMT
Sorry vip-carl.... but this is just lazy blogging.

West Bromwich Albion have actually strengthened rather well this close season. In addition to the players you've mentioned, also signing Gamboa, the Costa Rican right back from the World Cup, and Brown Ideye - an exciting looking striker. Chris Baird is not a midfielder - he's a defender... and Craig Gardener isn't exactly "experienced".

Sessagnon, despite being a decent player is NOWHERE NEAR people like Eden Hazard, Yaya Toure and the other TRUE top attacking midfielders in the Premier League.

Alan Irvine is only unknown if you know nothing about English football...

There are 6 or 7 teams I believe are certain to finish below West Brom this season.
 vip-carl12/08/2014 15:24:08 GMT
Hey guys and thank you for the comments. Added a few replies to them below.

pochui: if you read the text again "2011/12 was a successful season for WBA where they finished at 8th spot in the table. But Steve Clarke failed to build on that achievement" I meant that he failed to do so last season.

months should be points ofc, typo from my side.

yout85: Gamboa and Ideye are still unproven in a big league and in addition Ideye wasn't picked for Nigeria with Shola Ameobi being in the squad! In my eyes he is yet to prove he is worth the fee they paid for him.

Craig Gardner has got 10 Premier League seasons and 182 games under his belt which for me counts as experience. Baird is listed as midfielder on WBA official site although he used to fill-in as wing back at Fulham.

Alan Irvine had a great playing career but he still has got a lot to prove being a manager.
 yout8512/08/2014 15:33:24 GMT
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Some very valid points there - can't disagree with any of it.

Just so you know - I'm a Wolves fan, with an Albion fan as a brother and a Birmingham fan for a Dad... So West Midlands football is a very big part of my life Smile
 pochui12/08/2014 16:04:17 GMT
hey carl- don't take my comments as a negative thing, just spotted a great chance to fire a 10 mobpoints worth bullet and did so. good to see your posts- at least there's sth to discuss about, keep em coming.
 vip-carl13/08/2014 16:03:24 GMT
Hi guys!

Didn't mean to sound offended, just tried to reply to as much as possible. I totally understand yout85, and you were right about Irvine, didn't realize what a good playing career he had. What are your thoughts on Wolves Championship campaign? Can they hold on to Bakary Sako for another window?

pochuie, just glad to see you guys are engaged in the blog and the website. What teams do you think are certain to go down rather than WBA?

Cheers guys
 yout8513/08/2014 16:17:32 GMT
It's really hard to know how this season will go for Wolves. After setting a points record in League One last year, and with a young squad, confidence is obviously high... But never having tested themselves at this level, who knows how some of the players will cope.

After beating relegated Norwich in our first match, we promptly lose 3-2 at home to Northampton in the League Cup (who are two divisions below us)... So who knows? Avoid relegation at the minimum. Mid table satisfactory, play-offs brilliant and automatic promotion amazing... All possible I think.

I think Sako will stay for this season - Mainly as no one will be willing to offer an amount high enough so we have no choice but to accept.

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