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Las Vegas Hands In Application For Own NHL Team!

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Posted on 22 July 2015 by "T".

Are you a fan of Las Vegas and perhaps also of the National Hockey League? In that case we got some good news to share. According to, the city of Las Vegas handed in an official application on Monday (the last day to apply) to get its very own NHL team! Aside from Las Vegas, Quebec was the only other city to send in an application.

An application to NHL costs approximately $10 million, including $2 million nonrefundable. In addition, a franchise is expected to cost around $500 million. There are two more stages left of the NHL expansion process, which ends on August 10th.

If Las Vegas gets its own team it won't be able to participate in the league until the 2017 / 2018 season. Daniel Negreanu, a big fan of the sport and also a part of the Founding 75 (a group helping to sell NHL hockey to Las Vegas and Nevada residents), is one of many Las Vegas residents who will be extremely happy if the city gets its own ice hockey team. In fact, he got his four seasons tickets reserved and has sold plenty of others.

"The town's starving, absolutely starving, for a professional sports franchise," Negreanu told TheStar in a phone interview earlier this year. "I've found the support to be overwhelming. People that live here, they're dying for this."

He added: "This is really what it's missing is something to cheer for as a group. Even those that are not hockey fans, Las Vegas, they know how to put on a show. They're going to make it a spectacle. It'll be more than just coming to a hockey game. It'll attract all kinds of different fans that maybe don't even really get the game yet."


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6 comments on "Las Vegas Hands In Application For Own NHL Team! "

 klash2322/07/2015 14:37:21 GMT
It sounds very expensive just to have an application process heard and the cost of $500million for a franchise does seem quite high to start a hockey team.Also a big risk for whoever finances it.
Not many people in the UK are into ice hockey and it doesn't really get much attention but it always looks good on TV.
 doubletop77723/07/2015 08:47:05 GMT
I have never really watched much Ice Hockey but, when the Winter Olympics are on, i normally catch a couple of games and i really enjoy it. I hope that they get their own team and good luck to them
 bowie198423/07/2015 09:43:15 GMT
An NFL or NBA franchise would make more sense here, since this city is getting constant droughts one after another, so bringing a sport here which this much waterconsuming is going to get some backlash IMO. Especially for the first couple years when they r going to loose 50 something games every season.
 klash2323/07/2015 15:09:48 GMT
Do NHL make much money?I don't think the hockey arena would hold more than 15-20,000 fans so maybe they should go for a NFL team.
I am with you Bowie and the thought of a ice hockey team in the desert just sounds strange and where would it be situated,it must cost a fortune for prime land/areas of Vegas.
 bowie198424/07/2015 09:52:22 GMT
Glendale, San Jose, Anaheim and Los Angeles have NHL teams too, but three out four of these 'desert' teams are operating in one of the world biggest economic entity: California. Though an NBA or NFL franchise would probably cost more, it would be a better business opportunity at least in Nevada.
 bowie198401/08/2015 00:00:07 GMT
So, after seeing that other news article here about how Las Vegas just got behind Macau in terms of individual casino revenues but they less and less generate their revenues from gambling, I can see why they would push for one or two sport franchises more aggressively in the future. NFL would never come here since they see gambling as 'evil' but anything else could be an open race IMO.
These corporations obviously want to make Vegas appear as a tourist destination first, and gambling second - too bad the '08 crash killed the timesharing business - but hey real estate just became cheap again 4 a moment in Nevada because of it...

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