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Lucky Pensioner Correctly Predicts Super 6 Scores For 250,000!

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Posted on 14 October 2016 by "T".

A lucky pensioner was the sole winner of the jackpot worth a quarter of a million pounds after Patrick van Aanholt's late equalizer for Sunderland clinched the prize. A pensioner in Yorkshire is rejoicing after winning a whopping £250,000 by predicting 6 scores correctly in Sky Sports' Super 6 game.

Fred Crossman, age 68, a retired injection-molding setter from Ripon, North Yorkshire, was the lucky punter this season to be the sole winner of the jackpot. (It was the third time this season that the Super 6 jackpot had been won)

Due to the drama in the Ryder Cup, golf enthusiast Fred was entirely unaware of his massive winnings until he received an email confirmation and his son had to show him a video of sports TV presenter Jeff Stelling announcing him as the winner.

Fred miraculously managed to correctly predict the 6 games, with Patrick van Aanholt's late equalizer for Sunderland being the final goal that he needed:

Sunderland 1-1 West Brom
Hull 0-2 Chelsea
Watford 2-2 Bournemouth
West Ham 1-1 Middlesbrough
Ipswich 0-1 Huddersfield
Rotherham 0-1 Newcastle

Fred said, "My son just showed me Jeff Stelling's clip from Soccer Saturday saying they were looking for a 68-year-old from North Yorkshire. It feels unreal. I missed the show today because I'm glued to the Ryder Cup! I think not knowing at the time was for the best as I wouldn't have been able to take the drama!"

He added, "We're going to get a new bungalow with the winnings, as me and my wife sometimes struggle with the stairs at our current home. We've been waiting for something like this to happen."




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12 comments on "Lucky Pensioner Correctly Predicts Super 6 Scores For 250,000! "

 Tony_MON7ANA14/10/2016 15:24:22 GMT
Wow. Massive congratulations to Fred Crossman on winning £250,000 jackpot! Christmas came early this year! His friends, family members, and colleagues must be very happy for him. You only live once. Have fun, enjoy life, and feel alive!
 Ingrind3314/10/2016 15:48:24 GMT
Really noice, somehow I think these prizes are "more" easy to win then as you would guess the correct score from some normal lottery. The football scores he predicted don't seem that crazy, I mean you can apply them on any team combination. So I really wonder if he just has the same score combinations for every tourney, or did he really guessed them all?? I don't know..
anyway, great win and I am happy for the man!
 doubletop77714/10/2016 16:01:37 GMT
I have been playing Super 6 for a few years now and have never looked like winning the jackpot so i know how difficult it is to win and this guy deserves every penny of his win
 Mober14/10/2016 17:01:37 GMT
You are saying its not easy, im considering it very difficult. Six games with correct
score is something unreal for me. Its like hitting the lotto Smile
One, maybe two yes. But that many, im not betting them neither for fun Smile
 DaCapo7114/10/2016 17:05:10 GMT
Thats great to read this News, because it was nice that a pensioner was the lucky winner of the Jackpot. I think that he don´t have a lot of Money and now he can do what he wnat with this nice winning. He was really a lucky guy Thumbs Up
 pochui14/10/2016 20:50:33 GMT
you know what it really looks easy when i'm reading his prediction, all of them seem more or less in tune with the expectations in these matches with one exception 2-2 watford vs bournemouth, not saying it's a miracle scoreline but one a bit harder to pick. but in reality try to guess 3 correct scorelines, heck even one! the moment i place a bet the money is out of my pocket it seems.
 bowie198415/10/2016 17:36:04 GMT
Good luck to him, hope he will go on a nice holiday from his winnings but for once I just could not could get over the issue that in these days PL is having a bunch of games where theres only one or two goals and thats it.
They are really killed the excitement of the great attacking football with this Chelsea and Leicester copycat 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 scores...
 Mober15/10/2016 19:05:28 GMT
Not even trying the correct score in betting.
It pays good but with the win /loss ratio im getting, its a sure loss at the end Smile
I cant even get a parlay with wins only with that many games.
He was extremely lucky, no doubt about that.
 damosk15/10/2016 21:59:19 GMT
I do this game every week and have come close a few times but it's great to see and hear of someone actually getting it right. It will be interesting to see if anyone gets it right this weekend with some of the results that came along today, but hey who knows. The possible is always possible....probably.
 pochui16/10/2016 08:28:17 GMT
well i do not follow damosk's case and do not try my luck at this game every week, to be honest i didn't try my hand at this game at all, but i did try my luck at similar stuff back in my native north korea, and i must say i was wayyyy off in my combos, so i had to settle for en route of growing pigs to become rich rather than trying to predict correct scorelines for 7-8 teams in one go.
 bowie198418/10/2016 00:41:14 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well i do not follow damosk's case and do not try my luck at this game every week, to be honest i didn't try my hand at this game at all...

These are like lotto pools. Your neighbour/mother-in-law/best buddy is always two correct score away from the millions. Its anecdotal.

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