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Parents under Investigation for Misusing Funds meant for Child's Medical Treatment

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Posted on 11 May 2021 by "T".

Financial transactions show big purchases, sports betting activity

Two parents are under police investigation for being suspected of misappropriating donations intended to fund their child's expensive medical treatment.

The police's Financial Crime Investigation Department sources confirmed that over the past year, they have been investigating the suspected misuse of tens of thousands of euros in charitable donations.

Tagged as "high-profile", the case is about the parents of a young child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, who are strongly believed to have misappropriated donations meant to pay for overseas medical treatment.

However, investigators say that due to the fact that donations were given in small amounts, it is proving difficult to build a criminal case against the suspected fraudsters.

A senior officer said, "We are talking about donations to individuals raising money. So, one has to prove that the cash donated was not used for that specific purpose. This isn't like when you have a contractual agreement that is not honored. Some gave €2, €5, others €100, but there is no account to check this against."

Sources say the parents claimed they were in need of funds to finance their child's medical treatment in the UK, but it turned out that most of the treatment was provided absolutely free of charge. Other than that, their travel and accommodation to the UK was also largely financed by NGO Puttinu Cares.

While it is true that a part of the donations given to the family really did go to covering the cost of overseas treatment and living expenses, the police have found out that there were financial transactions linked to sports betting and there was also a relatively big cash purchase made by the child's parents.

It turns out that this is not the first of such cases investigated by police in recent years.

In the past five years, there were two similar cases that have also been reported to the police after donors and the regulator of voluntary organizations reported suspicions of irregularities. However, those cases were left unsolved because police were unable to gather strong enough evidence.

Recently, the country's charity laws were put in the spotlight after the government decided to redraft an attempt to close legislative loopholes that could make NGOs and charities vulnerable to money laundering.

Described as excessive by concerned NGOs, the rules would have required charity groups and individuals to first seek the approval of the commissioner of voluntary organizations in various steps involved in raising funds.

Aside from the need to apply for a permit that would only expire in a mere six months, those looking to use donation boxes for collections will have to pick them up from the office of the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and return there to count the money under close supervision.



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37 comments on "Parents under Investigation for Misusing Funds meant for Child''s Medical Treatment"

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» Parents under Investigation for Misusing Funds meant for Child''s Medical Treatment

 dule-vu14/05/2021 15:20:28 GMT
they could spend this money on gambling or on new car,in every case its wrong,but its important that they didnt spend money that their child need and that he/she had care that deserve!on that hand we know that everything was good for child,but they will now pay for it and its question will this people,who made donations,help to somebody else after this scam!
 CALICUL14/05/2021 20:02:39 GMT
Unfortunately, mankind has a lot of work to do until they reach at spiritual maturity. I'm not sure if it arrives ever at such a performance, but there are many people who block this thing. Some out of carelessness, others out of cowardice, perversity, chalice, betrayal, etc...
 Cesar1415/05/2021 02:04:27 GMT
Nowadays the laws should be stricter and that the laws are complied with to the centimeter, I think that is why people do what they want, in my country almost the same thing happens, many times those who are to blame are not imprisoned and those who They do not have it, they enter Cana, the mafia will exist forever, we must change and enforce the rights of other people.
 geseco1215/05/2021 04:13:07 GMT
This will always happen, the human being is more immoral every time, he does not love his fellow man and much less in this case his son who is suffering from a disease, they give more importance to money than to the life of a human being, without explanation this.
 dule-vu15/05/2021 15:42:07 GMT
will say again and dont understandy why some of you write that this wasnt good for his child and how they could do this to him!as we can see child had everything,got even hospital in UK,so they didnt do anything bad to him!
ofcourse its bad that they took money from other people on childs name,but he got every help that he need,they didnt ignored him and his disease!
 CALICUL15/05/2021 21:10:57 GMT
laws are made by thieves for robbers, burglars etc... Bad people get light punishments in many corrupt countries, and small thieves get big punishments. That is why people have started committing illegalities, including that case.
 geseco1216/05/2021 05:01:33 GMT
Sometimes we cannot do justice on earth, but soon we will have to give an account to GOD, we cannot lie to him of our bad actions, we must be aware of our actions, but society is getting worse because I take GOD out of his heart.
 Cesar1416/05/2021 15:45:08 GMT
That's right, friend, we leave everything in the hands of GOD, but our authorities should be more severe on these specific cases and many more, there are many cases related to this around the world, many of the people are addicted to gambling and do impossible to have money and spend it on it.
 dule-vu16/05/2021 17:43:11 GMT
what a god have now with this and everything that this people do?we need to give "an account to god"?we have to open him account?what we read on this forum,this is some new level now Big Smile
geseco12 you will take god from his heart?from which heart you will take and who is that person?
cant believe what will people write just to collect some points!
 CALICUL16/05/2021 21:56:17 GMT
laws can be change very quickly, if those countries are run by quality people. Now there are many who are led by unscrupulous globalists, communists or other human rejections. In this way punishments are small, and right people suffer.
 geseco1217/05/2021 05:37:05 GMT
You do not understand what I mean, because you do not believe, but today society is very cruel, even the family itself pays you badly, what fault does this child have with the injustices of his parents who do not care about him.
 dule-vu17/05/2021 18:03:34 GMT
geseco12 you again write things that you dont know anything about and ofcourse you give wrong informations to members on forum!
will repeat words from my posts before!where do you see in this news that they didnt take care about their child?where do you see that didnt gave him medical care or that they didnt go in hospital with him?
yes,they "earned" money on his problem and they spend it on gambling and who know what else,but nobody didnt say that they didnt do everything to help him and to be with him!
 CALICUL18/05/2021 23:56:01 GMT
Humanity is no more so responsible as it was in the past, because it degrades and is trained by technology, politicians, food and other people without character. For these reasons, they no longer have respect for friends, family members or others. Desperation to have money, makes them to do so.
 Rocio2510/08/2021 21:19:28 GMT
How unfortunate to see people of that nature who are more important to themselves than their own child, they are selfish people who think about their own well-being, and there are many cases like these throughout the world, I think that the authorities should be more strict, so that people like these pay the consequences of their actions.
 dule-vu10/08/2021 21:23:25 GMT
Same as your friend from peru,you also write how they didnt care about child,even there is no word about that in news!
They were WHOLE time with him,even in hospital in other country!
 Rocio2515/08/2021 01:48:56 GMT
Well, this news has impacted many people because there are very bad and cruel people who are only interested in their own benefit, this is the case of parents who are under investigation for embezzlement of funds destined for the treatment of their little son, the authorities They must continue investigating and if they are guilty, the full weight of the law falls because that is not done
 dule-vu15/08/2021 01:51:27 GMT
At leaste they cared for child,not just for money!
 Rocio2516/08/2021 03:19:24 GMT
This case is under investigation by the police, it is very unfortunate what happens around the world, many cases similar to it are seen, we hope that everything will be arranged for the benefit of the child because that child is not to blame for anything and the children deserve a lot of love affection understanding on the part of their parents
 dule-vu16/08/2021 03:29:26 GMT
Again you write stupid things,especially in this thread!
 Rocio2530/08/2021 02:23:55 GMT
The world is getting worse every day there is a lot of evil, we see daily in the news what happens in the whole world and this case is being investigated hopefully everything will come to know the truth about what really happened because things can not stay as they are and the truth has to be known.
 dule-vu30/08/2021 02:27:13 GMT
Such a old news!
 Rocio2501/11/2021 02:38:16 GMT
Well, my opinion is that everything is under investigation and if they are the culprits who pay for it today there is a very cruel gem that does not matter to them, they are only interested in their own benefit and not the rest
 dule-vu01/11/2021 02:39:25 GMT
O god...
 Rocio2502/11/2021 13:50:12 GMT
In the world there are only people who only care about their own benefit, they do not care about other people, they do not care if they harm other people, in this case we see that these parents are being investigated, so that it is well investigated to that in the end see if they are guilty of it or not
 dule-vu02/11/2021 13:51:54 GMT
Stop spaming and read text again!they did take care for child,they even traveled in other countries with him!

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