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US Election Day: Time to bet on Clinton or Trump

Tags: Donald Trump, election, Hillary Clinton.
Posted on 08 November 2016 by "T".

Today is the day America goes to the polls to elect its 45th President! According to the latest polling data, it seems like the race between Hillary Clinton (Democrat candidate) and Donald Trump (Republican candidate) might be a close one. Clinton and Trump might be the least liked candidates ever in any US presidential race, yet hundreds of millions of people around the world are excited to find out how it will end. 

To make things a bit more exciting you can place a bet on who will become the next president at these sites:  



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17 comments on "US Election Day: Time to bet on Clinton or Trump"

 bowie198409/11/2016 02:39:13 GMT
Every major sites took bet on who will become president since months if not a year - the best ones even allow you to bet on it right now live as their counting the votes...
If Donald really takes Florida then jts game over for $hillary...
 Calmplay09/11/2016 06:47:28 GMT
Clearly they both not the right person to become president and I hate Trump more than Hillary but if I had to put my money on one of these two, I'd go for Trump...
 Tony_MON7ANA09/11/2016 07:00:09 GMT
Donald Trump needs only 26 more electoral votes to to win the presidency while Hilary Clinton's path to victory is too narrow at the moment. I predict Donald Trump will get elected as the President of the United States momentarily.
 shokaku09/11/2016 07:11:30 GMT
There were reports one or two weeks ago, that some bookies had already started paying out the bets on a Clinton win in this election. Maybe not their smartest business decision.
 pochui09/11/2016 08:26:28 GMT
well if shokaku's information is correct and some of the bookies have indeed paid out bets placed on clinton then i imagine how sweet it is to be amongst those who were on the receiving end. but i actually don't see this as anything else except some sort of promo or such, they maybe paid out a few bets of $10 or less and hyped about it as far as they could.
 doubletop77709/11/2016 09:12:04 GMT
Results just in, Trump wins!! I never thought i would see the day, that Donald Trump would be President of the United States but, great credit to him, he has done it. Congrats to him
 pajalnick09/11/2016 13:46:38 GMT
I was sure that Trump will win, so the results of the elections in the United States is not a surprise .. I unfortunately did not bet on it though seen suggestions for me ... now I can only regret this ... for Clinton were involved in a lot of resources but all the same ... Trump was able to surpass it ... congratulate all the Republicans
 cwdignus09/11/2016 15:25:28 GMT
after a long and virulent campaign and the night ended with a victory for the Republican Donald Trump. The tycoon without political experience, which is a leap in the dark, won Hillary Clinton, a veteran in politics, which have not made a pronouncement recognition of Trump victory
 damosk09/11/2016 19:13:20 GMT
So! The news is calling this an event that has changed history! It surely is in many ways, but what will be truly remarkable is to watch with interest how the election of Mr Trump to the White House will impact in reality on the US and the rest of the world order! Watch this space at how this momentous event shapes the future!
 T3ddyKGB09/11/2016 20:34:27 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
There were reports one or two weeks ago, that some bookies had already started paying out the bets on a Clinton win in this election. Maybe not their smartest business decision.

sounds more like propaganda. i doubt any bookie is that stupid.
 Mober09/11/2016 22:10:16 GMT
I really doubt that too.
What bookie would pay money before the end of an event, whatever that is.
And especially in elections.
No matter what, the elections are now over.
Lets see how things will end up, for the whole world.
 TheMachineQC10/11/2016 04:39:02 GMT
lol, good thing I didn't bet on the presidential elections or I would have lost... I thought most females would vote for hilary clinton so she would win easily but I guess I was wrong.

I think last night's elections were kind of like a IQ Test for american... and they failed it Big Smile

Anyways, I doubt the president really has the power to start wars and such... So many people actually run a country. President is mostly a public face giving speeches... hopefully not the one who calls all the shots Blink
 Tony_MON7ANA10/11/2016 07:05:28 GMT
I would like to congratulate Donald Trump on winning the presidential election in the USA in a hard-fought campaign. Donald Trump is not a politician, and I think that's why America loves him. Poised and glamorous Melania Trump will be the second foreign-born First Lady of US.
 pochui10/11/2016 09:08:27 GMT
well yeah just as tony montana pointed out, the fact that we will have the chance to peek at hot milf melania more often is probably the best thing about all of this trump election thingy. premium boobs galore... happy dayz.

 T3ddyKGB10/11/2016 12:01:34 GMT
i would like to quote my favorite president of all time, george w. bush: our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. they never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.

i afraid the USA finaly found a way.. Shock Big Smile

@tonymontana...who was the first foreign first lady - michelle obama?
 Tony_MON7ANA11/11/2016 08:13:09 GMT
"Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams (née Johnson; February 12, 1775 – May 15, 1852), wife of John Quincy Adams, was First Lady of the United States from 1825 to 1829. The daughter of the American Consul in London, she was the first First Lady born outside of the United States. (Slovenia-born Melania Trump will become the second in January 2017.)"

 DaCapo7111/11/2016 13:52:15 GMT
Gratz for the new first Lady in th us Otherwise, Bill was the new first Lady and they can´t want that Big Smile Blink And Applause for all gamblers which betting on the new president for really quotes of 4:1. The result was really a surprise.

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