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Eight Players in Australian Open Draw Suspected of Match Fixing

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Posted on 19 January 2016 by "T".

Match fixing is not uncommon in any game where sports betting are made, even in the prestigious world of professional tennis. Since 2007, the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) has flagged at least 16 players within the top 50 rankings repeatedly over the suspicion of having thrown matches.

The TIU is the authority established to police the sport, said they placed zero-tolerance on betting-related corruption.

In 2007, a confidential report given to the tennis authorities showed enquiry on 28-suspected players who should be investigated. However, findings were never found due to lack of any follow up investigations.
Recently, Buzzfeed News and the BBC revealed secret files that expose evidence of widespread match fixing perpetrated by high-ranked players of tennis.

The whistleblowers decided not to reveal the player's names. A total of 16 individuals have been implicated when the game fixing controversy was at its peak eight years ago. The allegations show that half of the suspected players are in the starting field of the Australian Open.
The BBC reported: "Eight of the players repeatedly flagged to the TIU over the past decade are due to play in the Australian Open." The lack of willingness by tennis authorities to pursue investigations has led to serious concern.

"If they were really serious about dealing with this, then they really need to create an integrity unit with teeth," said Benn Gunn, former police chief constable whose original review of betting in tennis led to the creation of the TIU. The BBC also quoted a claim by the European Sports Security Association, which says, "Tennis attracts more suspicious gambling activity than other sports".

Seven years have passed since world tennis authorities handled convincing evidence of high-ranking players suspected of throwing away matches at major tournaments, including Wimbledon. Despite compelling evidences from the investigation held against these players, all players were still able to play the tournament.

Wimbledon was dragged into the new match-fixing scandal when exposed secret files that seems to suggest three thrown matches in the tournament over recent years. In the leaked files by anti-corruption investigators, it alleges how the sport's authorities covered up the extent of the corruption problem, even allowing the primary suspects to continue playing.

The main allegation is that scrutiny of 26,000 matches given to the sport's governing bodies in 2007 has given enough evidence to deal with suspected players, but was however not acted upon. The three matches at Wimbledon in the exposed secret files are said to be included, though it has not been revealed when those matches took place.




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3 comments on "Eight Players in Australian Open Draw Suspected of Match Fixing "

 bowie198420/01/2016 02:34:22 GMT
This could be easilly prevented by making the bookies agree to don't cover every microscopic sized tennis tournaments from Afghanistan to the Sechelles (match fixing is hurting their business too, not just the overall sport) but I guess it's easier blame the players who are initially into this because of the money.
But no WTA/ATP 300 and above positioned player gonna make great money without these fixes cuz they hardly gonna win tournaments - like ever - so the situation is really effin' ridiculous...
 pochui20/01/2016 08:54:56 GMT
one thing is to suspect someone, totally different thing is to have the facts. now what some dudes have is "strange" patterns where some dudes lose games/sets/matches they "shouldn't have lost"... but this is too lame to make it into facts... just interpretations of data. oh and btw i always thought and still think that tennis is one of the easiest sports to rig... only 2 players involved and very popular sports worldwide...
 Calmplay21/01/2016 06:02:18 GMT
That's why I hate betting on Tennis, I did lost $900 on a tennis match where I bet on a hot favorite with odds 1.01 and lost because she was slightly injured but continue and eventually lost that match and now with those match fixing news for sure I'll never get into it...

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