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Phil Hellmuth wins $23K on Tennis Prop Bet

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Posted on 10 December 2018 by "T".

Phil Hellmuth is known to engage in various prop bets not concerning poker. Yesterday, the Poker Brat agreed on a tennis prop bet that specifies he must at least return one out of 20 serves versus a pro tennis player. He went through the challenge and was successful not only in returning a serve but made some extra cash along the way.

The rules:

  • Return one serve = win $7,000
  • Score a point = win $16,000
  • Any serve exceeding 80 miles per hour (MPH) doesn't count.

Note that the average speed of a male tennis pro's serve is around 114 MPH, so 80 MPH seems like he's attempting to hit the ball in slow-mo.

The 15-time WSOP bracelet champ posted a total of 5 videos on his Twitter page showing the bet outcomes, and the scenes could resemble a tennis beginner versus an elite pro. On the first serve he hardly grazed the ball with his racket. On the second serve he watched helplessly as the ball soared past him, giving the pro an ace. Afterwards he's getting the hang of it, making his opponent quite nervous. Hellmuth was given a choice to back out of the bet by the tennis pro, who said, "For $3,000, I'll let you off the bet."

On the 8th serve, Hellmuth nailed it. He managed to successfully serve and return the ball, winning a total of $23,000.

Watch the video that earned him $23K:

Phil Hellmuth is no stranger to non-poker prop bets. Last year, he entered a basketball prop bet versus Doug Polk. In the end, Hellmuth stunned them all and went home $10,000+ richer.


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10 comments on "Phil Hellmuth wins $23K on Tennis Prop Bet"

 CALICUL10/12/2018 15:55:54 GMT
Yes, a lucky man this Phil Hellmuth.
He had many attempts to succeed, but in the final he managed to win the bet.
The money pulls into his pockets when he make betting.
Unfortunately he does not say who the professional tennis player who bet with him. Confused
Maybe his wife beats him for betting. Big Smile
 bowie198410/12/2018 17:21:43 GMT
Welp, I guess these kinda prop bets the only things he could win (on) nowadays to be honest. At least I did not see him putting up big tourney finishes so he only makes the news with his usual celebrity antics and these casual gambling stories which almost everyone has in his circles...
 Mober10/12/2018 20:57:19 GMT
I think we can say, that this was an easy bet to win.
With twenty chances to get back to it, even against a professional player,
you will hit one back.
All you need is to be a bit physical fit, in order to chase the ball Smile
23k USD out of nowhere Smile
 doubletop77711/12/2018 08:32:28 GMT
These guys really do love to gamble and i enjoy reading about these prop bets. Phil Hellmuth does seem to be great fun away from the tables and i hope to see a few more of these emerging soon
 Gerimantas11/12/2018 11:26:57 GMT
yes it is always thinking about how to make a new prop bet for people like phil Hellmuth, I personally think they have something inside which makes them want more adrenaline and also it is need for marketing and for simple people or fans of Hellmuth it is more fun all time I think
 dule-vu11/12/2018 12:19:48 GMT
when you have such amount in bank,you can let yourself such a bets,where even if you lost money,you wont regret much and if you win,great!dont know was he sure that he can do it or opponent when he made such a bet,to return 1 of 20 serves!nice for phil!
 Max140312/12/2018 15:14:03 GMT
The guy is very lucky also in luck with him was no different.
 CALICUL15/12/2018 16:01:12 GMT
Phil Hellmuth is very lucky in his life for more things of course.
A very good poker player with 15 winning bracelets and other prizes.
In this bet he could not win anything, but he has proven that he is a authentic player, without talking about his favorite game, because he played tennis in this bet.
 godoy08/01/2019 15:57:01 GMT
this fill helmut and fuck the beast is an excellent poker player winner and still is a train of kkkkk and also a little crazy in high value bets kkk more than good who has money so to do these crazy kkkkk
 LIKEIT2709/01/2019 13:37:21 GMT
Yea thats one poker player that show his emotions but its one hell off a good player,..
Hes a tough player ,..plays often well and gets sucked out Aww crap!

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