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The Most Gambling-Addicted US States

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Posted on 10 May 2016 by "T".

The Kentucky Derby 2016 just took place this weekend at the Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a huge annual event for horse lovers, but obviously, it was an event for gamblers as well. With that said, let's take a look at a new study conducted by WalletHub, a personal finance website, that tells us which states have the most-addicted gamblers and why.

Many people naturally bet on horse races, but in a lot of cases, racetracks tend to be also connected to casinos. Jill Gonzalez, an analyst for WalletHub, said that the states with the most gambling addicts all have casinos. The one that tops the list is Nevada, followed by South Dakota, Mississippi, Montana and then Oklahoma.

According to Gonzalez, there are two common factors about US states with the most addicted gamblers: the nearness of your home to a casino, and the gambling rules in your state (for instance, does your state have a lottery?).

However, it is really hard to measure gambling addiction, especially since those who belong to the millennial generation do not like casinos.

Richard McGowan, a professor of statistics, economics and business policy at Boston College said, "They certainly don't want to sit there and play in front of slot machines. That doesn't do anything for them."

These days, casinos are trying to reach out to millenials with new machines that allow them to play against each other, which is something that today's young adults seem to really like when it comes to gaming and gambling.Sources:



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9 comments on "The Most Gambling-Addicted US States"

 bowie198411/05/2016 00:28:44 GMT
One would think that almost all flyover countries would heavily invest into gambling friendly enviroments (indian casinos etc.) since they have nothing else to show really, but this list have states from West, East, South, MidWest and North - so basicaly covering the US as a whole.
Meaning gambling is popular everywhere in the USA, especially where is legal.
 pochui11/05/2016 08:08:37 GMT
well i suppose that nearness of your home to a casino does make one a bigger degen. all those great shows, flashing boobs visible right through the windows of your house, the lure of millions so close to your home... i guess there is a downside too- you get to see all the dudes who won, but been kicked in the head several times by casino security personnel and their winnings taken away for "suspected breaches of casino rules".
 pokkerimees11/05/2016 08:44:58 GMT
If you are banned from casino, its not for being lucky.
Cardcounting, late bets, cardswitching are usually involved. Or you really think casino just takes away your winnings and security guys beat you up for nothing - that doesnt happen even in the movies.
 damosk11/05/2016 16:14:02 GMT
Does anyone really spend time and money trying to assess which states or people are more addicted to gambling than others? Having achieved this spectacle of greatness, what on earth is anyone going to do about it, other than give some guy a certificate to say he did a great job. Does anyone really care?
 Tony_MON7ANA11/05/2016 16:17:53 GMT
It is interesting that the state of California and New York are ranked 28th and 33th, respectively, and Hawaii having most gambling-related arrests per capita although there are fewest casinos/gaming machines per capita, according to the article found in the link below.


 shokaku11/05/2016 19:33:20 GMT
So they make a list of the most gambling addicted states in the US, while stating in the same article, that they can`t even track a large part of the population, the millennials, on this issue. Yep, that makes sense. Another study the world does not need.
 pinotte11/05/2016 21:05:56 GMT
Hello all the wonderful mobbers out there, this is your friend the french Canadian from the beautiful Province of Quebec, wish a good day to each and every one.

I would never though that of Nevada.

I am very happy to be a part of such a great community, wish you the best of luck at the tables, off the tables, behind the tables, under the tables and in your life in general. Yours truly pinotte. Big Smile
 bowie198412/05/2016 00:24:26 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
So they make a list of the most gambling addicted states in the US, while stating in the same article, that they can`t even track a large part of the population, the millennials, on this issue. Yep, that makes sense. Another study the world does not need.

They could track them if they really want - all they would need is to look after DraftKings, FanDuel and the websites where you could bet with/risk of your CS:GO skins. These are the things the younglings care for right now.
 TheMachineQC12/05/2016 18:22:31 GMT
I am surprised that Texas is not even in the top 10. I thought cowboys played a lot of poker and liked gambling and drinking beer after eating a big rare steak... lol

Anyways, I'm guessing it's impossible for these stats to count count all the illegal games and the home games so the conclusion could easily be wrong. Gambling hasn't been socially accepted like beer si yet Blink

Good luck mobsters

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