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Artificial Intelligence Turns $20 Bet Into $11,000 In Kentucky Derby

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Posted on 13 May 2016 by "T".

An artificial intelligence (AI) program that successfully predicted winners for the Academy Awards and the Super Bowl has now successfully predicted the racehorse winners for Kentucky Derby Superfecta. The AI called UNU managed to predict not just the winning racehorse, but also the second, third, and fourth horse in the derby - a 540-1 odd, giving its creator Louis Rosenberg a $10,842 winning for a $20 bet.

"When I saw the horses cross the line, I knew I was witnessing a milestone in the predictive abilities of AI, as well as a harbinger to future changes in how the world views sports gambling," said Dr. Rosenberg.

UNU uses a form of AI called "swarm intelligence" which aims to amplify as opposed to replacing human intelligence. Dr. Rosenberg believes that human swarming may help amplify human intelligence and protect us from the onslaught of bad AI.

Swarm intelligence works with natural and artificial systems consisting of many individuals. The group login to an UNU to coordinate answers. Participants will be required to answer questions with a set of possible answers. Each participant can move around a graphical tool on the screen and drag it to the answer they believe is correct.

UNU is better described as a "platform computer interface for human swarming." The platform was successful in predicting 11 of 15 winners in the Academy Awards using human swarm. Through complex algorithms, UNU attempts to find the right answer.

Dr. Rosenberg hopes to move UNU beyond gambling and into other sectors where that platform may prove useful and advantageous. This includes healthcare and politics.



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8 comments on "Artificial Intelligence Turns $20 Bet Into $11,000 In Kentucky Derby"

 Tony_MON7ANA13/05/2016 20:28:07 GMT
It would be impossible to predict the winner of every race. A well-developed machine learning technique or artificial intelligence could pick winners as well as a professional tipster by utilizing a model representing a pattern in the data of past results, which could be applied to future races.
 pinotte13/05/2016 21:23:18 GMT
In this case it is not the machine alone that made the prediction of the winners UNU is based on a group of peoples specialist in this case horse race they have to answer questions and then the machine analyse them all and come with the answer which was very good in this case.

With the same method they came with 11 of 15 academy awards again a very good result. Smile Smile
 bowie198414/05/2016 00:36:07 GMT
It's not rocket science it's just fckin not-so-basic statistical analysis. Not even with a proper AI. Also the Oscar race became a formality since the new voting system been implemented so theres that.
But I guess I am just a troll who like to $hit on things for the sake of being a contrarian...
 demodawggy14/05/2016 02:33:00 GMT
... Big Smile< I don't think any machine could 'consistently' predict race outcomes like that,...but I DO know that betting on the longshot on a slop track will net you a HEAP of cash...!!!

... Big Smile< MOST of the time,...not all,...just most...! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar
 doubletop77714/05/2016 08:02:55 GMT
Where can i buy one of these machines!!! It does sound quite incredible that a machine can predict winners of these events. To predict the first, second, third and fourth in just one race is quite unheard of though
 tropical14/05/2016 11:53:16 GMT
I am pretty BRM_Henrik is going to buy one. It will be the most positive EV move he ever made.
9 out of 9 picks will no more be record here.
The new motto will be- 100% of the time BRM_Henrik gets it right every time. Big Smile
No more complaints about losing tips, think about it. Blink

PS: Just kidding. Not even AI can get every pick right. Too many variables and randomness involved.
 TheMachineQC14/05/2016 20:00:36 GMT
I would like to hire an artificial intelligence to do the betting for me Big Smile

I say hire because I don't wanna say buy... and then when it becomes an adult it decides to avenge itself and beat the shit out of me with a keyboard while saying "I'm the only machine here...!"

I think I have seen too many terminator movies. or Alice from resident evil. lol
 bowie198415/05/2016 00:38:40 GMT
Posted by tropical:
PS: Just kidding. Not even AI can get every pick right. Too many variables and randomness involved.

To be perfectly honest if I was an AI then I'd be pissed off all the time if somebody would want to use my special skillset to predict fcukin winners on a race. Any kind of race.
Such a waste of effort and time.

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