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Mitch McConnell Introduces Horse Racing Reform Bill in Senate

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Posted on 02 September 2020 by "T".


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is putting his name on the latest effort to introduce universal safety regulations to the industry of horse racing.

Last week prior to the start of the Kentucky Derby in his home state, McConnell announced that he will introduce a bill meant to reform horse racing. This is indeed a promising development for the future of race horses in a sport that has sparked mass disapproval recently due to the discovery of the reckless doping of horses and a rise of grim horse deaths, earning criticism not only from outside audience but also from trainers and stakeholders alike from within the industry.

In Congress, the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act of 2020 has a very strong chance of success, as it is spearheaded now from Sen. McConnell, a Republican from a state with deep economic ties in the racing world. The bill shall also be endorsed by The Jockey Club, the Breeders Cup and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, and Churchill Downs Incorporated, the Louisville-based operator of the Kentucky Derby.

The bill would focus on two primary factors that have resulted to a number of racetrack deaths in recent years - race track safety and the reckless doping of race horses (the ban of race-day medications including Lasix).

Based on The Jockey Club's 2019 equine injury database, about 8.5 horses die during races per week, and that does not even include the casualties during training. Some equine experts believe that track safety and doping are the potential contributing factors. For example, a California Horse Racing Board inquiry last year identified track surface and legal medicine administered on or close to race day, among other factors, in the deaths of 23 horses over a 3-month period.

This is a very alarming number and tragic really, given that these deaths could have been avoided only if proper maintenance and weather effects on tracks have been seriously noted and taken care of. If racehorses are expected to run at full speed, then they should at least (be given the consideration to) compete on tracks created and maintained properly in order to keep them safe.

The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act of 2020 will also require common standards for all of the nation's 38 racing jurisdictions. As of now, state regulations on track safety and doping differ from one state to another, and this loophole is a perfect excuse for unscrupulous owners and trainers to move their racehorses from one jurisdiction to another with fewer restrictions so that they can avoid penalties and continue doping horses. The racing commission of each state determines which drugs can be given to racehorses and sets the penalties for those who are found to violate their rules.

Through the years, it has been made clear that state commissions are inept to handle the investigative and enforcement responsibilities involved to keep horses safe in the horseracing industry. The McConnell bill will turn over this job to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the unit in charge of handling drug testing for all American Olympic athletes. USADA would function as a private independent agency, not as a federal bureaucracy and prominent stakeholders in American horseracing, including The Jockey Club, support its presence.



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16 comments on "Mitch McConnell Introduces Horse Racing Reform Bill in Senate"

 dule-vu02/09/2020 20:56:06 GMT
probably we have lot of this cases,but they didnt tested horses and what people do to them!when they make football players to fix games,why they wouldnt try with horses and to try to take win and earn money on betting!everything can be done,its just question what somebody want to discover!23 dead horses in 3 months say everything!
 CALICUL02/09/2020 22:23:39 GMT
Safety measures must be taken to protect horses from accidents, and everything that is needed for these these races to run normally. Professionalism is always nice for the good of all, in any sport or race. This is the situation.
 geseco1203/09/2020 04:20:18 GMT
Everything is fine, but they should always take care of the animals, not mistreat them, take care of us at all times, they don't always think about money.
 antonis32103/09/2020 15:35:12 GMT
They should do their best to protect these animals , their safety should be their no1 priority , they need to respect them as well , protect their health . Thye use them for entertaining or betting reasons , they should at least care for their lives , so as for these anomals to keep on doing what they do , as they are their investment , they have to see this , if they cannot feel any sympathy for the overuse and extreme exploitation of them , to the maximum grade and level , every week or month .
 CALICUL03/09/2020 22:25:40 GMT
Racehorses are very valuable and if they dislocate a leg it is very expensive and dangerous. Moreover, there are all kinds of problems that require seriousness and a lot of responsibility. Some people say that things will work good after Covid 19 but others say it will take a few years.
 dule-vu04/09/2020 08:25:26 GMT
They used before this kind of things on horses,but this didnt affect so bad as it did now!who know what they give to them now,because we live in fast world and they want fast success and thats why we have big number of dead horses!
 antonis32104/09/2020 19:04:37 GMT
It's good to do more for the race track safety , the horses need a safety place to do the races or else they will be injured , it's just a matter of time .
The deaths of these pretty animals are many , guess everything is a matter of number(s) , to take some decisions , to change things for the better , or else they leave things as they are , they don't care .
And doping these poor animals so much , not caring for their health or lives at all , only caring for their best performance , the best run and race .
Hopefully this law will improve things for the race horces .
 CALICUL06/09/2020 11:20:43 GMT
Before Second World War i had horse races in my country, but after that end of this destructive armed conflict 75 years have passed, and so far it has not been the same. I don't know how to bet on horses and jockeys due to inexperience. Anyway, it's very interesting.
 dule-vu06/09/2020 12:16:10 GMT
everybody just want fast money,maybe to sell fast this horses,lot of different reasons!we just live in fast world and people will do even bad things to get money and to be on first place in something,no matter will they do bad things to animals!who know where is end of this!
 antonis32106/09/2020 21:57:09 GMT
Personally , I wish this new ruting helps things in the right direction , protect the animals , and make the races safer .
But I do not believe , ofcourse , they did this for the sake of these poor animals , they did it for their winnings , to control competition , which might have gone out of control , with excessive doping of the horses , use of meds on them , abusing rules and avoiding restrictions or fines , by moving from one region/jurisdiction to another . This is a vicious circle , one following the bad example of the other , trying to win the same or more , using new doping meds or other methods .
Luckily , hopefully ,rules and laws restrain these exagerations , these uncontrolable methods , these greedy tactics by race horses owners .
 CALICUL07/09/2020 13:00:59 GMT
This news brings attention of smaller countries, that can not bet on matches in racetrack and this publicity is very good, because people can risk for money any kind of bet, that they find attractive. Opportunities are good here if you bet on the right horse.
 geseco1226/11/2020 03:52:27 GMT
First of all, privileges should be given to the health of the horse, since as the statistics say 8.5 horses die during races per week, that is too much, no animal should die, since they should not treat them that way, they should take measures more drastic with everything that mistreats an animal.
 CALICUL26/11/2020 19:15:47 GMT
Geseco, you don't have to reactivate many old threads, because because that's where i write now have almost 3 months without a week. Horse racing is interesting, sports betting can bring big money. Here chances of winning they are quite heavy, but odds are higher. Sometimes can make a fortune. Good luck.
 Rocio2515/12/2021 14:11:37 GMT
Today today they do horse racing and what runs in money so you have to protect and they are also beautiful horses I think they should take care of the animals because that is how they earn money and they should take care of it, not for that, but that they deserve respect and care
 dule-vu15/12/2021 14:12:11 GMT
they want to change everything,every sport,every business and soon nothing will be as it was before,especially gambling!
 dule-vu17/12/2021 15:59:56 GMT
I support ever change that will be for good of this animals and that will give same chances for everbody and then they can show their best,not that somebody have advantage!ofcourse its same with every other sport,but we will see this new rules!

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